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Corey Feldman: Man in the Mirror

6/26/2009 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paying homage to his childhood pal, Corey Feldman showed up in classic Michael Jackson garb to "Larry King Live" on Thursday.


Even though their friendship ended in 2001, the 37-year-old still considered Michael his "idol" and a "role model."


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Is that a Coke in his hand?? MJ would be SOOOOOOOO disappointed!!!! AHHH My HAIR!!!!LOL

1953 days ago


Hasn't spoken to him in years & one of the first front & center on $ucking career...& needs to jump in front of the camera...

1953 days ago

Dr. DMgemini63    

14. I wish people would be more respectful to Corey. Judging by all of the stripes on the sleeves of his jacket he is clearly a high ranking military officer of sorts.
most likely would beat his ass and take the jactet off.

1953 days ago

Dr. DMgemini63    

Soldiers drink Patz blue ribbon beer in training then anything but soda on active duty. Lock his ass in the brigg.

1953 days ago


Gee, Corey... nothing like making it look like it's all about you! You "supposed" friend just dies and you mock him by dressing like him. Believe me, it wasn't a tribute, it was just... odd...

1953 days ago


Are you KIDDING ME! You're 37, grow up!

1953 days ago


What a PUKE!! This guy is just looking to garner attention to himself. He is such a famewhore who thinks he is more important than he actually is. Im usually not this harsh with people but this guy grates my nerves. He is not friends with him and a simple statement would have been enough. Show some class like Paul McCartney (who we all know warred with MJ) but he gave a simple statement that was classy. This guy, Feldman, is a no talent, famewhoring, jerk who wants nothing more than to use his past "friendship" with MJ as a means to put himself in the spotlight because otherwise no one wants to see him period. I don't want to see him now. He totally, totally disgusts me!!!! WHAT A PUKE COREY FELDMAN IS!!!

1953 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

He also dressed up like Ed McMahon a few days earlier so cut him some slack.

1953 days ago

Harvey Lee Roth    

WORST actor of all time!

1953 days ago


Corey Feldman = pathetic loser.
he was friends with Michael when he was a kid. the second he hit puberty Michael dumped him like a bad habit .
Corey's 15 minutes are long over. and now that Jackson is dead he is trying to use it to get back on TV???? LOL sad!

Corey Feldman you need to go find a job you are a Z lister if there is such a thing.

1953 days ago


i knew Feldman and haim .both over inflated losers.
but Feldman is by far the biggest over inflated loser around.

1953 days ago


Still riding Michael's coat tails I see. He's a loser. I give it 3 months tops before he comes out public with whatever Michael and him were feuding about. He's gonna ride this like Zorro !

1953 days ago

Kevy kev    

Face it, MJ thought Corey Haim was the hotter lay.

1953 days ago


Who invited Corey Feldman on Larry King Live, as I think they were the ones trying to get some dirt on Michael before his body was in the ground. Corey had to have been paid to make such an ass out of him self, but then I did see his show once so much for black balling your self. I am a fan of Michael's who thinks he was a true genius

1953 days ago


A 1 A hole!!!

1953 days ago
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