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Jon & Kate Divorce Papers are Deceiving

6/23/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate GosselinThere's a report floating out there that Kate Gosselin has been separated from Jon for two years. That's not true, and we have the lowdown.

We now know what Kate checked on the divorce papers, which are confidential. There are two grounds for a no fault divorce in Pennsylvania -- the first is waiting 90 days after the papers have been served. Then, if both Jon and Kate agree the marriage is "irretrievably broken" ... the divorce can proceed.

And there's a second option -- that they have lived separate and apart for 2 years. But that doesn't mean they've actually been separated for that long. It means she must wait 2 years from the moment she considered the marriage kaput and began living separately (if only in different bedrooms). We're told the real separation between Jon and Kate is very recent and Kate checked the box just to get the clock ticking.

We found out Kate checked both boxes, and here's why. Jon may not agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken. If that's the case she has to wait the two years. So by checking both boxes, Kate is hedging her bets.

Ultimately, she would have to prove to the judge when she considered herself separate from Jon.

Jon and Kate


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who cares about the kids    

The kids should have an ombudsman appointed for them and CPS should get involved. I watched an episode when Mady saids she pokes the little kids with a pencil and does other mean things and called it an accident. Jon and Kate did nothing to tell this child right from wrong.Kate just said something to the affect of -''oh she is just now telling us these things and she calls them accidents.'' The camera crew sees things happen and apparently does not do anything so they are just as guilty. I think the children will be in jeopardy when Jon is not there to protect the little ones from Mady and Kate. She displays some frightening behavior. And 3000.00 a month for clothes from gymboree? What a nonappreiciative wentch.

1946 days ago


FYI, divorce was recorded in the County on June 22nd, but if you look closely, it's dated June 23rd. In other words, this is a divorce filing that has several flaws. Don't you think this is all media frenzy talk for divorce when it fact it has grounds for dismal of faulty information? You can't file something and then go in later to sign it.

1945 days ago


Jon is a loser

1945 days ago

Kitty Holmes    

Why do you bother giving these money grabbing ..... the air-time. Get rid of them especially her.
She is just too much, she makes us all want to throw up. All she has is one thing on her mind and thats money.

Holmes family

1945 days ago


I can totally see where their marriage has busted. Jon & Kate plus 8...... this television show forgot about Jon & Kate and concentrated on Kate.... Like any other human being getting that much attention and $ changes a person, she changed. Jon probably saw this coming and wanted out. Not that I know them personally, but you could see unhappiness in him quite awhile ago. You could see Kate's happiness that life was changing and obviously she wanted it to. And, for all the people that are tired of hearing about...... you wrote in, so you must care. Sad but true this happens day in and day out in marriages. People do change with life whether we like it or not. This isnt about who was wrong this show changed them just like it does child stars, just like it does to you and me but we aren't on television. The more we get, the more we want, but dont forget our partners may not want it. Just something to think about......

1944 days ago


Hard to seperate reality from TV when you are on a reality TV show. Jon was probably always laid back and didn't care if Kate ran his life. Kate was the one that chased him, and she seems to have always made the decisions. Jon ,laid back, easy going, playful. Kate, take control, get it done, serious.They had a nice balance of personality until public opinion got involved. I wonder if the TV show provided them with a therapist. Divorce is a terrible thing to go thru even when you know it is the best thing for everyone involved. Divorce is like having a loved one pass away.

1943 days ago


Kate lies here, there, everywhere!

Run Jon Run! Take the Kids with You. Better yet-

Lock Kate Out next time She's out with Her "BODYguard"

TEAM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1942 days ago

some beach    

Noone is Picking on KATE!!! She made her bed being a control freak!! Now she has to deal with it!! So therefore to the one saying why do they always pick on the woman??? I guess if the shoe fits baby wear it!!!! GO JOHN Take the Kids and Run like the wind!! Don't let them take lessons from her on how to put everyone else down and prance around telling lies!! If U must know YES I am a Woman TOO!!!!

1937 days ago


I think no matter how she treated jon she deserve loyalty from him. because if he didn't like how he was being treated he should of filled for a divorce 10 years ago and not cheated on her to end the marriage. I don't think to wrongs make a right.
I think no matter what you need to finish one relashionship before you begin onether.

1933 days ago


So sick of the whole thing. What's ticking is their 15 minutes of fame.

1950 days ago

Hugh Gentry    

I would love to bone her then punch her in the back of her head

1950 days ago


Does anyone really even care anymore about these two? I watched the first year's episodes, but haven't watched since. These poor kids look so unhappy. Every picture you see of them in the "rag magazines" shows eight unhappy little faces. She's all about $$$$, he's moping around like a lost dog. Get a clue. Get a life, get a job.

1950 days ago


They always say- please respect our privacy in this difficult time in our lives...then go on their national TV show and talk about it. private my ass,Kate is looking forward to all the publicity.

1950 days ago


hmmmmmm bong hits anyone ..... hey whats going on with the roloffs ( big world little people ) they getting divoriced or forclosed on yet for rating?

1950 days ago

Hugh Jass    

After eight children she must have wide hips.

1950 days ago
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