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Michael's Doc Won't Attend Funeral

6/30/2009 6:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's doctor -- the one who didn't call 911 for 30 minutes after finding MJ unconscious -- won't be attending his funeral, this according to the doc's rep.

We're told Dr. Conrad Murray hasn't been watching the media coverage and has been "isolating himself" from the public. Also, Murray hasn't spoken with the Jackson family since he saw them at the hospital on the day Michael died.

Murray's rep said he's skipping the funeral to "mourn privately for the death of his friend."


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Guessing the doc didn;t get an invite then....

1941 days ago


Dr.Murray didnt murder Jackson...Jackson wasnt stupid...he knew..just like all of us dont mix drugs....Jackson was playing Russian Roulette with his life by doing so, and he lost in the end. The only way Dr. Murray would be guilty of murder, is if he held Jackson down and forced him to take the drugs...period !

1941 days ago


he's got lots of secrets, this fishy doctor ...

1941 days ago


I want to know why the 911 dispatcher had to tell the caller to put the man (MJ) on the floor to administer CPR. The doctor that was there should have know you can't administer CPR on a soft surface as the bed. Something stinks to high heaven with this 911 call.

1941 days ago


30. This guy is probably "mourning" the loss of the money he was going to make...the fame, the noteriety(sp)...he didnt give a damn about Michael...

Posted at 10:12AM on Jun 30th 2009 by What a Snake

He liked him enough to put the insane bastard out of misery!

1941 days ago


This Doctor's lawyer needs to stop talking and stay off the T.V.,he is digging a deeper and deeper hole for his client with every interview he does.

1941 days ago


This guy is probably "mourning" the loss of the money he was going to make...the fame, the noteriety(sp)...he didnt give a damn about Michael...

I agree with you Snake..this doc thought it was an opportunity of a lifetime, left his practice to be MJ's private doctor, now that opportunity is all gone and he's in big trouble. I truly believe this man killed Michael with a lethal dose, nothing thats coming out makes sense. first he was unconscious without a pulse, then he had a faint pulse, he takes 30 minutes to call rescue..Michael didn't have a chance with this doctor at his bedside. I still can't believe you're gone Michael I love you and miss you so much. My 16 yr old son and I have been listening to you songs nonstop. For the people who are tired of Michael Jackson's updates, please go to another site.

1941 days ago


i already know that damn doctor killed mj it's self explanatory he did it basically cause mj had money and he knew he wasn't getting anything come to find out he could have been saved by a reversal drug called Nalexone.and my source is

1941 days ago


What a crock of crap! Skipping the funeral to mourn for his friend. Staying out of the public and secluded since MJs death. Hell yes of course he is!!! Somebodys probably got some bullets with his name (Murray) on them right now. Murray knows all this. He's for sure not going to sit out at the funeral or any memorials because it'll be his own that he'll be attending!
How much BS coming from this pathetic mans mouth does he actually expect the public to swallow.
This man kept his ass out of public and away from all cameras since the death.
He knows he better. Because somebodies going to get him eventually.
He'll probably wind up committing suicide....then nobody will ever know the truth.

1941 days ago

Queen Of The World    

He isn't allowed to go because LaToya will be there and she is next on his list. Bbwwhhaaaaa!

1941 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

His father`s beatings gave him SLE as recored way back in 1986 and that is waht he died from and WHY he could`nt forgive his father and why he did`nt want to pass on his gen pool.Meds keep him going over 20 years way better tahn most people with SLE.ALSO it is why he was so crying over his kids health,he knew that beatings could give LUPUS or SLE and that is what was killing him.He wanted to stop what JOE had done to him but still have a loving family-he never had love from his father thus he had to build his own love in his own family all the while SLE was eating away at him..thus the crying and overly loving persona.HIS FATHER BUILT he one way...he rebuilt himself and built a better family.DAD made him a billionare but also beat SLE into his nerves thus a weak little child MAN but a loving one at that!.

1941 days ago


Does this guy really thimk that he was going to get an invitation?
I think not!

1941 days ago


If I saw this doctor come into the examination room I would RUN not walk out the door. Blk and Dr. dont mix.

1941 days ago

Tam Nguyên    

I suspect the death of Michael Jackson is due to wrong dose

1941 days ago


Yeah right, he’s skipping the funeral because he know he is guilty in helping kill MJ, what an idiot, his azz is going down as soon as this SH** comes out!

1941 days ago
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