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Jackson Family --

Demerol Shot Caused Death

6/26/2009 10:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson demerol shotA close member of Michael Jackson's family has told us Jackson received a daily injection of a synthetic narcotic similar to morphine -- Demerol -- and yesterday he received a shot at 11:30 AM.

Family members are saying the dosage was "too much" and that's what caused his death.

Story developing ...

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i am saddend by the news im hearing ........ life is so little and michael jackson was so oustanding and talented....i cant bleive this has happened ...i love you michael you will always be the are number one........ r.i.p because you will truly be missed from around th world the whole... your music was fatastic and again michael you will truly truly be missed. this news has broke my heart

1909 days ago

Barbara G    

Michael J you were loved! My children grew up with you and so therefore, so did I. I will never forget the night you walked on stage and did the moon walk. Who wasn't glued to the set that night. Even the older generation could tap their feet to your music. May you rest in the peace of music because as you always thought us "music can bring the world together" .

As for you family I hope the public gives them the respect and peace that they will need to take care of what must be a very painful time in their life!

1909 days ago


There are some people who need to keep their nasty comments to themselves and others like them at this VERY SAD time. Michael Jackson was and always will be one of the greatest if not the greatest entertainers of all time. I remember when the Jackson Five hit the airwaves in the 70's my friends and I were infatuated with their music and Michael, they were awesome. Michael's solo career will NEVER be one upped by anybody else. He could sing, dance, dress and perform like nothing we will ever see again! I know that he had issues in his personal life but who doesn't? He was a little strange in his lifesyle and the way he looked, but none of that can change the fact that he was the KING OF POP!!!! and he always will be. I will never forget you Michael keep on keepin on brother and i'll see you in the next life.My sympathies to your children and family. RIP from a huge fan in Louisiana!

1909 days ago


I agree it is sad when someone dies, (anyone), and I certainly feel for the family. BUT, Why on earth are we all blindly acting like he was some sort of god! He molested children, so that makes him a child molester like any other person that does that. It amazes me that because someone wrote and sang great songs a LONG LONG time ago, I might add, that it makes him exempt from the law. Even worse, that they claim "The world" mourns his death. Speak for yourself!!

1909 days ago


It's a shame when a person like Michael dies so young, his a legend and will live for ever. Now he is at peace, the heavens are happy, now they get to experience what we had here on earth. R.I.P. Michael

1909 days ago


There is a well-informed, although highly technical discussion of the possible effects of Demerol in cardiac arrest at this site:

1909 days ago


some one needs to find that dr it just is not making any sence he was fine before 11:30am yesterday and then he gets the shot.... i smell a malpractice lawsuit... Michael is and was the best he had his moments and the world hurt him....

he is a great singer, dancer i do hope in pray that he is up there with my mother looking down...

he will be missed we lost bernie isaac gerald they were all entertainers and they will be missed but Micheal was one of a kind I feel as if I had lost a family member i really can not except that he gone.. he will be missed and the family i pray for i hope that this will make all the arguing go away and hope that they all help each in this time of need.

God wanted his angel Michael Joseph Jackson 1958- 2009

just does not seem right...

and people instead of drawing bad stuff focus on the good you know he was big if you can have the president send his regards.

god bless you jackson family i will pray that god will get you through this.

1909 days ago


It wasn't the Demerol alone. Too much high end doctoring. He'd have been better off getting a naturopath and psychologist to get him clean.

1909 days ago


I would like to know who took the picture of Michael getting worked on when it all happened and then profited from his death. This person should be fired and arrested for endangerment to a patient. They had no authority to say he was dead so they should have used there time to save him instead of taking unauthorized pictures

1909 days ago


He had a great natural gift -- and he *wasted* it all in a carnival of bizarre behavior that will forever stain his name. Saddest of all is that he was a pedophile -- an aggressive, subtle seducer of trusting male children. That, as much as his musical gifts, will be his legacy. Forever.

1909 days ago

please dont judge    

Remember the human being and all the help he did .we as people should not judge him may he rest in peace and forever be in gods hands . let god judge him not you ,so rest in peace micheal

1909 days ago


I grew up with THE JACKSON 5.....american banstand ed sullivan, this was truely an amazing group, those kids should not end up with his mother, especially seeing how abusive his father was, if those kids aren't damaged now they will be by the time they grow up..DEEPEST SYMPATHIES TO HIS CHILDREN AND HIS FAMILY

1909 days ago

Tina Marie    

i love you Michael. You were, and always will be my Idol///RIP The King Of POP

1909 days ago


rest in peace Michael Jackson luv Michelle. my thoughts and prayers are with ur family and fans .

1909 days ago

valerie pittman    

Will miss mj,but have to wonder how he would feel knowing that his life that he hid so well will now all be made public,for the world to see and judge him by.May you rest in peace MJ.

1909 days ago
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