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Real Gay Austrian?!

6/18/2009 10:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Austrian media is going crazy over the new movie "Bruno" -- claiming Sacha Baron Cohen based his fake flamboyant Austrian TV host ... on a real life flamboyant Austrian TV host.

The dude caught in the middle is Alfons Haider -- he's proud to be gay, he's into fashion, and (just like Bruno) he's also been known to compare himself to Zac Efron

Want more evidence? -- Alfons is the highest-paid presenter on Austrian state broadcaster ORF. In the film, Bruno works for a channel called OJRF. Coincidence?

The controversy has been raging in Austria for a while, but Haider just told The Telegraph newspaper, "I never understood the comparison to myself at all. The only comparisons I can think of is that I'm Austrian, I'm gay, and I work for television, but the rest is completely fiction."

Anyone really buyin' that?


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walla walla wife's a b*tch    

You know I am the most pure and righteous man on the entire TZM planet!

I'm not in a state of sin! Think of me as 'God's Quarterback'. NO! Wait! I take that back! Football is a homoe ritual! Let me tell

you why! Because! Any time you've got a man who is putting his hands on the backside of another man like that, and that-

what that is, is a simulation of the homoe consummation. And the ball- the football represents a birth. Its a mockery of birth!!!.

It represents the 'homoe-self' which is then given to the- to the quarterback, who is usually the best-looking one on the team.

He then takes that- He takes that 'homoerectus-self' and looks out among the field of other men, who will 'receive,' and 'take'

his seed. And he sends it to him! And with the intention of taking it into 'sacred ground'- the 'sacred space' of- of- of America

and family and values!

1923 days ago

who gives a shit    

WHO CARES?????????????????????

1923 days ago


As a hair stylist, I have worked with, and know men who could BE BRUNO.............this guy is fooling himself if he thinks he is so unique! LOL Just further's the role!

1922 days ago

DJ Europe    

Cohen is such an obnoxious yawn. And he would need years of plastic surgery to look as good as Alfons Haider. BTW, since when is it funny to mock people just because they are gay? Geez, what a jerk.

1920 days ago


he's not funny at all he want's 2 make evry 1 who is chistan 2 love him and 2 get together 4 hating the musalmans he's doing a politic comedy i swear a god

1477 days ago
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