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Inside Neverland Ranch

7/1/2009 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Far from the lavish zoo/theme park/mansion it once was, Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is now a barren, forgotten property that was once fit for a King of Pop.



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This breaks my heart seeing Neverland this way. Damn all those who lied only to bring Michael down and get his money.

1758 days ago


Its a beautiful place but you can almost feel the sadness as you look at the pictures. Someone who loved it as much as Micheal did needs to live in it and fill it with love again.

1758 days ago


What a dark and dungy place, no wonder he was depressed.

1758 days ago


Doesn't look like he spent much money on keeping that place updated. Looks like 70's decor to me and with all the dark woods, it kind of reminds me of a place where vampires would hang out. Kinda creepy.

1758 days ago


What a beautiful home, Surprised to see all the brick / wood inside. Not quite what I expected, If it had been me, would have added big windows and skylights to brighten it up. Can't imagine what the property taxes are with the lot it's on.

1758 days ago


What a dump. Since he spent more than he made, I expected a plush, modern home. His child lair, that's all that place was. And nice, stinky monkey house. The man was a zillionaire. He chose to molest children and become a freak, instead of growing old gracefully (and rich) He had it all and blew it. Didn't appreciate a GD thing......

1758 days ago


So? I mean really so? Enough is enough, and Matt's headed there to do the show from the place? I know he gets paid well, but poor Matt. Children were rapped in there, it should be burnt to the ground period. But you watch they'll make tons of money off of the place because nut jobs with no morals will flock to it, in a couple of years they should do a piece where they ask those getting rich what's it feel like to screw those who had their lives stolen all over again.

And spare me on the whole he was found not guilty bull, it's well known as well as been proven that he bought tons of people's silence. And those he couldn't buy off were threatened and scared into keeping their mouths shut. Now that he's gone though sh!t's bound to hit the fan, heck it already has.

1758 days ago


Its ugly for somebody that had Money

1758 days ago


Wow, I would like to see more pictures. Not really that it was MJ's more about the house. We all know know its going to be turned into a graceland in a way its kinda sad and in a way its kinda cool. I think most of us at heart still want to be a kid and we bought into the same dream he did when we bought his albums...

Now saying that we all know he took it to far. I don't know if he did it or not and really it was still creepy even if he didn't. Its just sad that all that money couldn't buy him happiness. My friend who grew up a few miles down the road was telling me about how he would hold a midnight shopping spree at toyrus every month.

I wished he could have got the real help he needed. I seen his interviews with Oprah and others and when he brings up his dad. It makes you wonder more what happened when he was a kid. The reaction in his eyes and him skipping a heart beat shows he isn't BSing about it. I have been there and my dad was no better.

People talk crap but they have no idea whats its like. When you finally get away there is only three ways you can go. You can turn out just the same or go like MJ and just nut up. Its hard for me to keep my cool when someone gets in my face. Took me many years to control my temper. I also hardly drink or anything just because of him. I think thats the hardest part of the pain. You sit back always walking away from a fight or worry if you had to many beers. Hell I would have gone down the same road if I was thrusted in the spot light. He couldnt even take a crap with out it being on the news.... f that....

1758 days ago


With all of the wood floors, brick fireplaces and wallpapered walls, the interior of the Neverland house looks like a replica of the Darling's house from the Peter Pan movie.

1758 days ago



1758 days ago


I'm at a loss of words after seeing those photos.... I'm a huge fan and I guess I expected somrthing different. He was so colorful and vibrant to all of us and I guess I thought it would have been I dont know brighter. I'm not going to trash him by any means but I could see the sadness and lonliness in it. and the zoo and theatre and the control house.... its as if he built all of it knowing someday when he was gone it would be a tourist attraction. it is dated as for the interior. I can only guess he had colorful rugs and paintings. It left me the same feeling I had when I visited Graceland for the first time. Kinda weird not what I expected and dated and lonely feeling. Graceland if you've never been is very small by todays standards very low ceilings and the jungle room was dark wood every where. Ive seen fancier and bigger houses in Springfield,Ill. for all the money he spent on that place I guess i just visualized different. I'm feeling at a loss

1758 days ago


I can't figure out why someone would keep paying to keep up this place and pay $100k a month to rent a place in LA. $100k a month would pay even the biggest mortgage easily.

ps It looks like people'shouses did when I was a kid. Like someone decorated it in 1977 and never updated it.

1758 days ago


The house is beautiful, but very dark. My main reason for commenting is that it is so easy to see that racist jealous haters are making most of the negative comments. Although, MJ escaped conviction of any crime, the poor fellow built for himself a prison far worse than what most of our worst criminals live in. His prison was not just in his mind, but also, in the physical realm. I just pray he has found the peace and love that eluded him in life. Think about it!

1758 days ago


What a cold and depressing house. It would make a good set for horror movies. I guess it would make a good museum also.

1758 days ago
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