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Michael Jackson -- Drugs Likely Cause of Death

6/29/2009 3:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonSources tell TMZ it increasingly looks like Michael Jackson died from a drug overdose.

We've already reported that Jackson got a Demerol injection the morning he died. We're told more than one drug may be involved.

The LAPD is still conducting an active investigation.


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Demerol? From where? The Doctor said he didn't give it to him AND HE GOT HIS LAWYER TELLING THE WORLD HE DIDN'T GIVE HIM ANYTHING? And Micheal didn't inject himself with it soooooooo....DID a MARTIAN VISIT? ET?

1920 days ago


What is right and what is wrong? On other sites I am reading that MJ's doctor didn't actually give him ANY injections on the day of his death, but TMZ keep saying he did?

1920 days ago


He stated that he had an addiction to painkillers publicly in the past.

1920 days ago


DUHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OF course!

1920 days ago


In some ways, Michael was a Christ-like figure, and the parallels are uncanny. Now before all the haters jump on board and say that Jesus never molested kids or abused drugs, look at the facts:

- born as child prodigies who lived remarkable childhoods
- Like Jesus's reception on Palm Sunday as he rode into Jerusalem, so too was Michael greeted with hysteria and worship during his peak years of Thriller, Bad and Dangerous.
- Just as Jesus was denied by Peter and betrayed by Judas, so too was Michael stabbed in the back by those closest to him. He was sold out and betrayed for profit by everyone from Jordan Chandler to his own sister LaToya.
- Jesus was eventually humbled, publicly humiliated and crucified in front of the world. So too was Michael dragged through the mud in the media, ridiculed by the public and eventually crucified after a series of lawsuits, court cases, enablers and parasites that all led to his decline and death.

God sent two angels who preached love, peace, world harmony and and end to racism, homophobia, hatred and disease. They asked for us all to stand together as one. And in return, both angels were taunted, betrayed and murdered by the very people they tried to save. They preached love and received nothing but hate.

Michael, you were too good for this world. When we listen to you now in interviews, we see that the reason so many hated you is because your innocence and genuine love for the world reminded us all of the jealousy, bitterness, paranoia, arrogance and selfishness that exists in ourselves. Rest in Peace.

1920 days ago


Let the man RIP. Does anyone know what the term acquitted means?

1920 days ago



1920 days ago

Glenda of Redondo    

Demoral is usually only administered after a very painful surgery--not for pain from back injuries, etc.

1920 days ago


As sad as this is there is hope that this could save someone else. Michael will still have an impact on people well after his death. We have lost an Icon and we are lucky to have lived in his era. RIP MJ

1920 days ago


I've read many posts pointing the blame at the doctor who was with him when he died. I know an individual (non celebrity) who is addicted to vicodin. She will try to get it from anywhere and everything. It is unbelievable what she will attempt. She is married with children. Okay, when someone has an addiction, the addiction comes first. They will try from many sources to get their fix. If he was an addict, he most likely got drugs from multiple sources. By his own statement, he had a prescription drug dependency.......It is sad but he was human like everyone else.........

1920 days ago


#1: Michael had been accused of molestation and was a victim of extortion by these accusers. Imagine Michael having to go about his daily life with these extortionists latching on to him and smearing his character?
#2: Michael had people working for him and latching on to his coattail just for the money. These greedy people wanted only one thing and that was to get his money at any cost, even watching him on a regular basis not taking care of himself. They did not care if he ate, if he took medications to try to survive all of these leeches. If their motive was not money, they would have addressed his health
#3: He was supposed to tour starting in July. Any sane person would know that a 50 year old cannot perform like a 20 or 30 year old. Michael had fractured a leg in the past and had back problems. How could anybody expect the poor man to moonwalk and dance as he did when he was younger? Again, all these people wanted was money and they wanted it at the expense of Michael Jackson. I believe Michael thought all of these people had his best interest at heart but it is obvious they did not.
I attribute his death to the above people. They should be ashamed and will have to answer for their deeds one day.

1920 days ago

MJ is ♥    

TMZ, your coverage is the BEST.
Thank you for keeping many of us, somewhat, in the loop.
Kisses to you TMZ.

1920 days ago


To IMO #2.. of course if it was John Smith next door we wouldn't care. John Smith next door wasn't a huge pop icon with an incredible talent. THAT is why we care so much. It's like losing a genious. Its bigger news.

1920 days ago


Er...what sources LOL after the autopsy post pardon my doubts. Is the tox screen back?
I think we all agree with 6 script bottles there is a good chance his demise was drug related however you have the Dr. stating he found the man with a pulse not breathing and did not call 911 but proceeded to try and revive a body with a pulse with CPR. Epic fail so although many stars have OD'd many have also been taken into the hospital to have life saving treatment performed instead of a one armed CPR and a little black bag.

1920 days ago


NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Tell me it ain't so!!!!!!!!!!!!

1920 days ago
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