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'NJ Housewives' are Table Flippin' Ridiculous

6/17/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a bunch of backstory here, but chances are if you've never seen an episode of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey," you won't care anyway. Just enjoy this nuclear dinner freakout, courtesy of Teresa and Danielle.

Real Housewives fight: Click to watch
On last night's ridiculous season finale, dishes flew, one called the other a "prostitute whore" and a table was nearly tossed over.

P.S. -- Did we mention some of the ladies' kids were around? "Real" classy.


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MAFIA connection!!

1947 days ago


Theresa- Your whole family is funny looking, including you.
Danielle- You could have a promising career as an actress, but please stop the injections! You look like you belong on batman or something.
Dina- You are so worried about Danielle, and I think you should be worried about your husband.
Caroline- Why the macho act? You are a woman aren't you?
Jaqueline- Sweet and honest to a fault, You and your husband were the normal ones.
Finally, and people had the nerves to call the Atlanta housewives ghetto? So, if they are ghetto then what are the Jersey wives? Remember when they had dinner on the Atlanta show there were a few words passed, but they kept it classy. I love it how Theresa and others get to use their little I'm an Italian girl with a temper, to act classless.

1944 days ago


hands down best real housewives season EVER!! gotta love those jersey girls!! and the taple flip...classic

1956 days ago


I can't believe I watched this last night - it was stupid, silly. Bravo needs to cancel the NJ franchise of this show. I felt like I was watching the Sopranos. Thank goodness this version only lasted 6 weeks!

1956 days ago


oh & i was first...i think second too :)

1956 days ago


Danielle is a skanky whore. Her own daughters look horribly ashamed to have a mom who just hands out BJs like its Halloween candy. I'm glad that Jacqueline has wised up and tossed Danielle/Beverly out of her life.

1956 days ago


Ohh look Its CARRIE PREJEAN with Black hair.

1956 days ago


I don't watch this show, just watched the clip. I just have two things to say....stupid and classless!! I hope these women look back and take note of their actions. Children were present!! You don't act like that in front of your kids, much less at all!! Remember that you shouldn't worry about other people...worry about yourself. You cannot control anyone or their actions, you can only control your own!! Grow some respect and some class!!!

1956 days ago

who gives a shit    

Thankfully have never watched this program. Why do these women put themselves on t.v.?? Stupid.................

1956 days ago


I couldn't believe how rude, obnoxious and unclassy Danielle was. Bringing that book to a dinner party that she and her kids were invited too. If she wanted to clear the air, she should have done it at another time without the children around. She should have to pay the bill not Teresa. Also, Danielle is such a skank!! I don't believe anything she says. I believe Caroline! I do believe she (Danielle) was a prostitute, coke whore and was arrested for everything mentioned in the book. I;m sure somewhere someone can dig up the whole arrest report to find out.

1956 days ago


Can't believe Bravo allowed that to continue on with kids at the table. Totally unacceptable when it involves the children. That was going too far. Bravo crossed the line allowing it.

1956 days ago


Women, as we age, we get much smarter then I ever thought was possible. I used to wonder what in the world the 40-something gals had to be so happy about. Now I get it.

So........when I see pathetic woman who so need attention that they are willing to behave in such a dramatic, out-of-control, obnoxious way, I wonder what went wrong with their upbringing.

Maybe if these so called 'ladies' had a brain they would also realize that they are giving their parents a bad reputation. That the public is wondering what happened to you for you to act like THAT?!

Why do these foolish woman do these insignificate reality shows?

1956 days ago


I love watching all The Real Housewives Of ( Ornage County - NewYork - Atlanta - New Jersey ) . To Me this time there where to Vixen Housewivves Of New Jersey and They are Caroline, Her Little Sister Dina .
If I was There I would tell Caroline and Dina so what You Both are making something out of a mole hil, get over it .

1956 days ago


I am embarrassed to say I'm from NJ and I DO NOT know any women who talk and act like these skanks.

1956 days ago


don't be hating on the jersey girls--they're the BEST!!

1956 days ago
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