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Chris Brown -- Bad Bad Choice

6/20/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hypothetical question: If you were a singer accused of beating your girlfriend to a pulp and your preliminary hearing was set for Monday ... would your next release be a song called "Smash" ?????

By the way ... Monday will be extremely interesting. Rihanna is set to take the stand and give the blow-by-blow.

The big question -- will Chris Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, cross-examine Rihanna. As we reported, Rihanna was aggressive with Brown in the car, striking him repeatedly after seeing a text message on Brown's phone from another woman.


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He's a douche, there is never a reason to beat someone like that even if she hit him first.

1950 days ago


Tmz nice try but this song is old, and its not finished

1950 days ago



1950 days ago


TMZ you're racist idiots!! Nice try but that song is from months before their Feb 8th fight! You FAIL! It's been on youtube for months, so no his team didn't leak or release anything. You late coming are just now finding it!! If you want to try and be in the know about new things coming out, at least do your research and get some in the know people on your team. Your staff is useless. Why do you pay the FAT BLACK Chick if she can't give accurate black gossip.

1950 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Smash isnt a new song that song was leaked online months before the Feb 8th insident.. and as for TMZ saying she was agressive with Brown in the car thast night... NO YOU DIDNT!!! You all at TMZ have been nothing but playing the HATE CHRIS BROWN game all along saying he beat her to a pulp for no aparent reason... Dont try to back peddal now... get off this young man and move on!!!

1950 days ago


He is a freak of nature (his lips are larger than my head) Hopefully this man (if you can call him that) who likes to beat up girls gets what is coming to him. He seems to think it is all a joke-does this man know how many women are killed every year in the US from domestic violence? ! Does he care? Probably not-this man is a disgusting monster and I can't believe that there are women out there who take his side on this, don't you women have any morals either? Or are you all so desperate that you will take anything that comes along even if he wants to beat you-I pity you girls. Have a spine! As for Rihanna I don't care for her either.

1950 days ago


TMZ...once seems like your going after him for racial reasons...Smash is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO old...and unfinished. you guys are just brining up whatever bull you can to make him look bad....give it a damn rest black guy makes a mistake ans you gotta bash him for life when you don't even know the whole story...what he did was horribly wrong but get over it already....

1950 days ago


dame tmz needs to shut up and leave chris brown alone. or at least do research before u put chris down like tht. smash came out months before this happened and teyana taylor wasnt a joke for rihanna! yea chris made a bad mistake but hes human. look at all the other celebrities tht did bad things. t.i. had a bunch or loaded weapons and was gonna bring them to the bet awards but ppl still love him. he redeemed himself and i belive chris will to if u just give him the chance. 50 cent tryed to kill his wife and hes still loved. even more so look at ordinary ppl who beat women. you wouldnt even no about it and if u did it probably wouldnt make a big deal to u. chris brown hasnt done anything bad in the past or since this inncident happened so leave him alone and let him live his life. i am a chris brown supporter and a true fan! this is my side and i dont care what anyone says.

1950 days ago


Nicole your attitude is pathetic-still looking up to this man as some kind of hero and he beats up girls

1950 days ago


stop blaming tmz..blame chris

1950 days ago


I agree!!
people need to stop blaming tmz and starting blaming chris!
he was the one who did something people need to get over it!

and as for nicole....yeh he shud beat you up 2!

his music is not the issue..CHRIS BROWN is the issue
wake up people!!!

1950 days ago


yall can say all you want but it wont change my opinion about Chris cause i still LOVE him!!!!!

1950 days ago


this is for comments # 12,13, and 14; YA'LL NEED TO STOP WITH ALL THIS 'I HATE CHRIS' MESS, the backlash is be honest i don't think anybody really cares anymore and to be even more honest I think Rihanna should get just as much ridicule as chris since she repeatedly hit him first. and if this is true, it was out of self=defense.(for him) nobody is saying that its TMZ's fault and nobody should blame them at all. but at the same time they DO make him out to be a monster and in reality its nothing like that. he didn't beat that girl to a pulp, look at that pic again, ALL SHE HAS IS A BUSTED LIP!!!! ya'll r the ones to blame and chris does own up to his responsiblities in this as well but rihanna hasn't. Where is the hating on her at? She needs it just as much as him because she started it and she hit him first and NOBODY SHOULD PUT THEIR HANDS ON ANYBODY ELSE. forget that man beating women crap, stop hating on chris and making him look so bad when he isn't. as for the song, I like it and heard it already but he really should release another one. this dude has soooooo many songs leaked on the internet already he has options of really great music and i think this song right now isn't appropriate at all for the moment.

1950 days ago


Hmmm...Interesting. A man should NEVER hit a woman BUT IF Rihanna was actually hitting him in the car, then she's just a classless as he is.

1950 days ago


I still Love Him too!! I also agree with Nicole, Really!! and Ljones.
I notice that the haters are so obsessed with Chris, that they feel they need to have him and cuss him in their usernames, switch over to the news tight now and you will hear stories of people in this world, living in your country who have done a lot worse then Chris Brown the black celebrity male R&B singer, who had a fight with his Pop/R&B female singing Girlfriend Rihanna, who the media wants to use as an example, when we all know Chris is not a monster because what he did may be bad but it's not the worse level of the lowest, you hear people doing, like killing people, raping woman or men and abusing little kids, so before you label Chris for losing his temper by calling him a monster just because him and Rihanna are high profile, do consider what the real meaning of monster is, Chris is human he acted like many humans, who lost their control with anger and emotions would do but his far from a monster.

1950 days ago
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