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Jon & Kate

Plus Divorce Papers

6/22/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon And Kate Gosselin
and Kate Gosselin just filed papers for divorce, this according to

According to the report, the papers were filed moments ago in Pennsylvania.

The two have been married for ten years. They have 8 kids together -- hence the title of that show.

There are reports claiming Jon is planning on moving to New York to live. Sources say he is considering moving into Trump Place.


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I wouldn't cry too many tears for these "poor" kids. Mama and Papa have made so much money, the kids' future is secure which is more than you can say for most kids whose parents are together and miserable. I doubt the show will be canceled...why would it? They will just have Kate + 8 living life...Jon was never an interesting facet of the show anyway. Now we get to see Kate go on her first post divorce date, the kids in school, TLC is not going to drop this gold mine. Meanwhile, Jon will still be chasing college co-eds...not much to film there.

1957 days ago


Who cares??????????? The kids are the ones who do and they are going to suffer over this for many years and I can imagine the hatred that mother will say about their father which will cause damage far worse than a divorce. There should never be reality shows done with's greedy and cruel.

1957 days ago


I feel bad for the little children. They're parents dont love each other. And if it's really the Jon and Kate show that is getting in between their marriage, they should stop the show and bring peace to their family.

1957 days ago


Ummm, where the hell is Kooky Kate's family, mother, father? They are both Whackos, Narcisists etc, get off tv NOW, and take care of your children! And screw TLC, the dumbing down of America continues.

1957 days ago


John is a cheater..... Do you really think he puts his kids first when he's screwing another women HELL NO!!!!!

1957 days ago


Hope fame was everything you two thought it would be. Now enjoy the trainwreck lives you've condemned your kids to.

1957 days ago


74. I agree....please TLC cancel the show. We do not need to see this family crumble apart on tv. Also, who wants to see the children go through this in front of the entire world. The parents should be ashamed of themselves. One day, these children are going to see two huge dissapointments.

Posted at 6:03PM on Jun 22nd 2009 by Lisa Pleasa


I totally agree. I watched one episode about a month ago and was bored to tears. The only reason the ratings are soaring is the fact the parents aren't getting along.

How sad these two adults put their kids through an unreal experience with cameras around all the time in the first place. Now - their family falls apart in front of millions of people. Do they have NO integrity? No concern for their kids? Obviously, the answer is no.

They are in it for the almighty dollar. They shouldn't have a TV show based on a family - because their family has crumbled. TLC - cancel this atrocity. Your ratings aren't worth the welfare of 8 kids that had NO freakin' choice in the matter.

1957 days ago


Absolutely DISGUSTING how they timed the filing of the papers to coincide with their show once again proving that, with these two media-whores, RATINGS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN CHILDREN. Please put them on a deserted island and let Madonna and Angelina Jolie split the kids.

1957 days ago


do any of you NOT remember back at teh season finale of the last season... Jon stated that he DID NOT want to do the show... she insisted they do....

as for the cheating.. you don't know that... being on camera with people in a bar... and such is not cheating... do you ever go out with your friends... EVER... i don't know about you but i have friends that are boys and girls.. doesn't mean i am cheating on my fiance'

1957 days ago


Trump Place, Jon? Why not the same town as your 8 kids?! That's real class, man...

1957 days ago


Most of us, whose memories don't even begin before we are 5 or 6, are blessed not no know the hardships and fights our parents had when we were young. These kids, like Britney's, only have to roll the tape when they get older. They will see the selfishness and hatefulness. They will see the greed and self-serving duplicity of their mother. They will see their father in effect wash his hands and walk away. Nice going TLC. It's been a learning experience alright.

1957 days ago


Jon & Kate you can be grateful that your precious children can google all these comments about what great parents you are. If you were doing this for "your kids" you would have not renewed your current contract with TLC when things started going south on air.

You deserve all the negative press you are getting.

1957 days ago

dr fred    

good ,they suck, now, they will no longer make cash off their animal reproducing,
plus ,the money will not come in & will dry up fast with the lifestyle & 8 kids !!!!
they have become accomstomed
NYC smart , great way to dry up that money with overpriced cost of living

1957 days ago


TLC has got some real balls running this seasons episodes in marathon fashion tonight to promote the "BIG SHOW" tonight.

TLC you suck!

1957 days ago

the loser    

they should of canceled the show when their marriage was in trouble... WHY.... i feel so sad for the little ones.

1957 days ago
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