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Kate Gosselin Rings in Her Divorce

6/23/2009 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A day after filing for divorce, a wedding ring-clad Kate Gosselin was all smiles as she filled up her tank in PA on Tuesday.


Perhaps Kate was just happy because she covered up her chunk-striped, bi-level porcupine reverse mullet weave.


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R.J. Johnson    

She bores me!!!

1914 days ago


She can't take off that ring. A tan line would mar her exquisite, plastic beauty.

1914 days ago


She seems awfully happy. I guess this could be the opening for yet a new show Kate on a Date! LOL Poor John, seems like he was saddled with too much too soon and she always dominated him, talked down to him.. never treated him as an equal in the marriage from I saw of the show. Now he is going to be saddled with endless years of child support and catering to Kate's whims when it comes to visitations and such.

1914 days ago

Texas HoldEm    

Ha Ha Sinking Springs city divorce filed....what a fitting
name.....hope the Spring dries up with the tv show & book deals....Ha

Hey Weather Bug, I have the answer why California is experiencing a cold
spell and its not due to Global Warning....It's the FRIGID "I love myself more than my kids" Kate......

Hope Jon's getting laid many times a day...poor thing it's a wonder
he didn't freeze to death

1914 days ago


i'd still wreck that can

1914 days ago


I do agree with several of the comments. First I really didn’t start watching this show until I saw all of the news about the couple. I started to watch it to see what all the talk was about. Since I started watching I have seen some of the very old shows, and of course the new ones. The kids are so very cute, and I felt like many people do that Kate really was a very loud and bossy person. It seemed like she really pushed Jon around and really always wanted her own way. However, since I have watched the final episode I have somewhat of a different feeling for Kate. We really don’t know what went on behind the scenes. It seems that Jon, by his own admission last night, really didn’t stand on his own two feet. After all if you think about it, Kate had to be that way when Jon met her. Granted with eight kids you do have to become a stronger more assertive person; however I feel that Kate’s personality is so strong that she had to be that way when they met.

I have to give Kate a lot of credit. I too am divorced, however I only had one child to raise. I know how hard and very emotionally painful a divorce is. To be in the public eye, with everybody watching every move, it has to be doubly hard. I do not believe any of the rumors that Kate has been having an affair. Think about it, when would she ever find time to have an affair. On the other hand though, I do believe that it is possible Jon has. I think that in the upcoming months we will see more of Jon running around playing the single guy then we will Kate. After as he said last night he is excited!!

All in all I do feel very sorry for all of them.

1914 days ago


This is really SAD! I can't believe how SELFISH these two are being. Marriage is taken too lightly these days. My parents and grandparents would have NEVER even considered divorce for such FOOLISH reasoning! He was seen with another woman......BIG WHOOP! WHO CARES! Noone has confirmed that he had an affair with the other woman. Couples need to make their children the PRIORITY and stop being so damn selfish! When you get married you take vows to stay together through the good and the bad. People are WEAK and the moment their perfect little worlds are rocked the least bit they are running for the door! Marriage is WORK and it is not EASY but when you love one another, your children and more importantly GOD you forgive and keep working at it. The children will be the ones suffering while both parents are out seeking only GOD knows what it is that they are looking for when what they are looking for they have already found in each other if they would just GROW UP and DEAL WITH their issues!

1914 days ago



1914 days ago


chris - you fell for the poor me kate . . . . she's been a bitch thus far, she feels the need to soften her image, she's playin' victim
kates screwing around in her house/hotel behind closed doors - she's always off doing book signings and speaking engagements, she's got plenty time away from those kids
jon could give a crap, he feels he deserves it, he's done
they probably got more that you, why feel sorry for them? they chose this route for their family

1914 days ago


Her pick the show over her marriage??? Are you people stupid??? Jon has been cheating on his wife and embarassing his family. He was like having one more kid. It should have been Kate plus 9!!!!!
Jon is walking around feeling sorry for himself. GROW UP!!! You quit your job, enjoyed all the free toys a man could want, and screwed around on your wife..


1914 days ago

Oh pleez    

Kate "deserves America's support"? What freak world do you live in? Why should I support a woman who has been given everything on a silver platter, and gave up her marriage for it? You're high.

But if June Cleaver represented the passive, repressed, housebound, 1950's mom, what does Kate represent with her large brood, constant kvetching, passive-aggressive husband and control issues? Isn't she the paragon of motherhood today, and WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT US?"

1914 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Wow! With a hat on she looks like a normal person!

1914 days ago

Oh pleez    

All of you defending Kate: You fell for it.

Seriously, Kate should get an Emmy for her performance. All of you women who fall for it make all women look bad. Kate is as responsible for the failure of the marriage as Jon is. Jon cheated because Kate didn't do her job, and neither can communicate.

Kate blamed everything on Jon, claims me, me, me - MY kids and I, I, I.

Seriously, you're all suckers.

1914 days ago


Kate, you are 1 thrift store away from the perfect "Bag Lady" Look!

Steve out of town?

1914 days ago

polly purebred    

So, when and how will they shoot a new "intro" for the show? Certainly that "it might be a crazy life, but it's OUR life" won't work anymore.

These two have really hit bottom. Announcing your divorce on national TV, a permanent record so your children, who come first, will never forget. And, I'm done with TLC altogether. The fact that they profit from this family falling apart, continued to film it and air it while it was happening, should be criminal. I can't see myself buying any sponsors products either. If everyone wants to do something for those kids, stop buying the advertised products. Cancel your Statefarm policy, and get one from another company. Nothing will change unless you hit them where it hurts.

1914 days ago
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