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Perez Puncher on Probation

6/24/2009 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perez HiltonThe Black Eyed Pea manager who allegedly socked Perez Hilton could be on his way to jail ... because dude is on probation for a DUI.

Polo Molina was busted for 2006 DUI in Orange County -- he was convicted on April 30, 2007 and placed on 3 years probation.

The D.A. could move to violate his probation and he could end up in the slammer for 6 months.


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I support Perez here. Will I Am is a crybaby whiner who was asking Perez to alter the way he does his job to suit his whineybaby agenda. These awful people resorted to using VIOLENCE on Perez, I don't care WHAT Perez said, he wasn't hurting anyone, he was in the midst of a heated exchange about something that he shouldn't have had to deal anyway! These LOSERS think they can just go around slugging people who don't bow to their celebrity HIGHNESSES, or who disagree with them, I say GO PEREZ!!!! You were NOT the wrong one here. I'm SO SICK of the overkill of political correctness in this country. Perez used a word. GET OVER IT!!! You are no better than him, none of you.

Just pay notice, Perez, that it is those exact people, like GLAAD, and like the left-wing liberals, who demand the most understanding and tolerance from others, yet judge the harshest and kick you the hardest when you're down. They are turncoats.

1949 days ago


It is absolute GARBAGE that Perez was assaulted and now HE is the one being attacked by the "do-gooders" of society like GLAAD!!! They should MAYBE set their priorities straight and realize that PHYSICAL ASSAULT is far worse than hurling a slur during an argument! GET OVER YOURSELVES GLAAD!!!! We are all SICK of you shoving your agenda down all of our throats. I am a right wing Christian and I support Perez 100% on this issue, and I believe that he really didn't do anything wrong enough to deserve ANY scrutiny. Why don't all you people, in the media, message posts, and otherwise, stop villainizing Perez and go after these THUGS who call themselves The Black Eyed Peas, who think that if the whole world doesn't bow to them, they are entitled to resort to VIOLENCE!!!!!

1949 days ago


one day, if i decide to go around calling guys f*ggots or other girls dy**s, i’d expect nothing less than a beat down. words are powerful things, how do you think fights get started? if you can’t handle the responsibility of using words (without hurting people), then shut the f***up.

1949 days ago

you must stupid    

Give this dude a freakin' medal!!!! Mario deserved much worse than a little silly bitch slap. I don't think karma is done yet with this hate mongering fool!!!! Go get 'em karma!!!!!

1949 days ago


He should have shoved the CN Tower up the hypo(crit)'s ass. Base first.

1949 days ago


Yeah Right! There is no way this guy is going to jail for punching out Pigez. There are bigger offenders than Polo.

1949 days ago


I think Perez would enjoy jail more...fudge packer.

1949 days ago


Give him an immediate pardon for all offenses for this brilliant deed for humanity and against the kind of crap the perrez hilton exudes in a foul smell for a large distance around him.

1949 days ago
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