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Paris & Doug Break Up

Already Talkin' Split

6/10/2009 8:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's only been six seconds since Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt broke up and it's already getting nasty -- and yes ... a fight, tears and the word "douche" are all a part of this story.

We're told Paris and Doug got into a big fight at The Darkroom in L.A. last night -- one that ended with Paris giving her man the old heave-ho before she stormed out of the club (as you can see in the video).

Sources close to the couple say she sealed the deal-breaker by revoking Doug's right to enter her gated community, so early this morning Doug was left boohooing at the barricade when he realized he was locked out for good.

The same source tells us Paris couldn't be happier, because she now realizes "Doug is a douche just like everyone tried to tell her and that he was only dating her for publicity."


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I cant believe Im bored enough to even read this crap, much less take the time to comment. I need a life!

1924 days ago


Doug was never a professional baseball player as he claims to be and he really sucked and was only in minor leagues.
Please read this article I found on the net the other day.

Sometimes at Punch Shots we try to sharpen our focus on items with loose connections to the sporting world that we find entertaining.

And sometimes it leaves us a little embarrassed about how the hell we came across this stuff in the first place … so we’re just going to be upfront on this one.

Hey, I was going through Google News Monday morning when I came across a Paris Hilton tidbit about her vacationing in Anguilla with her new boyfriend. (Go ahead, laugh … get it out.)

Anyway, what stood out was a mention in the lead that her boyfriend is “baseball player Doug Reinhardt.”

First reaction: Never heard of the guy.

Second reaction: It’s May. Baseball players are, uh, playing baseball — right?

Isn’t or some other collection of celebrity snoopers supposed to tell us these pertinent details?

Oh well … it required a visit to to figure out exactly how a professional baseball player could fit a springtime Caribbean vacation with Paris Hilton into his work schedule.

It turns out Reinhardt was indeed a 10th round pick by the Angels in 2004. He played Rookie ball that year and was a can’t-hit (.205 average), can’t-field (.814 fielding percentage, which is awful) third baseman. He apparently had a knee injury that scrapped 2005, hit .188 in limited action the next year, was ditched by the Angels, picked up by the Orioles, didn’t hit for their short-season Class A team in 2007 and … that’s it.

Well, that’s almost it. Apparently his sister, Casey, was on “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.” So the family does have a knack for finding peripheral fame.

Another interesting note: When perusing Doug and Casey’s Wikipedia pages, Doug’s birthdate is listed as Oct. 22, 1985, while his sister – purportedly born to the same mother – is July 1, 1986. If you do the math, that’s eight months and 10 days separating the siblings, which I guess is possible if sis was a preemie … but that’s a quick turnaround.

To summarize: Characterizing Doug Reinhardt’s profession as “baseball player” isn’t very accurate. “Paris Hilton’s beau” is more fitting -- and he’s much better at that than baseball, anyway.

1924 days ago


Where's the sex tape?

1924 days ago


What? He was doing this for publicity? Well thank God Paris would never do that. Don't know nuthin' bout publicity, that girl.

1924 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Paris must have the most disgusting vajayjay in the world. A different man every week, ick and ugh. Mom and dad must be proud of the skanky little princess. She is ugly, has a wonky eye, big ass man feet, and always does that creepy pose!

1924 days ago

who gives a shit    

To Paris, We don't care you ho!!!!

1924 days ago

Lenn K.    

I look at the old gang, Britney, Lindsay, Nicole and Paris. The only one that seems to have their head on tight is Nicole. The others are floating around the toliet like three turds.

1924 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I typed in the word boohooing and spellchecker did not reject it. It must be a real word. Right?
Oh, about Paris. She will find another boyfriend quickly so do not worry.

1924 days ago


He probably missed a payment or found out she accepts them.

1924 days ago

Donald finally realized that Prejean gives crappy head    

wasnt she just on Letterman and The View and all over the airwaves telling everyone how happy she was and that she wanted to have his babies and marry him? send her to guantanamo.

1924 days ago


They seemed like a nice couple. Maybe it's just a lovers spat and they'll make up.
We've all been there.

1924 days ago


Nicole is knocked up again, with bastard #2
That's not exactly having your head on right.

1924 days ago


Two rich kids had a blow up . Boohoo. They'll get over it.

1924 days ago

Sarah Henke    

Paris has to be the dumbest person in the world. Is she a natural blonde? If so, that would explain it. No offense to all the other blondes out there.
Paris is the most nastiest, most sleezy whore I have ever seen! She goes through guys like I go through panties. She has to have some kind of STD & if she doesn't, she missed a good oportunity.
Paris, take some of that money you inherited & buy a new brain, God knows you need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1924 days ago


She actually does not go through a lot of guys, you can't believe silly tabloid stories.
She's only had 6 or 7 boyfriends, which is way less than many 28 year olds.

There is NO proof whatsoever that there were more. Not that it would be anyone's business either way.

1924 days ago
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