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Accused of No Original Thoughts

6/23/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck ripped off a woman by plagiarizing her disease material -- so claims Susan Hassett, who fired off a letter to "The View" host just before suing her.

Elisabteh Hasselbeck Click to view docs

We obtained the letter -- in which Susan claims she sent Elisabeth a book called "Living with Celiac Disease" back in April of '08. Thirteen months later, Susan says Hasselbeck published the same book with a new title: "The G Free Diet-A Gluten Free Survival Guide." Yes, the title sucks.

Susan compares chapters and lines. Here are some highlights.

Susan's Book Chapter 1: What is Celiac Disease?
Hasselbeck Chapter 2: What is Celiac Disease?

Susan's tips: "Shop in the outer isles of the supermarket."
Hasselbeck's tips: "Food in the outer isles of the supermarket."

And the comparisons go on and on.

Susan just sued Elisabeth for copyright infringement and plagiarism.

UPDATE: We've just obtained a statement from Elisabeth's people: "Neither Center Street nor Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been served with the Complain in this action. However, there is no basis for the allegations in the Complaint as published in the press. Ms. Hasselbeck worked diligently and tirelessly on her book and is disappointed in this attempt to discredit her work and her ability to bring this important message to the public."


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Oh my gosh!! Where there is smoke there is fire. I used to watch View but couldn't stand EH. IMy thought then was that she repeats other peoples statement, comments, etc, I didn't think that she knew what she was talking about. And Julie Barman your post is probably the stupidest one Ive ever read. You must be related to E. How closed minded you must be. Go Rosie! the truth is coming out finally!

1858 days ago


I can't stand Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I do agree however that there is only a few ways to state facts about a disease. If you should only eat the foods sold on the out aisles of the store how else do you say that other than, shop the outer aisles of the store? I loved Elizabeth on survivor, then she goes all Hollywood on us and now she just thinks she knows it all. I hate when she constantly interrupts Babara Walters during the View, like her opinion is more important than what Barbara has to say. She should count her lucky starts she is even SITTING next to Barbara Walters, much less allowed on the show. She is another one who is only famous for being famous, she has done nothing to become a celebrity.

1858 days ago

Allred Tree    

I agree in part with Sumo. I wondered how Elisabeth could possibly have had time to do the RESEARCH involved in writing this book. She has appeared on "The View" our disgust and chagrin. She has two young of whom is reportedly ill-behaved. She participated in the Republican convention as much as she could. She had the nerve to announce to a group of women at a luncheon honoring Cindy McCain that Cindy arrived "fresh and ready" for her appearance on "The View" unlike Michelle Obama who came with a long list of forbidden topics and she evidently had just rolled out of bed and required lots of makeup and bathing in order to be presentable or "fresh and ready."

EH crudely announced this 3rd preganancy of hers by saying she "got knocked up at the convention." Those are not her exact words, but she mentioned the convention in connection with it which made many wonder who the father of this baby is! Has she cheated on her marriage vows like she has allegedly stolen and plagerized from Sue Hassett with this book?

We have seen EH's true colors. They ARE NOT PRETTY. Fire her. She contributes nothing to the show. I'm wondering now if John McCain did not win the election in part because of EH and her pushing her stupid t-shirts that she designed. I'm wondering how many ideas for shoes she's stolen from others and clothes as well.

The IRS needs to carefully audit her and her unemployed husband Tim Hasselbeck's income tax returns. If they've been filed, that is. She has pushed her t-shirts and this book and every other thing she has done on "The View" and received millions of dollars of free advertising. I hope she included that in her income tax return.

Once a thief, always a thief and a liar! EH childlessly has told accounts of h ow she re-arranges table settings at formal events she's attended and does so at home after Mr. Mom has set the table. He is neat and she is a slob. She seems to have lots of anger and hostility and is also extremely immature. I hope Sue Hassett and her lawyer pursue this to the enth degree and can't wait for EH to disappear from the public view. SHAME ON THE HASSELBECKS!

