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Jon & Son Plus a Doctor Visit

6/20/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin spent his Saturday afternoon taking one of his boys to a local pediatrics office in Reading, PA.


We spoke to a rep for TLC and she tells us, "When you have eight kids, someone is bound to get hurt. It's nothing tragic. Everything is fine."


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Are the designers of Ed Hardy paying Jon to wear their line of clothes? He looks horrible in them!

1896 days ago


#38 what is a child period?

1896 days ago

cosmo in texas    

Mybe if we're lucky in a few months the headlines will read "Jon & Kate plus 8 cancelled due to ZERO ratings". Actions speak louder an words.

1896 days ago


Bet Jon just hates that by, TLC contract, he HAS to take one of his PAYCHECKS to the doctor!!! It messes up his real jerky life of drinking, playing, staying out all night, visiting his "women" etc.

Kate is doing even less by not being there, same thing going on with her. Kate doesn't even break away from Steve when one of her PAYCHECKS needs medical care. Don't EVER tell us, Kate, it's all about your children.

Don't your 8 PAYCHECKS make enough millions so YOU can be home to finish RAISING THEM?

1896 days ago


Fat Jon Gosselin needs exercise...which he would get if he was actually at home raising his 8 paychecks.

Drinking beer by the gallons will do that to a person.

Or, maybe it is the GUILT you have Jon, of bringing 8 kids into the world when your brain stopped developing at 13 !!
Kate's brain stopped developing at 19 by the way she dresses for Steve.

When she's around Jon, she looks 45.....oh, what magic tricky Kate plays. Guilt for both of them will play some awful tricks on Kate and Jon. They wanted to "play the money game", how do you like it so far? Bank account big enough?

Marriage destroyed, the kids will be next and Kate and Jon will cry to the cameras....the cameras will be long gone but they will keep pretending until the kids are old enough to have authority over both Kate and Jon. Just a matter of time.

1896 days ago


i know im gettin tired of gettin strung along by TLC an now the ring could be a publicity stunt . if it is im over jon an kate they are lettin the money goto there heads, they say there doin it 4 the kids but ive seen all the stuff theyve been byin ED HARDY TRACTORS, SPORTS CARS, MOTORCYCLES TANNING, NAILS GYM MEMBERSHIPS ETC... I THINK THERE OVER WORKING THE KIDS,THEY SHOULD ALSOASK THE KIDS WHAT THEY WANT FOR ONCE . I MEAN TOO HEAR MADY SAY SHES THIRSTY AN THEN KATE ASKS FOR A DRINK ,AN DRINKS IT INSTEAD THATS BS...............

1896 days ago


I hope Jon gets custody of the kids. He obviously cares more about their welefare and not the show. While Kate is all for the money and fame. I doubt she's going to let her meal ticket, aka the kids, go easily with dad.

1896 days ago


I'm so tired of hearing about jon and kate. Isn't there anything more interesting to talk about? They are every where they are like Speidi. So annoying.

1895 days ago


Jon is so

1895 days ago


For goodness sake.....
First, I don't agree with how they have put their family on parade for the world, HOWEVER I am as guilty as everyone else of wanting to see how in the world you can cope with 8 children...I have watched nearly every episode and giggled at how crazy that household must be and at Jon and Kate's antics...But at some point the media has got to be called off, I am now starting to feel sorry for the children. This is getting rediculous, they are a normal married couple just like the rest of us out there and they are going through some are 98% of the married population!!! Yes, they put themselves in this position by putting their family on TV, but c'mon....seriously....there are 8 children here who are seeing how mean and cruel this world can be through the tabloids...nothing is sacred for them and they are only babies....its really sad and disturbing and we should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing the bashing to would you feel if it were you and your family?

1895 days ago


Yes, Kate is obessed with fame and money, Jon is just done with all the crap but instead of wanting to have a peaceful life and keep her marriage Kate prefers to seperate the kids from their dad all in the name of fame and money..before Jon had to help her to pick out clothes and now she's a diva GET REAL TLC AND KATE...TLC exec...shame on you that you have to exploit a family like this in order to get ratings....I'm a neilsen family and will not watch..I'll hear it on the news

1895 days ago


This show is not about the kids anymore its about Jon and Kate and their behaviour GROW UP PEOPLE and TLC, my kids will never watch your stations and my kids will not watch JOn and kate because my kids like watching the kids and they cannot anymore because my kids do not need to watch adults fight and watch kids have to go thru a divorce on tv this is not a show for kids anymore SHAME ON YOU KATE AND TLC

1895 days ago

just me    

JON is a DOG for cheating. These people need to focus on these 8 CHILDREN. That's alot of freakin kids to worry about. KATE is the bread winner in this family. Everything she does is for the CHILDREN not HERSELF. I commend this woman for having an organized household. I watched Monday's episode and truly made me sad, KATE is totally distraught. JON thinks he's cool. GROW UP DUDE. Jon walks away without worries (typical of a man) while KATE continues to carry the burden of raising, guiding, and caring for their 8 children. Sure hope KATE finds LOVE AGAIN. We all know JON already been dipping his wick. DISCUSTING PIG!!!! Once again the man gets to walk away and be a part time dad while the entire BURDEN of caring and supporting the children falls upon KATE the mother.

1894 days ago


What a shame! They both need to realize that they started this mess...when they started the show....they have made millions...have a million dollar home...sports car, ect, I firmly believe that Jon was unfaithful...he needs to grow up and face it he is a father to EIGHT children and should NOT be acting like a carefree teen!! Kate needs to calm down and realize it takes 2 to raise such a large family. They need to STOP the Tv show and devote 100% to the children.......Also, why CAN'T she spank her children???? That;s what's wrong with the children now-a-days.....They NEED disapline!!!! Leave them alone and shame on the both of them. Jon, GROW UP!!!!!

1893 days ago
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