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Thailand Police: Carradine Was Alone in Hotel

6/6/2009 4:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thailand cops are saying there is no evidence that anyone was in the hotel room at the time of David Carradine's death.

Police say they reviewed surveillance footage outside Carradine's room and interviewed all of the hotel's staff. The officer leading the investigation said they have all but ruled out the possibility of foul play.

Police are now interviewing members of the film crew that were working with Carradine in Bangkok.

UPDATE: TMZ just confirmed the FBI has been contacted by the Carradine family. We're told the agency is now taking the required legal steps to see if Thai police want or need FBI assistance with the case.


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Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

Dirty old man died doing what he loves.
Not a sad ending for this guy...

1911 days ago


What's the difference between David Carradine and my pants?

My pants are the only thing hanging in my closet and they don't have a cord around the genitals.

1911 days ago


I guess his desperate family needs a picture painted for them in order for them to get it. He was doing the dirty boy; there wasn't any foul play. His wrists were not tied in back of him, he had the rope tied around one wrist in order to yank himself off.

1911 days ago


Uhhh, the creep factor here is ginormous.

1911 days ago


I think he was flexible enough to tie his hands around his back. Something went wrong, too bad, I love the Carradine's!!!!

1911 days ago


(S)He was practiced in the art of deception. I could tell by the blood-stained hands. You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might find - you get what you need.

1911 days ago


No way they are going to allow American FBI interfernce. I don't know if some foul play was involved or the family is just embarrassed at how he died. We will probably never know.

1911 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

Of course the family does not want Mr. Carridine to die with the "social disgrace" attached to suicide. That is understandable although insurance likely has something to do with it as well. And it is not true that noone wants to commit suicide in the nude, millions have - and do - and will. It's disturbing to to read all the cruel "he got what he deserved" and other inappropriate, classless comments, I asume coming from the lower part of the education scale, commensurate with a hick/redneck attitude.

1911 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

HUNG FU cleaned for his addiction to kiddy HOHO`s in the golden triangle

1911 days ago


Astological influences and an interpretation of David Carradine's death....

Google ~ David Carradine's Death Dirty Stars Weblog

bad timing to say the least!

1911 days ago

No Fooling    

So on the death certificate it must have Bangkok as the place of death and reason of death LOL

1911 days ago


TMZ: Your comment icon for Heidi and Spencer is not working.

1911 days ago


I knew it! I hope they find who ever did this. Now, WHO would want to do this, or did David ticked off someone "important"?

1911 days ago


so he died (accident) while getting himself what !!!!!!embarassing for the family,yes...but it was his life and i can say i should be so lucky to die while I was doing something i wanted to i understand why "grasshopper's" mentor was blind...(tee-hee).......but seriously...leave the man alone..we have ALL done it at least once (or thought about it)...those who say they haven't are lying!!!!!!we all should be so lucky to get to be 72,let alone still want to satisfy a sexual in peace mr. carradine........godspeed "grasshopper"..........

1911 days ago

Sheriff Dispatcher    

I can understand why some people cannot believe or cannot comprehend a situation like this. It is not a normal way for someone to die.

As a sheriff dispatcher for 12+ years, I have taken several dead body calls. 2 of them turned into autoerotic asphyxiation deaths based on our coroner findings. Both were reported as suicides and in both cases ruled as accidental. One subject has found hanging in a closet. The other spent two days building the elaborate apparatus he attached himself to before he died. I did see the photos from each scene. Both these subjects were older men.

I felt very sorry for the families as they either had no idea, or they knew about this behavior for many years and are truly embarrased and upset when the cause of death was revealed, and that others outside the family now know about their loved one's proclivity.

I can understand what his family is going through and hope they can put this unfortunate incident behind them soon.

You can read more about this behavior here:

1910 days ago
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