I BET TIM helped "write" this book while he was sitting home with time on his hands and Elisabeth twisted a few words here and there. HE HAD TIME TO DO IT. Where would EH have gotten the time. Each of us is given the exact amount of time in a day...24 more, no less. Same for libs as well as Republicans. Politics has nothing to do with this except they are all as dishonest as EH IMO. I happen to be a registered Republican for whatever it's worth but vote independently.

1858 days ago


I love that attorney's letter. Well played.

I don't think people are against EH because she is republican but because they perceive her to be a vapid mouthpiece with no original thought. The fact that she represents the GOP just makes it more obnoxious.

From what I read, I too think the defense lawyers are going to have to work on this one. I found the similarities compelling.

If the people who are discussing "isle" vs. "aisle" and TMZ staff typos - isn't that letter a scan (i.e. not by tmz)?

1858 days ago


As someone mentioned, Karma is a B.I.T.C.H, but we also must remember we cannot rejoice on other people failure or lack of intelligence to know when they are committing plagiarism. Maybe she should have used, would have helped her out.

1858 days ago

Don Cooper    

Susan Hassett is not an author and has never published a book on Celiac Desease or any other disease or any other subject for that matter. She claims to be self published. In fact a google search doesn't find any woman by that name with a book by that title. Either TMZ or the complaintant misspelled the word "aisles" as "isles." Not only that the sentence from Haselbeck's book in that example was taken out of context as it makes no gramatical sense. Unless the woman can proove more than a passing semantical simarilarity to Haselbeck's book she could be countersued for fraud.

1858 days ago


Something smells fishy to me. The lawyers' letter is filled with grammatical errors, and the quotes from Hassett's book have gross misspellings, punctuation errors and basic grammar mistakes. There was even a missing period on one phrase! What reputable publisher would put out a book like that?

1858 days ago


Can't stand this Sean Hannity wannabe...she has no original thoughts!

1858 days ago


For those of you who are attempting to turn this into a Democrat/ Republican debate, I would point out that the first person to publicly label Elizabeth as "dumb" was that super-rich REPUBLICAN Donald Trump. He referred to EH as the 'dumbest person on the show.'

1858 days ago


well well well i am not surprised i must say she is dumber than dirt and never has an original idea...cannot and i mean cannot stand this woman...maybe just maybe she will now go away.

1858 days ago


When you think about it, Elizabeth has made a career out of re-stating other people's thoughts-- such as Hannity and Coulter-- and political pundits don't sue for this; they are actually flattered when someone repeats their rants. On the other hand, Elizabeth doesn't seem to be accustomed to actually THINKING and it probably never crossed her mind that it is illegal to take someone else's published ideas, rephrase them, republish them, and make money from it.

1858 days ago


I enjoyed the earlier post about I wonder about papers EH turned in if she attended college. I bet her professors didn't have access to that site. And to another earlier post - lay off the Republicans - not all of us are as uninformed as EH. Some of us can speak our mind and also have the ability to back it up. :)

1858 days ago

Rev Bookburn    

Elisabeth Hasselbeck deserves the lawsuit if she plagiarized the book. Then she can compare notes with Ann 'Adams Apple' Coulter, who plagiarized from an anti-choice group (of all people) in her last book. Sen. John Ensign may be interested in comforting Hasselbeck. Rev. Bookburn - Radio Volta

1858 days ago


Thanks Elisabeth for being one of the only ones with a brain on The View! We can always depend on you to keep things real. Don't believe anything these dimwits are spouting out! You are awesome!!!!!

1858 days ago


As a victim of plagiarism myself, I feel this must be true. Writers look at their words like they're their children and usually try and resolve it before a lawsuit . Plagiarists, beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TMZ should contact me to find out which current TV characters are based on an idea I posted on a screenwriter's message board--down to the exact names I used!!!! Shameful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1858 days ago
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