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'NJ Housewives' are Table Flippin' Ridiculous

6/17/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a bunch of backstory here, but chances are if you've never seen an episode of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey," you won't care anyway. Just enjoy this nuclear dinner freakout, courtesy of Teresa and Danielle.

Real Housewives fight: Click to watch
On last night's ridiculous season finale, dishes flew, one called the other a "prostitute whore" and a table was nearly tossed over.

P.S. -- Did we mention some of the ladies' kids were around? "Real" classy.


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flirty jersey girl    

Jersey giirs are the best in the world. They will give you the shirts off their backs and they will keep you smiling with their jersey girl accents and cheery moods.

1924 days ago

Michaels Fan    

well that lady asked the kids to leave but Danielle made hers stay
and she defintaly had it coming

1924 days ago


Trash, all trash every single one of them!!

1924 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

The whole dinner party was a set-up from the producers of the show to create drama. Get real, these women do not want to be around Danielle. She was brought on the show to create drama.

1924 days ago


The N.J. Housewives are PIGS and their daughters will only grow up to be PIGS. This show has NOTHING over Housewives of NYC, which is the best out of all of them.

1924 days ago


This was just another case of the producers manipulating a "reality" show on t.v. Who in their right mind, would invite someone they HATE and supposedly FEAR, to a nice family dinner? NO ONE would! She was "invited" there soley because the producers said she had to be there. The plot THICKENS, the no-name blow-whore brought THE BOOK! Was that move supposed to make ppl watch this DUMBASS show? If Skank-o the clown didn't want people talking about her, she probably should have stayed her uggo self at home! She treats her children like they are adult girlfriends. I feel so sorry for them to have a mother like her! Give the 14 year old another year and she will be out turning tricks with her mother! Does Bravo call these women "housewives" cause they marry for money and then sit on their lazy worthless butts all day drinking at 10am??? That SURE isn't ANY housewife I have ever known!

1924 days ago


49. Jersey giirs are the best in the world. They will give you the shirts off their backs and they will keep you smiling with their jersey girl accents and cheery moods.

Posted at 10:54AM on Jun 17th 2009 by flirty jersey girl

You are a twit. Jersey girls are ALL trash and illiterate. Go sell a hot dog, that is all you are qualified to do in life.

1924 days ago


love it.

1924 days ago


reality TV is a disease

1924 days ago

pattie in cali    

does the word animal mean anything ? you guys are trash at its best........

1924 days ago


i thought it was a slap in Teresa's face for Danielle to bring the book to a party she was INVITED to attend. HOWEVER, it was an issue that needed to be addressed and she could have done it after dinner, w/the women, alone somewhere, no children around. Teresa seemed nice at first...then started dropping all those F bombs in front of the kids...not cool. as for Dina and her fat sister Caroline, ARE YOU SERIOUS? you're starting sh1t up over stuff that occurred TWENTY plus years ago??? seriously? and the for both those overblown flaccid boob jobs to turn on their sister in law because SHE TOLD THE TRUTH? the only people who where adult and had an ounce of class were Jackie and her husband Chris.

1924 days ago

Tn Nurse    

This was the most awesome thing I have seen on TV in awhile! Teresa rocks! Danielle was lookin' for trouble when she came in and pulled the book out of her purse. Danielle did not get near what she deserved for trying to stir some stuff up. I bet she doesn't cross Teresa anymore...the look on Danielle's and really everyone's face was priceless when Teresa went apes**t!!!! Loves it!!!!

1924 days ago


Ah..."The Real Bimbos of New Jersey" and do not forget Caroline - the Tony Soprano wanna be.

1924 days ago


*sighs* I'd like more on stars and less on... whatever these are.

1924 days ago


#39 Curious Cin
Probably the smell of a "body"! lol

1924 days ago
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