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Sharon Osbourne

Tax Cheat of the Week?

6/14/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0612_sharon_osbourne_credit_tmz_ex-1The Accused: Sharon Osbourne

The Debt: $23,363.16

The Story: According to the State of California, Osbourne was fined nearly $50k for not paying her 2007 taxes -- a year in which she owed $436,026.

She eventually forked over a majority of the cash, but Arnold and Co. claim she's still on the hook for more than $23k.

Meanwhile, California is running a $24 billion deficit.

So, thanks Sharon.


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Give Me a FN break!!!!!!!!!!

I like Her, but pay the damn taxes!!!

1925 days ago

who gives a shit    

Another one who needs to bite the dust, go away already!!!

1925 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

I can't stand Sharon Osborne. I'm only just this side of dumping my fanhood of Ozzy.

1925 days ago


Nuke California

1925 days ago


Do any of these celebrities pay their taxes? You folks should really do an expose on this. It's horrible that the state employees are being forced to take unpaid days to save their jobs when these celebutards are spending money on ugly clothes from Ed Hardy and overpriced drinks at the Ivy. I am sure that all of the celebs also place a huge burden on the police between their hordes of fans and drunk driving episodes.

1925 days ago


Since most of us know that Arnold IS a republican - maybe we should vote a democrate in next time. All in all, they are all the same. Welfare is their number 1 priority in California. Always has been, never will change. We give all the illegal immigrants free health care, free food, etc, etc, etc. till the state is broke. Do you think congress will cut back on their free services - hell no. Just make the tax payers pay more taxes so we can give them more (like Nancy Pelosi says). Maybe we should all refuse to pay our taxes, they can't put all of us in jail.

1925 days ago

nosy mom    

people like her are part of the reason why this state is in this money trouble. everyone hates to pay taxes but we do it because its the right thing to do and it's the law. all this shows is people are greedy, plain and simple.i am not saying that it would solve all of our money problems but it would help if everyone would pay what they are supposed to. suggestion to tmz, show us all celebs famous or not who owe California in taxes. I bet you anything once they are publicized, California would be getting some much deserved checks in the mail.

1925 days ago

Donald finally realized that Prejean gives crappy head    

CA is in the pit because of schwartzenwartenscheneggtschswartzeneggar, who repealed the car tax, which directly led and accounts 100.0% for the deficit of CA........but he doesnt talk about that much does he???? he screwed up bigtime.

osborne is a whore. throw that trash in jail. all osbornes need to be thrown in jail. they are all trash.

1925 days ago


yeah wll that lil bit isnt going to help one way or the other,oribabky a oversight on her part, get rid of the illegals and we will be otu of debt in a month stop allt eh welfare and be out of debt in 2 weeks,

1925 days ago


Hey Low Tax seems to me that my hard working white arse is the one working to pay for all the "little latino kids" healthcare and financial support while their illegal parents work under the table and get to keep all their money. If we were to take a good hard look at our welfare system, I guarantee you we could seriously cut off a lot of the fat by not allowing the children of illegal imigrants to be aided. There's your budget fix right there. Not taking benefits away from hard working people who actually get their butts out of bed every day.

1924 days ago



1923 days ago


Why does she want to stay here in the U.S.? Cant she and the rest of the f---ing family make money in that country across the pond. We have enough jerks not paying taxes that were born here.

1918 days ago


this crap makes me sick...all these rich bastards n bitches think they're holier than thou and it's us poor suckers that end up picking up the tab....go back home and have tea with the queen dahling, we have kids hungry and living in the streets thanks to people like you.....dahling

1877 days ago


It just seems so beyond reason that those who make enough money to warrent that amout of tax due can't afford to pay. Those of us who make in an entire lifetime what they make in 5 years seem to be able to handle it. What's the deal? It's not fair to single Sharon out without ratting out the whole list of wealthy people who owe taxes, but still makes me wonder what's going on...

1870 days ago


Just found this on Sharon.
I feel sorry for the poor woman, she has to work to support her totally dysfunctional family. I don't care for these English people, regardless, Cowell etc etc, but give her a break. Imagine having to deal with that man and those awful children.

1509 days ago
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