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Thailand Police: Carradine Was Alone in Hotel

6/6/2009 4:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thailand cops are saying there is no evidence that anyone was in the hotel room at the time of David Carradine's death.

Police say they reviewed surveillance footage outside Carradine's room and interviewed all of the hotel's staff. The officer leading the investigation said they have all but ruled out the possibility of foul play.

Police are now interviewing members of the film crew that were working with Carradine in Bangkok.

UPDATE: TMZ just confirmed the FBI has been contacted by the Carradine family. We're told the agency is now taking the required legal steps to see if Thai police want or need FBI assistance with the case.


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1968 days ago


This is getting crazy... He was a beast in Kill Bill

1968 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

there r at least a thousand people who die this way ..and those r just the reported ones, if ur gonna do atoerotic asphyxia, don't b by urself.

1968 days ago

Ephesians 6.12    

1974: David Carradine, Doug Durham and AIM aka American Indian Movement. David Carradine had visited Doug Durham, an FBI informant, on Durham's birthday. (Page 112) "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse" By Peter Matthiessen

1968 days ago


look. his family doesn't want his legacy to be that he died "jacking off"; but that's the truth. apparently he's been into sexual kink for a long time (at least that's what his divorce papers said from his last marriage). perhaps his family wants to collect a big life insurance policy on him or something; and those policy's sometimes exclude suicide, self inflicted type of death -- which this is. sorry but it looks like he did it to himself, whether intentional or not.

1968 days ago


And this is how he will be remembered. What an embarassing legacy. I remember years and years ago hearing David Carradine had deviant sexual issues but thought they were just stories. Apparently there were true - His divorce in 2003 also brought up issues about his potentially deadly sexual practices. What a miserable rotten legacy to leave - I'm glad he's not in my family-you play-you pay. What he deserves.

1968 days ago

The world is going to hell.    

This is getting crazy... He was a beast in Kill Bill

Posted at 3:22PM on Jun 6th 2009 by TMZ941

You know Kill Bill was a movie right?

1968 days ago

Avenge, revenge, whatever    

Barb and Terri, you two sexually repressed frumps need to hook up with each other and let off a little steam. Need one necessarily feel sorry for him? I suppose not. But he got what he deserves? Wow. Only in America. Repressed, repressed, repressed. We are such a puritan country. If either of you bovine ever achieve the big "O", perhaps you'll lighten up. He took a chance and paid the price, true enough. But DESERVED it? So much hatred and animosity regarding sex. You two are ugly inside and out (true I've never seen either of you and thankfully never will, but I am positive that you are both corpulant and less than pleasing to the eye - POSITIVE).

1968 days ago


oh, so what...he had a sexual fetish going with his neck, and he misjudged went to far, now enough about it, it isnt an embarrassment, that was just his sexual thing , he is no diffrent than anybody else ,everyone has something odd going on when it comes to sex, its just some fetishes are not as dangerous. He is still cool, just glad to hear (so far) he wasnt a pervert with some kid in Thai, because thats the pervert capital of the world.

1968 days ago


I agree that he did this to himself. But how did he tie his hand behind his back? Can someone tell me that? But his family is going to have to live with this sad ending to his screwed up life. He had one suckie life. Hope he's happier where he is now.

1968 days ago


I agree #15, I thought there was a prostitute with him male or female that couldnt hoist him up and left, I also thought maybe they couldnt because they were too young and weak. As for the hands behind the back , if thats true then yup someone else was with him and right on target #15.

1968 days ago

The world is going to hell.    

I want a TMZ perspective - up close and personal - on how their staffers spend their lives. If you're interested, spread the word.

1968 days ago

eyes glued opened    

Um, of course they are going to conclude there was no foul play, what are they going to say come on over american's while we look for some crazy person that is going round kill'n ya.. corruption. please. .

1968 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    


1968 days ago


I also agree this sicko degenerate got exactly what he deserved. And it bothers me the incest issue has been ignored and not investigated. This guy was a pig and the world is a better place without him. No wonder he went through 5 wives. Good riddance!

1968 days ago
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