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Jon & Kate

Plus Divorce Papers

6/22/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon And Kate Gosselin
and Kate Gosselin just filed papers for divorce, this according to

According to the report, the papers were filed moments ago in Pennsylvania.

The two have been married for ten years. They have 8 kids together -- hence the title of that show.

There are reports claiming Jon is planning on moving to New York to live. Sources say he is considering moving into Trump Place.


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Cara is as kooky as her Mom, Jon, lose the earrings, Kate is a just a Frigid, Octomom, she will end up ALONE, the kiddies will grow up, move away, 24-7, Jon complains- GET YOUR ASS OFF TV, both of you! yea Jon you are PW, SPINELESS!
You both chose this, you brought it upon your family, sick, sick, but don't cry Kate, don't want to mess up the makeup!
You both are whoring your children-STOP!

1927 days ago


Well, it appears that Jon finally grew a back bone and Kate wasn't up to his standing up to him. That marriage only worked when Jon allowed himself to be dragged around by the nose and put down constantly. Kate needs to learn how to relate to others without ridicule, criticising and hitting. Good luck to Jon. I hope he finds someone who'll love him for himself.

1927 days ago

a viewer    

It takes two people to make a marriage work and two to ruin it. Kate is acting like a martyr on the show, when she knows that she is very responsible for the verbal and emotional abuse of Jon. As for Jon, it's sad, he can't handle the pressure and that he let Kate take control.

I've been married 25 years, and we've had great times and horrible times, and I hope they get help.

No kids are going to be happy if they live in this toxic environment. Let's hope they really do work to be friendly for their kids.

As for Kate "doing it alone"...I;m sure there will be plenty of nannies or other help.

This is so sad.

1927 days ago

Michelle Jackson    

WHO CARES WHERE JON MOVES????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOESN'T MEAN HE'S OUT OF THE KIDS LIVES!!! The WHINEY BITCH drove him off. She said herself that she has 50 book signings a year and is gone 2-3 days at a time. That's a half a year. Yeah GREAT MOM!! Whatever!!

1927 days ago


Jon is leaving the marriage so he can act like a college kid instead of acting like a father of 8. Kate will do just fine with out that loser. Kate is the reason they have what they have. He just makes me sick.

1927 days ago


NO< you whored your children out, and got as much money, things as you could get your Grubby litle hands on, why don't both of you get off tv, and work at REAL JOBS; for the children, if I hear that BS one more time I will vomit! Your litter was produced by fertility drugs-Moonbats both of you!

1927 days ago


Watching the ep and they made it sound like he Filed the papers and is divorcing her.

So maybe her cheating on him with the guard and jon going out with the girl while they were seperated might be true.

1927 days ago

contact tlc    

every call tlc this show needs to end. i will not buy anything that adv. on this show. this is nuts and the show wont make it as she is not going to act crazy yelling at jon. plus she is a bi...

1927 days ago


Kate is a publicity WHORE, Manipulative, Materialistic , yea, Kate,let them watch the tapes of you treating your husband like a Dog! New book deals, movies, what a bunch of Crap, and lots more free stuff, FREE-LOADERS! Shut up Kate,you have no idea what hard is! Yeah, your kids are your MONEY TREE-DISGUSTING

1927 days ago


Ps all of you women look up the real story. She cheated on him with the guard then he went out with the woman while he was seperated.

Besides that she was always trashing him. Plus she gets to keep the million dollar show and still whore out the kids for money.

Also Jon said that he also didnt want this show it was all kate.

So she has cheated on him, forced him to do something that he doesnt want to do, blasts him all the time, and whoring out the kids and all the women blast jon ? Wow

Atleast he gets to live his own life now away from the cameras and the kids get off tv when they are with him for a lil bit.

1927 days ago


Get ready for the new show Jon minus 9!!!

1927 days ago


i am watching tonights show...

kuddos to them for the arrangement they are making... now i hope the press will let them be...

kate.. stop playing the victim... stop it... did you not here jon... "i let her rule the roost too long and control everything, i finally stood on my own two feet and i am proud of myself."

best of luck to you both

1927 days ago


Kooky Kate has never done this Alone, she has used so-called friends, the PHONY MEDIA, and TLC, to WHORE her children, notice, she Never says Our children, it's Always my children, she needs Psychiatric Counseling, this is the next Generation; Give me everything, because I am owed! TLC- home of the LIBERAL LOSERS

1927 days ago


He's coming off as a middle age guy who wants to play the field and hasn't grown up. He's able to just "walk" away and start a new chapter. Even if Kate has her issues-at least she's staying put to actually do to the best of her ability to be the parent. He's like-I'm 32 years old. And your point? Grow up. It's all about Jon-he's looking to move to NYC-not exactly next door. Oh and what happens when he gets that "job" how often will he be there for his kids then. For all Kate's faults, she's the more mature one in this. One day his kids will see these shows and I wonder what they'll think when they hear him speak. He's "excited" to start this new chapter. What's to be excited about? Walking out on the kids you fathered? Not being there daily for them-but in another state? Someone should get them to a counselor and them talking.

1927 days ago

Michelle Jackson    

Everything for the kids huh? She was a dark haired, fat bitch that never got out of her sweatpants. Had no problem w/ using all the surgery's during the first 3 years of the show. Cashing in on books exploiting her kids. Constantly trying to belittle Jon. Yet people are dumb enough to blame him for finally standing up for himself.

Good riddance Kate. Get used to being alone. I don't know a man in the world that could deal w/ her constant nagging. But now she's the victim. Give me a break! Jon is a good Dad.

Just a matter of time until Kate tries to make a buck w/ Playboy! $$$$$$$$$$$$. But wait, all for the kids right?

1927 days ago
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