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Cops Interested in Another Michael Jackson Doc

6/30/2009 2:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold KleinWe've learned the LAPD wants to talk to Michael Jackson's longtime dermatologist Arnold Klein about drugs he may have prescribed or given Michael Jackson.

We're told Klein has already gotten a lawyer but as far as we know the LAPD has not spoken with him.

Michael Jackson was seen repeatedly going in and out of Dr. Klein's Beverly Hills office in the months before he died.


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Wait a minute, didn't TMZ say MJ didn't expect Debbie Rowe to fight over custody? Clearly that was because she wasn't the mother so he thought she wouldn't do it. But what if she was concerned for the kids and SO WAS KLEIN and he wanted to get some access so she went for custody to he could be involved and the world would think she was doing it because she was the mother so it was reasonable that if anybody did it she would and Klein had promised to keep quiet and didn't want to break that agreement. Could be. Is as good a theory as any on why Debbie went for custody.

And who is the mother of the eggs? C'mon TMZ, bet you know. Is one of the Jacksons ? Nah, can't be. Jackson picked Klein, did he also pick a female close to him in some way? Huh? Huh?

1904 days ago


People on here can be so IGNORANT. Maybe you should look up photos of people suffering with VETILIGO (skin pigmentation disorder) & stop with the whole "SKIN BLEACHING THEORY". That theory is obviously untrue.

So ARNOLD KLEIN is the biological dad of the 2 older kids. Woooooow. I can believe it-- Because those kids dont look like they have a drop of black people blood in them. Debbie Rowe is also said to have only been a surrogate mother of the children. That means her dusty old eggs didn't work, so they used an unknown females eggs (most likely white--of course). So thats why she is not really coming foward to try & get the kids back, because she knows that BIOLOGICALLY they are not hers. The kids were conceived OUTSIDE the womb (IN VITRO). One thing is for sure, the biological father (Arnold Klein) may come foward to claim these kids...especially if the inherit some wealth from MJ. THAT will be a damn shame.

1904 days ago


As I said about Dr. Conrad Murray and I repeat about Dr. Arnold Klein: When it sounds like a canard and it smells like a canard and it feels like a canard; guess what, folks? It goes quack, quack. ... Bad, indeed!! RIP, MJ. And may all of MJ's enablers roast in hell. Amen.

1904 days ago


And who is the mother of the eggs? C'mon TMZ, bet you know. Is one of the Jacksons ? Nah, can't be. Jackson picked Klein, did he also pick a female close to him in some way? Huh? Huh?

Posted at 5:31PM on Jun 30th 2009 by Huh?


The identiy of the female persons "EGGS" is undisclosed--only listed as FEMALE DONOR ---with an ID number maybe, but never a name (vice versa for the woman that wants a sperm donor). People donate SPERM & EGGS for money sometimes. They may only reveal theie RACE, DESCRIPTION (hair color, eye color, height, weight), Their inteligence level, family history etc....But the IDENTITY is not REVEALED, even to the doctors. They are simply "TEST TUBE BABIES". You know how many doctors have used their own sperm rather than sperm bank sperm to make these test tube babies? There was a doctor in the news who got in trouble for doing that a while back. Rather than using the fathers/husbands sperm he injects his own. CRAAAZY! Unless you know a person WILLINGLY volunteering to give up their eggs or sperm, to come to the clinic with you. LOL!! Otherwise DONORS are just that EGG DONORS & SPERM DONORS.

1904 days ago


hopefully karma is gonna pay this major guy a visit.

1904 days ago


I know this man and he is one of the most generous, caring, charitable, loving people I have EVER met!!! Please stop jumping to conclusions. The cops probably want to talk to ALL of his current doctors to see what medications were prescribed. Seriously please stop trashing him. You never know what the real story is. Maybe he is the sperm donor and maybe he isn’t. Either way who cares???? Michael Jackson is still the only father those kids have ever known. There are so many reasons why this could have happened but IT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!!! You should all hope that one day you have a friend as kind as Dr. Klein. I stopped reading tabloids for years after the Jon-Benet scandal and I think the time is fast approaching again. It seems they will say and do anything for headlines, including trash innocent people.

1903 days ago


I had asked anyone here whether it was known that MJ had adopted his kids? Well, it's now reported that he had not. So.....if the derm doc is the s.p.e.r.m. donor can he lay claim not only to the kids now but also to $236 Million that MJ had IN assets at the time of his d.e.a.t.h. I would bet you, the derm doc is "letting" Rowe blab about who is the father of at least the two Rowe carried because she's looking to cash in with the derm doc if he takes it to court. She's just working behind the scenes so to speak.

1903 days ago


I don't think Michael had a drug problem. The Billioniare Club killed Michael. His enemies was his own CREW. I even don't believe the nanny, she might be paid off also. This is just like ANS. TMZ stay on all these guys

1903 days ago


Y E S !! Those kids look just like Miachaels dermatologist Dr. Klein. Boy, is this ever going to be a mess !!!!!!!!!!!! I just wonder WHY Michael did not want his very own bio kids. It does not make since. He could have passed his wonderful talent on to his very own kids !!!!

1903 days ago


I am SO DISGUSTED with JOE JACKSON! HE is SUCH a HEARTLESS BASTARD! He doesn't even ACT like he has lost a "SON"....more like a "CASH COW"! WHAT is WROOOOONG WITH HIM!??!! I will say this forever....after watching all of the facts come to surface....I DO believe that MJ WAS MURDERED! What especially retained CARDIOLOGIST...doesn't CARRY....a DEFIBULATOR....& OR an "AMBOO BAG"....??? With all of MJ's money & mansions...Wouldn't you THINK there would be CAMERAS.???? I do belive he was MURDERED ....LQQK at the facts.....HE IS NOOOOW..A WORLDWIDE HEADLINER! AAANYTHING RELATED to "MJ" NOW.....GOOOLD! HE is NOW A GOOOOLD MINE! NOW..WHOOOO PROFITS??! HIS PARENTS!! AGAAAIN! OOOH GOD! I hope the children...cant...SING!
MURDER.......YES...he's NOW worth MORE..DEAD than ALIVE!

1903 days ago


It doesn't take a PhD to figure out that these kids weren't Michael's. Anyone who have eyes can see that. The oldest boy does look like this man.

1903 days ago


Come off of it James, I think you imagination is running wild!!!

1903 days ago


Uhm , TMZ , michael goes to arnold kleins house alot , true. but it was said on cnn that arnold klein is the biological father of his 2 oldest children. wouldnt michael go see him alot ? and i still beilieve the kids are michaels no matter what. but ye..

1891 days ago
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