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Michael Jackson's Demerol Tonic

6/27/2009 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson had a habit of getting Demerol injections -- he even had a special name for them.

We're told Jackson called it "health tonic." He would have a doctor inject him because, we're told, he didn't like needles.

Our sources have told us Jackson was injected with Demerol at 11:30 AM the day he died. Shortly thereafter Jackson went into cardiac arrest.

You'll recall, Jackson also had a name for wine -- Jesus juice.


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You'll recall, Jackson also had a name for wine -- Jesus juice. TMZ, shame on you. Never coming back after that remark.
Please let Michael Jackson R.I.P.

1911 days ago

Jesus juice    

NOPE..he used me to get little kidd g'd he voulf hav hd way wit fs younguns

1911 days ago

Jesus juice    

THAT'D be ME.............chek de oder posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1911 days ago


what a good excuse anyway! "I got tipsy from jesus blood" :p

1911 days ago


wow tmz, can you lay off the jokes, have some respect it's only been less than 2 days!!!!!!!!! he was a human being and it discusts me that people are saying such cruel things on here about him....yes, he has had his fair share of scandals but he IS GONE. leave the man alone-he has children and a devastated family, how would you like it if someone wrote tasteless jokes on the web about a deceased relative!!!! he was a fantastic artist, none the less-----just let him be and remember his music that brought so much joy to people! have a heart tmz reader's!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. Michael

1911 days ago


I will buy Michael Jackson's bones, to display in my traveling freak show, just like when MJ bought the elephant man's bones. I will display both sets of bones side by side in my circus. Two freaks.

1911 days ago

Jesus juice    

Oh.........F odd Sob...............lighten up...we are celebrating the death of a f'd up child molester. Jesus..(oh, that's me) get a handle on it!!! (And tip the bartender--the econmy's badddddddd)

1911 days ago


I mean come on people this is Michael Jackson we are talking about, "The KING OF POP". It seems like more people are thinking about the brand new jokes that can be said than the reality of Michael Jackson is DEAD. He isn't coming back. Although we have all had a good laugh at his exspense he is still a human being and a LEGEND. He was befor his time !
R.I.P Michael Jackson

1911 days ago

Jesus juice    

Rup...u can count me inn....I'll supply the juice..............afterall.........I'm Jesus. Hey do negoroes believe in Jesusu anyway??? Or is it the Allah dude? Maybe I nned to change my name to Allah Koolaid or smthing???

1911 days ago

Jesus juice    

OK....easier for you folk to unnerstand

1911 days ago


WHATEVER TMZ!!! Can't you just put aside you're sarcastic nature and just focus on the guy's talent? He was a living icon! I remember my baby dancing, snapping her little fingers and singing to his music! That was the 80s! That was my meory of the 80s which was Michael Jakcson and the Miami Vice Days! PLEASE alllow us to livei it in peace.

1911 days ago


wow tmz just wow..
when will you learn....
Your taking swipes at him already
damnn you guys are so so so shalow.. you can put post up of talentless megan fox and praise her for showing her ass
but you can't giive respect to a legend ..whoever made this post should be shot

1911 days ago

Jesus juice    

Yo........NBC...........WTF was THAT? Not good not good...keep trying G

1911 days ago


It's true, he called wine Jesus Juice. Never heard of the health tonic. That's too ironic

1911 days ago

Jesus juice    

Hummmm NBC..u b having some "techical difficulties ic"

1911 days ago
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