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Doug to Paris -- Count Me Out of the Circus!

6/12/2009 1:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Doug Reinhardt & Paris HiltonFor the first time since their big break-up, Doug Reinhardt is finally speaking out on his split with Paris Hilton.

Here's the statement Doug released through his rep:

"Doug refuses to take part of this ridiculous media circus. He wishes Paris and all of her future boyfriends the best of luck."

Guess he doesn't think Ronaldo will be "The One?"

And to add to it all, sources close to Doug told us, "Contrary to reports, Paris is begging him to take her back, she made a mistake and loves him 100%."


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Doug Reinhardt the guy grinding her and dry humping her all over the globe whenever cameras were around?! I may not be a Paris fan, but I'm pretty good at spotting a leech when I see one. Lame.

1896 days ago

claire Morgan    

I feel bad for her. She doesn't have a really beautiful face, but guys go crazy for the chance to use her for publicity. She's really just a Hollywood tool.

1896 days ago

Liberal in the Northeast (thank god)    

ha, doesn't want to participate in the media circus.... pleeeeeeeease, worst spin job everrrr, if you're trying to make a name for yourself, hire a more tactful agent. anyone who chooses to date parisite is desperate enough for media attention that even a raging case of herpes is only a small obstacle.

1896 days ago


This kid is just as lame as Brody Jenner. Brody jenner was in twitter yesterday saying it felt nice to have a day off...and how hard it is to be successful like him....really Brody? Is it hard to live off ur dad until you sleep ur way to d list status? Nicole, Lauren Conrad, Lindsay Lohan,etc. Why the heck does Doug even have a PR person....he was like a 15th string player for the Angels and Orioles. Those kids are so hungry for fame is ridiculous. If they had to walk one day in "us normal peoples" shoes they'd go crying back to daddy. Gee guys it must be hard drinking and going to Hawaii free to "work" film the hills. get a reality check.

1896 days ago


Paris is a whore and a stupid Bitch!!

1896 days ago


shes a hoe. cut clean period. she broke p with her boyfriend and hopped the first swag she could grab and rode it the fcc outa the club. shes a hoe.

1896 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Poor Paris, she can't help herself. Seriously, other than an overnight bang, why would a guy stick around and put up with her skanky self? She's a punchline in a joke, not a girlfriend. Doug, I hope you taped a couple of your great doggie-style sessions, plus a BJ or two. Sell 'em and make a mint, then forget the little whore. Paris is just another tramp that should be kicked to the curb.

1896 days ago


Doug ought to count his blessings that he's rid of Paris; get away from the walking STD while he has the opportunity. Ms. Hilton is an empty-headed, vacuous,egocentric woman and will no doubt remain single until (if ever) she grows up and behaves like a responsible adult. Grandpa Hilton must be SO proud of his baby granddaughter-NOT!

1896 days ago

its me    

this is a very immature girl . she has a show looking for a new best friend and i lmao over that because shes almost 30. thats old in hollywood. Paris your not 16 anymore! grow the hell up ! your a joke..
shes plain dumb and the kardasian girls talk just like her. all of them are a bunch of spoiled brats.
run as far as u can from this girl cause your not gonna get anywhere with her . the only thing you'll get is herpes! shes a PIG!
the only thing i see her doing in the future for attention is porn but thats kind of messed up because we all seen her do it already. her parents must be so proud. RUNNNNNNN FROM THIS HAS BEENNNNNNNN she has no idea what love is!

1896 days ago

Buck Farack    

The keyhole to the Hilton Hotel has got to be one of the biggest, used up, stretched out, sloppiest yuk-muff in Hollywood. She must be good with her mouth because I doubt any of her guys would stay for the deed in a big sloppy hole longer than one night. Lindsay is probably tighter than P-ho.

1896 days ago


She is so used up it's gross, Are the guys that desperate to get attention.. STD coming your way baby!!!!!!!!

1896 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I just hope all this back-to-the-eighties cuteness goes away soon. Another-sunny-day-at-the-beach color coordination should be quarantined at the local rinky dink pre-school.

1896 days ago


I love it when people whine and complain about how easy celebrities have it. I don't think any single person on this board would survive living a day in the life of any of the celebrities that have been mentioned - They can't go grocery shopping, out to a quiet meal, or even to the gas station without having 50 paparazzi chasing them and taking their pictures and shoving microphones down their throats. And then to top it off they continuously have to sit and listen to bs comments like this and deal with people criticizing them because they're too *fat* or too *thin* or too *pale* or they ate dinner at the wrong restaurant and are driving the wrong car. For gods sakes -- If I was in the A-list circle, I'd probably be afraid to leave my house!

Not all people are born into privilege. There are plenty of celebrities out there who have worked incredibly hard to get to where they are today. Just because they happen to have money and a designer handbag doesn't mean their life is free of problems or that they're happy or that things are automatically easy for them.

Besides that -- I'm willing to bet that any one of you people posting on here would behave EXACTLY the same way these kids do if your parents had the financial capabilities their parents did.

I'm not a fan of Doug Reinhardt or Paris Hilton -- Not because I'm jealous of their wealth or the fact that they're pretty much household names, but because their personalities are less than desirable and I think they both have ulterior motives that are just a bit shady.

But honestly -- These people took their talents, stayed motivated, and met success -- Is there really anything so wrong with that?

1896 days ago


paris hilton is a whore and have no respect for herself ! the guys who are going out with her are such a losers ... they should have a std club ...

1896 days ago


I not a paris or doug fan and i never comment but this is hilarious.hes the one turning it into a circus and its funny she really looks like she wants him back all over a rich hot soccer star . nice try doug the douche . everyone wants to dog paris out but we are all commenting on it and for whatever reason she has men all over the place that want to be with her. shes gonna keep doing what she wants regardless of what anyone says and the guys that choose to go there well they are consenting adults

1896 days ago
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