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Lambert's Old Label -- We Got It in Writing!

6/25/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert claims the album he recorded pre-"Idol" was nothing more than him singing someone else's songs -- but that just isn't true.

Adam Lambert Click to view!

We've obtained an internal memo from two divisions of Adam's old label, which clearly lists Lambert as the co-writer on nine of the 11 tracks on the album.

Lambert's new handlers released a statement on his behalf this week condemning the album, which said: "I was hired as a studio singer to lend my vocals to tracks written by someone else ... I was broke at the time and this was my chance to make a few bucks."

Ironically -- or not -- one of the tracks Lambert co-wrote is called "15 Minutes of Fame."


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It really sounds like his new record label is trying to take over, I mean, if he had a contract and recorded these songs before American Idol, it was going to be released at some point right?

Anyway, as a big Glambert (yes, it's true) I want to hear these songs, especially since I hear he actually wrote them. That is pretty unique for alot of artists. So Adam, let them release it! It's good for your career and good for your fans!

1914 days ago


Over the past few years, Adam co-wrote songs & worked on demos for them-they were not intended to be heard by the public. Adam never even knew the album was being released of these old demos until he heard it in the press. Does that tell you anything about HiFi who is releasing the album? Hi Fi even titled the album=The Show goes On-deliberately to mislead the public.. Hi fi is about one thing -Like maybe greed and sleezy business practices. Sure looks like it in every way for even an idiot can understand. Adam's official album, his current style of music he has moved into, and his songs created in such a way with intention to be released will be due in the Fall by 19Recording/RCA. It is untitled.

1913 days ago


Adam, Adam, Adam, your are the new up and coming Rock God, New Artist, and a World Wide Star as Simon said. I want to hear all of your music. Before Idol and After Idol. Do not feel like this was you were just earning a few bucks. It was all part of the learning and developing process that made you the star that you are today and will be in the future. You are outstanding as a musician. I cannot wait to see what you will come up with. Remember your prior works are all Adam's development and growing process. We Glambert Fans love you just the way you are. You have a wonderful family and you are such a humble person. Stay the way you are and just grow in your musical vocal development and on stage artistry. Stay close to your family. Your mom and dad have a good business head. Move onward and upward my friend. We love you for all of your before AI and after AI performances and wonderful talent. Watch ut for the wolves - keep them away from the door. We never want to lose you. Go forward. You Rock Adam.

1913 days ago


its so funny that everyone that is in American Idol has some type of Music skill or some type of music stardom already started before going on the show, they need to start having legit people that dont have any experience, isnt that the point of the show?

1911 days ago


UM who cares does it really matter I LOVE HIM!!!

1907 days ago


TMZ just put this up to annoy adam lambert fans and get attention. do you notice whenever they insult Adam that its one of the most commented posts here? (except for michael jackson of course). TMZ just wants drama. and they're not gonna get it by saying something nice.
his 15 minutes of fame has lasted pretty long considering he hasn't even put out a record yet. impressive. he'll always be controversial/talked about and he's got the talent so I'm very sure his fame can only go up from here.

1906 days ago


"Adam co-wrote songs & worked on demos for them-they were not intended to be heard by the public."

Then why would a struggling artist do these demos if they were never intended to be heard by the public? Sounds kind of dumb to me. Isn't it optimal that these would be heard to give a struggling artist some exposure and some revenue? His logic is flawed and he's just trying to deflect his dishonesty. If he was dishonest or "forgot" about it, though I would find that hard to believe, then he should have been disqualified but he kept his mouth shut about it. Surely, he must have known that this would come out eventually.

"And to all those saying he was ineligible - nonsense, many idols have had previous recording contracts - David Cook for example - and many have albums out already - Kris Allen.... "

If indeed Adam was signed, which I believe he was, then he violated the terms imposed by A.I. for contestants. Surely, he didn't forget about it, having occured a few months prior to the auditions, He should have produced that contract to A.I. producers to see if it was a really a "contract." How would A.I. know about it if Adam kept his mouth shut about it. It isn't like the A.I. producers could access some database or google it. They shouldn't have to do anything. He signed onto A.I. and no doubt the agreement he signed clearly spelled out the restrictions.

David Cook WAS NEVER SIGNED NOR EVER UNDER CONTACT TO ANY LABEL. He did not plan to audition for A.I. and was only there to support his brother and this is public record. Cook produced an independent album on his own in 2006 called Analog Heart with most of the recording done in someone's house. He was about to put out another independent album prior to A.I. but when he inadvertently became a contestant, he did NOT release it. He could have released it because it was independent and was not "signed" to any label or anything, but he didn't. He didn't want any conflict. In addition, his first independent album which was available on, was pulled during the competiton and no longer available to purchase. As far as I know, Kris Allen was also never "under contract" and might have done some independent demos that he produced himself.

The only person who was under contract at some time was Carly Smithson, but her contract expired prior to her auditioning for A.I. and then it didn't sell even a thousand CDs. I am sure I heard that a couple of other Season 8 contestants had some singles out, which were independent also but none were under contract with any label or had any agreement with any managers prior to their becoming contestants on A.I.

How many other budding artists out there had a contract, which got them nowhere, didn't sell much, etc., who were not eligible to be contestants would have liked to have the exposure that A.I. gives but knew about the restrictions and followed the rules. Adam Lambert was taking care of himself and I guess he figured he had nothing to lose. What are they going to do about it now? It's too late because he managed to get to be the runner-up. I bet if this came out earlier when he wasn't in top 12, they would have disqualified him.

1898 days ago

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First bitches

1916 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

Perez gave my friend genital warts last year

1916 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Something smells fishy here... and you know it's not Lambert's fingers.

1916 days ago


Do you even know what you're talking about tmz? Because I don't think you do.

1916 days ago


I think Adam Lambert is wonderful... He makes people happy with his music and his beautiful smile. He is not hurting anyone
so why do people have to investigate and investigate this poor guy about everything. Is he gay? Is he not gay? I think that was the most stupid news flash around the world I have ever heard. I don't care one bit about this record label controversy... Idol is over and Adam can sing and dance and entertain his little heart out and I will enjoy every moment of it... smiling...

1916 days ago

Michael G.    

Adam sang well, give him his credit. We all have things in the past we wish to remember so let it be.

1916 days ago


50% could mean a verse not necessarily half of the whole song!
and #3 funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1916 days ago


that song's not listed in the national reg, of songs as his why do you have to Keep up they lying - is HiFi paying you? Funny - album releases are usually "promoted", not "defended" - I guess LoFi YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG

1916 days ago
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