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Jackson's Doc -- I Am Not Responsible

6/27/2009 3:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray -- the personal physician to Michael Jackson -- is certain he is in no way responsible for the death of Jackson.

dr conrad murry

TMZ spoke with one of Murray's lawyers who told us Dr. Murray will meet with the LAPD today at 4:00 PM. Murray's lawyer, Matt Alford, says Murray is NOT considered by cops to be a suspect, and at this point it is not a criminal investigation.

Alford tells us cops want Dr. Murray to help piece together a timeline of the day's events.


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It has already been reported that MJ had been getting these demerol injections for years.
This Doctor had only been hired 1 month ago..

Someone had been giving the shots and all the meds for a long time.
It is also reported that there were A LOT of Meds ( pills ) written to Other People
that MJ had and was taking. Why was this...
This Sounds Just like the Doc that Elvis had and the Doc in Florida
who was giving 1000's of pain pills and xanax to wrestlers , they a lot of whom have passed...

1943 days ago

Oliver Stone    

This doctor is in a world of trouble... The coroner will be able to determine the time of death. If it turns out Michael had been dead an hour before the EMTs arrived this Dr. has some major explaining to do. In California, normally the physician present declares death, not the coroner. This explains why the Dr. so adamently kept having everyone try to revive him. The family has made a wise decision in performing a second autopsy. What is startling are the reports that Michael actually was in fairly good shape. I have a feeling once this is all said in done some heads are going to roll, both the Dr's and the studio's. Remember AEG contacted this Dr. to whip Michael into shape with painkillers. He would have been better off going with an NBA or NFL doctor.

1943 days ago


LD ,,, It is a shame there is so much that is being said that is Hard to hear, No one can Change the truth, You might be reading it here..

God Has Been Watching all Along,,,,even you.

MJ was a big star for sure coming close to Elvis, it seems He followed the same path as Elvis.
This is sad...

1943 days ago


I'm afraid that Dr Murray has a LOT to do with Michael Jackson's death !!! This Doctor, who DOES NOT have a license to practice medicine, in the State of California, was giving Michael injections, and medications. He realized that he was in a lot of trouble, and that is why he took off. He should NOT have been treating Michael at all !!!!!

1943 days ago


That Dr. Conrad knew MJ had multiple bottles of pills. He knew injecting Demerol into someone taking Vicodin, & Dilaudid, narcotics, and Soma a muscle relaxant could be LETHAL. This doctor has rocks in his head! This is criminally neglegent homicide! OR
MAYBE that AEG promoter made the decision to MURDER MJ because they could collect on the insurance! Maybe AEG thought MJ would be worth more DEAD than alive!
I hope they leave no stone unturned in this investigation.

1943 days ago


It is sad,,,

But I think that Michael had a lot to do with Michal's death..

His Lawyer and Family had tried for years to get Him to stop taking all the pain meds, it is also
reported that He has been in Rehab more than once over the years. So A Doctor or many Doctors had
a lot to do with MJs death. The real Blame can Only be put on Michael Him Self.. Sorry, But the Truth Hurts sometimes.

1943 days ago

Oliver Stone    

You live by the injection, you die by the injection.

1943 days ago


if this so called doctor is innocent why the big lawyer up

hes guilty and hes scared to answer questions without lawyers representing him present while cops interrogate him

he should be charged and throw away the key

electric chair will do for him

1943 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

I find it interesting the letter that TMZ has posted regarding this doctor's Las Vegas practice dated 15 June-- as well as the 911 tape stating that Michael was still on the bed while this doctor was performing CPR. Based on the picture I've seen of this doctor and Michael's estimated height 5'11 (or 10") and weight between 110-125 lbs, that this doctor alone could not lift him to the floor, or with other people present (such as the 911 caller). Hmmmmmmm. I think Biran Oxman's credibility is somewhat suspect, but when he said "where there's smoke there's fire".... I think he might be on to something.

1943 days ago

to little    

The Families 5 minutes of grieving was up along time ago. Now they are in "Capitalism" mode like the blood sucking trash the family and even the media are.

MJ is dead which is a good thing as he can no longer force little boys to sleep with him, while giving them wine and stroking them. Amen for that.

1943 days ago

Mistress DuPree    

Michael was a long, term drug addict. Getting whatever drugs, he wanted
& when. If it had not, been this doctor. There would have been, another.

He was famous, rich & got, what ever he wanted.

Don't blame, this doctor.

Michael was an, controlling Diva. Who crave drugs so badly.

Had his doctor, living with him.

1943 days ago


This DR should have had the decency to look Michael's mother, father and family members in the eyes and telling them what happened instead of running like a Rat!

1943 days ago


This individual should be arrested immediately; not just for not knowing that mixing medications can be deadly BUT not knowing such basic medical aid like CPR that he performed on the bed when the patient should be on the floor is a crime in itself. He should be taken into custody and prosecuted to the full extent of the Law. This negligent and deadly behavior towards an innocent human being should be taken very seriously towards all those immoral criminal Doctors that are practicing now in La and taking advantage of innocent people resulting in killing them. Please, City Attorney of La, be brave, courageous and just to prosecute this doctor. Please restore our faith to prevent this kind of crime from happening again.

1943 days ago

to little    

You MJ fans are ignorant. Your all just now worried about whats best for his children? Get fing real, your fears are years to late, and they haven't had a normal life since they have been with MJ.

The Jackson's shouldn't get the children. And are you that ignorant to not understand the Jackson family has been after Michael's money for years. They want those kids because they see dollar signs just like their birth mother.

I have come to believe people who support MJ are the same people who are responsible for the terrible state of our society. You might as well wear a shirt that says "pro pedophile".

1943 days ago
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