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Jackson Doctor's CPR Technique Explained

6/29/2009 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know why Dr. Conrad Murray administered CPR on Michael Jackson's bed, even though it's routinely performed on a hard surface -- it was a "firm bed."

Edward Chernoff: Click to watch
Murray's lawyer, Edward Chernoff, was on "GMA" this morning defending his client's actions after finding Michael unconscious in his bedroom.


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nup, i aint buying it. the docs full of bull****

1894 days ago


This so called doctor did not perform CPR. Now I used to be an EMT and certified in CPR and I do remember that the patient is to BE ON A VERY HARD surface such as a floor or put a short board/ long board under them. AND both hands are required for chest compressions unless it's an infant or a very small child. I doubt if Michael was that small. Since he was a "doctor" Michael should have been intubated.

1891 days ago


As to "flat-lined"....I actually WITNESSED my handicapped son's heart .."fLAT-LINING"! He was in ICU at the time....& a TEAM of medical PROFESSIONALS ...brought him back! It CAN be done...IF..there is SKILLED medical care .near by! IF the "DR" was in charge & RESPOSIBLE for Michael's life...WHY in GOD'S NAME...didn't THIS "DR". have it set up to have his room & IV EQUIPTMENT....MONITORED with ALARMS??!!
I also witnessed my handicapped infant daughter .FLAT-LINE ...because of medical staff malpractice....& I found HER..& ran & got the DR. out of the hall & threw him in her room! All they had was an AMBOO BAG....but it worked! It's HELL to witness this kind of thing....but you REACT! NOT play GOD!
I think Michael COULD have been SAVED! I ALSO think there are a NUMBER of people INVOLVED ..BIGTIME!
ALSO.WHY was there a clause in the contract with AEG .....that DIDN'T cover "natural death" on Michael....but did cover "drug overdose".for $17 MILLION DOLLARS???!! Hmm...& THIS man gave a "STELLAR" proformance the night BEFORE & PASSED a 4 HOUR medical test..2 months PRIOR???......UUUUH...I don't THINK SOOOOOOOO!.;(
Where there is MONEY......A LOT of it.......there will ALWAYS be....GREED = EVIL!
Let us NOT forget that the "good Dr. was OVER..$40,000.00 BEHIND in his own CHILD SUPPORT! Sounds like MONEY & LOTS of it was THIS "DR'S" AGENDA! Not his OWN CHILDREN......Much less..Michael's...........:(
I HOPE the autopsy will DEFINATELY PIN POINT the TIME of DEATH!! I think the "good Dr." will end up DEAD from "suicide"......??????I WONDER if HE has such a "clause" as AEG...??????

1880 days ago


At least one thing seems clear.

Michael didn't kill himself and he wasn't a looser like many newspapers and magazines wanted us to believe.

I hope, with all my heart that they can find everyone involved in killing Micheal soon.

I will always love and admire Michael Jackson.

1880 days ago


He s to blame. Why didnt he called the ambulance only after 55 minutes??????
If he saw he couldn t revive him why dfid he waited so long.
He desearve to be puted away so he cannot do to other people.

1879 days ago


if i was Dr Murray he should be put on tv every channel all over the world and spill the beans of what happened then tell us everything we want to know about his time with him.alsoget all dr murrays associates together and grill them.we cant have this he simply looked great on the stretcher no doubt about it

1878 days ago


Whatever happen the trust is about to reveal itself. The Doctor was there and now he is trying to cover things up. The children knows what happen and the Doctor probably told the older boy that his father was died. Micheal was very sad, but he should have not left his family out of his life. This shows that when famous family fight over money or fame someone always die alone. I pray for his family and hope that all his sins of this world is over and he is forgiven. I pray to God that his family will be protect from the nastyiness that people are saying and doing. Katherine 's faith will get them all throught this mess, so they need to turn to her for support and her God Jehovah. I will continue to pray for this family for peace and happiness. There is no on this earth who should be treated like Micheal has been treated. He is not a child molester and never been convicted of one. Did it ever occur that you all that the young boy was lying. Please think about your own family if you knew that they was innocent, but the world convicted them.

1876 days ago


As a licensed physican, YOU PERFORM CPR IMMEDIATELY BED OR NO bed!! In the hospital whena patient codes where do you think the doctors perform CPR!!! GET A CLUE AND CHECK THE FACTS...if you can move a patient great, if you are one person time is the most important factor....Im a bombshell and even I know this.

1873 days ago
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