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6/22/2009 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosseiln celebrated Father's Day like a devoted dad should -- by signing autographs and shamelessly pimping out the TV show documenting his family's demise.

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
Jon, minus Kate, gabbed away outside his Pennsylvania home yesterday -- giving no insight to what tonight's "big announcement" will be, though still wearing his wedding ring.

Most telling: When asked where Kate was, Jon said "I have no idea."


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I don't think they are getting a divorce. The big announcement is probably that they are going to try and work things out. Because they (TLC, Jon, and Kate) want the money to keep flowing in. If they separate and/or divorce, the show is history. It pretty much is history now. Don't be an enabler! Do not watch Monday's show!

1913 days ago


7. The news breaking on Jon & Kate Plus 8 is either:

1) Kate is pregnate with Jon's baby or babies
2) Kate is pregnate with Someone else's baby or babies
3) Jon & Kate have decided to end the show when the season ends
4) They are filing for divorce!

Posted at 12:47PM on Jun 22nd 2009 by Outlaw Star DLH5805

I was thinking it was an announcement for couples therapy...

1913 days ago


Do you really think that TLC would promote this for a divorce...

We are all getting played.. like jon would really move to NY that far away from his kids...

and remember... he was employed and was good at what he did, he quit for kate..

1913 days ago

John Galt for President 2012    

Big announcement?

A) Kate announces she is becoming a lesbian and is dating finance guru Suzi Orman. Jon announces he is lesbian trapped in a mans body and will (on screen) under go sex change surgery - he swears that isnt just a lame pickup line men use at bars just to get women into bed.

B) Jon and Kate will be fight each other in the next edition of THUNDEROME. Two men enter One MAN leaves.

C) Jon and Kates marital problems are all fake and were just a way to get people watch a show that is boring and pointless. Kate wrote the script.

1913 days ago


they are getting a divorce and ending the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!because she isn't trying hard enough and is tooooo controlling!

1913 days ago


Jon needs to "man up" and take care of his responsibilities. There should be a law that you cannot abandon your wife and eight kids. He is a Weenie Tot. Grow up Jon. LIfe is hard, your kids come first, not your own personal fulfillment. You sacrificed that, and now the bill is due. Better or Worse.

1913 days ago


that was nice of him to go out and sign autographs.. i wish them the best of luck with everything!! Marriage is a tough thing, and is something very hard but worth fighting for...

1913 days ago


It might be an announcement for therapy combined with a "trial separation" to try and work things out. If I were them I might be a bit reluctant to give up the lucrative money the show brings in every week. The pregnancy comments are ridiculous. Obviously they are not going to have any more children. I doubt it's a flat out divorce. They may say this is the LAST year of the show. I don't think they would half production in the middle of the season.

1913 days ago


Are there any people uglier than this assclown, his pig wife, and their douchebag kids? Cancel the show.

1913 days ago


Hey # 19 poster... he has "maned up"... he is at home with the children more than Kate is. How can you abandon your children when you are the person at home with them the most?

1913 days ago


He needs to grow up and she needs to lighten up and her brother & his wife need to shut up!

1913 days ago


I agree with most - the big announcement is that Jon is queer - and will undergo gender reassignment surgery. He will then start dating Nick Hogan. Every once in a while, Brooke Hogan will join them, and drill both of them with her 13-incher.

Meanwhile, the show will fold, and Kate will sell the kids to a Chinese mining consortium. Then she will do fetish porn - recreating the litter birth scene.

1913 days ago


According to Kate's brother, Kate ended the marriage more than 6 months ago. However, she wanted to continue doing the show and presented him with a contract that said he could see other woman. Obviously he needed to be discrete or there was no point in the arrangement. He screwed up by being caught by the cameras and the whole thing blew up in their faces. Kate's brother said Jon told him and his wife (Aunt Jody) about this. I don't see how Kate is being treated badly by Jon when she was the one who set things in motion.

#18 victorpark, say what you want about the adults but leave the kids out of it. Or do you just get off picking on children that can't defend themselves? They are innocents in this whole mess and the last they need is some jerk calling them names.

1913 days ago


Kate takes off with Spencer Pratt, leaving Heidi behind to care for Jon and the children.
Like, OhMyGAWD!!!!!

1913 days ago


These people seek expensive special treatment to have their kids and then they bail on the marriage (and in a since the children as far as having an intact family to raise them). I have no interest in this couple from this day forward. TMZ, please move on. These people have made enough money pimping their children and themselves. In the end, they get medical science to help them procreate, and then don't have the balls to stand up to the plate and be parents, honest with each other their or their children, fight to be a married couple, or fight to continue as a family. They OWE their kids that since they spent that extra dough to have them. Cancel their show, and throw them under the media bus with NO MORE publicity. Let them deal like the rest of us.

1913 days ago
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