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Michael Jackson's Demerol Tonic

6/27/2009 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson had a habit of getting Demerol injections -- he even had a special name for them.

We're told Jackson called it "health tonic." He would have a doctor inject him because, we're told, he didn't like needles.

Our sources have told us Jackson was injected with Demerol at 11:30 AM the day he died. Shortly thereafter Jackson went into cardiac arrest.

You'll recall, Jackson also had a name for wine -- Jesus juice.


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For me Michael Jackson isn't died, he is alive..i don't want to belive that he is died...he is my hero and i love his forever because he is sweet and nice and he is all for me...
by desperate girl without Michael J.

1952 days ago


plus the doc said he was performing cpr on the bed ... wtf ?? needs to get back to med school!

1952 days ago


Now it's gonna be a bad thriller.
RIP from a french fan.

1952 days ago


Absolutely inappropriate for TMZ to bring up Michael Jackson's Jesus juice. There is a time and place for all things and two days after his passing is not the time. How completely rude can you be. Irregardless of what may have happened in Michael's past he was an ICON, father, and king. He was the world's most popular man. Respect someone in their death and let the man have some peace. How could you?! I must say you have lost a fan of TMZ. I know it might not mean much to you, but it was completely wrong what you did and you should be ashamed. Peace out TMZ!!!

1952 days ago

Linda Mott    

I told my sisters and niece about Michael's death before anyone but TMZ had released it to the public. I am older than they are by 16 years so I was saddened but it didn't have the same effect to me as it did to them. They treated it like we did when John Lennon and Elvis died. This was an avoidable death. I am terminally ill and I get very angry when someone throws away or allows someone to throw away their lives. He was in pain in both his emotionally and physical life. What a terrible shame.

1952 days ago


I love Michael Jackson and want to celebrate his life like all of his fans globally. In my heart I never believed he molested children when he went through all of that chaos. I also believe the parents of those children wanted to get money and they did. Just like Michael said, he got tired of all the things that were said so he paid just so it would stop. I get angry about the news media interviewing people that had beef with him. I agree with Usher, this is not the time for negativity and his fans want to hear the good things that Michael has done and created. . How can anyone cast a stone at him when there are secrets in everyone closets or should I say bedroom. TMZ I can say that I like the way y’all conducted yourself by saying, we will not comment unless we have the facts in our hands. If he did overdose on “Demerol”, his family should know about it first then if they want to release it to his fans, then so be it. I’m in pain everyday but refuses to take oxycodone. I’m honored to see this musical genius in my lifetime as well as Elvis and the Beatles. I grew up on Michael Jackson’s music. I myself don’t believe everything that is mostly said out there because I’m more of a visual person. I didn’t believe Tupac was dead until I seen his mother say the words. It was hard for me to believe Michael is dead until I hear the words from Germaine Jackson. I just hope to God the news media will leave his children alone and give them their privacy and some space. Let them grieve in private. My goodness I know he is musical icon but we always preach about protecting children. Can we please just protect these children? They have gone through so much already with all the insanity of past charges against their father. As a fan please respect the family wishes. BUT who am I right? Not only am I a fan, I’m a survivor of child rape/abuse.

1952 days ago


Demerol will really mess you up. You have to be in real pain to even want to take it.

1952 days ago

RastreadoreS de ImpurezaS    

Fica com os Deuses Michael.

1952 days ago


Why all this fuss for a mediocre talent who was a child molester and junkie.

Will Gary Glitter get the same treated when he shuffles off this mortal coil.

At the NY Times site they had a vote for you favorite MJ song and you could listen to short samples:

Result: All eight songs sounded the same to me, with jibberish pop lyrics!

1952 days ago


Like I said somewhere else, Michael had a death wish of some sort, and hired this doc in particular (The kevorkian of 2009), or else it was just gross negligence on the part of the doc as well, in that CPR was done incorrectly on a soft bed, no defibrillator available, took way too long after cardiac arrest for 911 to be called, and to make it to the UCLA ER, just minutes away. And, given that the drug in question and being speculated about is Demerol, the doc should have had the antidote for this drug, NARCAN, available, should his breathing slow to non-life sustaining levels, which they did. And, the doctor being absent, with no one knowing where he is, that seems pretty incriminating. Not to mention, demerol is NOT the drug to use for control of long term true pain, as demerol, if used for more than 2 hours consecutively, is likely to form toxic demerol metabolites known as nor-meperidine, which can be a cause of death on their own. I'm a nurse, I know more than that doc. He got his license out of a Cracker Jack Box. I hope he has fun at San Quentin or whereever he will end up.

1952 days ago


To Paula (comment #72).
You are absolutely right. Michael didn't even get a chance to be found unguilty. Still I have never believed all these rumors and incriminations, but some people did and do.
None of us were there, so everyone be respectful and reasonable.

1952 days ago

vietnam travel    

Dung la mot than tuong am nhac, dinh dam ca the gioi

1952 days ago

Joseph Dougal    

so nice to menation the tabloid crap

what has jesus juice got to do with it ??

shame on tmz, absolute disgrace but hey ho never trust a tabloid

1952 days ago

boogers (brampton)    

umm it wasnt his dr on the phone call with 911 it was someone else there with him , he clearly states the dr has been here with him and the 911 tells them to get him on the floor and you could hear the person telling the dr that.

1952 days ago


Finally, A TRUE JUDGEMENT DAY........... MAY GOD HAVE NO MERCY ON YOUR SOUL......... you sick FK!!!

1952 days ago
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