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Michael Jackson's Will

7/1/2009 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's WillWe now know what's in Michael Jackson's will -- for starters, he never said where he wanted to be buried.

We've learned the will -- which will be filed today -- is 5 pages long. As for who gets what -- Jackson's entire estate goes to the Michael Jackson Family Trust. The trust documents are not included in the will and the contents of the trust remain confidential.

We're told the trust provides for Michael's children and mother, and distributes money to several charities.


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Now that the will has been made public, Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson know that Michael left them out of the $$$$$$$, They will now disappear and go to Detroit to see what they can get from the families of the School children who were SHOT Monday

1876 days ago

Jessica Hayes    

The signatures do not match with the ones you showed us before,

1876 days ago


Re: #96

Even though Joe and Katherine are separated, they are still married. I would think since California is a community property state, Joe would get his hands on half of the money, especially if they divorce. I bet he is working right now on a reconciliation with Katherine to get money. And she probably would not stop him since she never stopped him from beating her kids.

Joe Jackson would get nothing!

What is community property?
California law defines community property as any asset acquired or income earned by a married person while living with his or her spouse. Separate property is defined as anything acquired by a spouse before the marriage, or during the marriage by gift, devise or bequest. The law requires that the community estate be divided equally if there is no written agreement to the contrary. This means that from the total fair market value of the community assets, the joint obligations of the parties are subtracted, yielding the net community estate. Unless agreed otherwise, each spouse must receive ½ of the net community estate.

Property acquired during marriage by "gift, bequest, devise, or descent" (i.e., inter vivos or testamentary gift or intestate succession) is the acquiring spouse's separate property. [Ca Const. Art. I § 21; Ca Fam § 770(a)(2)]

Community Property - General Concepts: All property acquired during marriage and before separation, other than by gift or inheritance (Ca Fam § 770(a)(2)), is presumptively community property. [Ca Fam §§ 760, 771(a)]

Joe Jackson gets nothing!

Anything MJ has in his will going to Mom is her separate property - inheritance is separate property.

1876 days ago


Were there an intestate assets?

1876 days ago


Debbie Rowe received a [$8 million, supposedly] settlement at the time of divorce therefore it is understandable as to why she would be excluded from the will. The majority of former spouses in the US are not provided for in a will. Why is there such a big deal being made of her being excluded? The media's focus on this one issue is ridiculous.

Further, MJ does not have the final say as it pertains to the children.

MJ may have had his own wishes and vision with the same being such that he leaves his and Debbie Rowe's children to be raised by a 79 and/or 66 year old. Who in their right mind does that?

The Court may think MJ's a bit premature, exclusionary towards Debbie Rowe, and a bit of a stretch considering the ages of the guardians and considering DR has parental rights!

In other words, the law may just trump MJ's wishes as to whose care, custody and control the children are remanded to.

1876 days ago


look its as simple as this if ur not interested in whats going on about mj why the fu*c all ye haters racist bast***s still doin on here,im sure ye could find another site where ye could ridicule the dead,michael jackson was a tue star good on ya tmz keep up the good work

1876 days ago


Okay so aside from me being a Michael Jackson fan, I am a fan of tact. I think it's so tacky to many of the media to keep on saying how MJ was not the biological father of HIS three children. Whatever peoples opinion is doesn't change the fact that they called him daddy (heard it on the interview w/Martin Brasheer in 2003 that was recently played) and he was there for them as a parent. He raised them from birth until his death. He loved HIS children- how and who conceived them should be a dead issue. I can see how it can make news in the aftermath of MJ's death- but c''s been said over and over again and again that he DIDNT need to adopt them because the children were conceived while he was married to Debbie Rowe- not only that but his name is on their birth certificate. I wish they would just leave that part alone, unless some moron wants to claim them as their kids- and if they do I hope they dont get CRAP! Because if they wanna claim the kids as theirs and not MJ's...they that person should pay to take care of them. What about the children hearing all of this. Those kids are going to be just as confused as MJ if they arent kept as a "recluse" as their FATHER lived. Just give it a rest!!

1876 days ago


this is not the updated will, there is another that will come out!

1876 days ago

Jeanne A. Carter    

IIn re Michael Jackson's mother having custody of his kids. I am 70 and am named guardian of my 3 grandchildren should anything happen to their parents. Hopefully nothing will happen to them, but I certainly would do my VERY VERY BEST for the kids. But I realize nmy limitations, and she.s 9 years older than I. What about his siblings? Won.t they help? My daughter is an only child, but I sure would call on her cousins for help and I know they would be there for the kids. God help his children; my prayers are with them.

1876 days ago


It's so very sad, either ask the kids who they want to go to? or bring back the "Nanny" she knows them like no other. Keeping the kids with the grand parent is a huge mistake, look what happened to Michael, lets hope history doesnt repeat it self. My heart goes out to Michael and the kids. RIP MJ XXX

1875 days ago

Elizabeth Michael - London    

MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE! may all your sins and mine be forgiven....words cannot infact descibe the impact of your lost....You were strong enough -- God only takes the best people away from us. i hope you ll be rightfully justified in heaven for the good things you have done and not be manipulated and molested like your enemies did -- you have finally reached your peak and will definitely get all the love , care, understanding and trust you ve wanted all your life!


xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Elizabeth Michael xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox....

1875 days ago


I also wished you would get buried in Never Land.. it was your home and the place you loved.
You were the most happiest their.
I'm so sorry this has happened to you.... May you rest in piece and My Thoughts and Prayers are with you Family, Children and fans.
God Bless....

1875 days ago

Chuck R.    

It is people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who strive so hard to keep RACISM alive !!...Otherwise , neither of them would have a job!!.....However , it is not surprising to see these two vultures hanging on so close to Michaels surviving Family...For Gods sake , if either of you are really qualified ministers , back off and give this beautiful family the healing space they have so deperately earned......dont worry AL & Jess , I have not heard anyone mention either of you as beneficiaries.......

1875 days ago


What it states in VI "EXCEPT as otherwise provided in this Will or in the Trust referred to in Article III
The states as # 125 was asking for an explanation to, so if you look at Article III of Will is the "Jackson Family Trust which in II states Katherine and the 3 Children are included in that.

In a nut shell no one other then them. Read Article IV again but state the first half, you only stated second 1/2 of it.
Hope it helps I am wondering more how Debbie Rowe listed in the additional 3 pages means?? Hope not a loop hole OMG?

1875 days ago


Lets celebrate the man and keep the energy positive. We find that not only in America do we have men fathering children but few turns out to be a dad. Michael was one special dad.
Let not the system take advantage of the legallity of things but truly think about what he did for them when he was alive.
Don't wait until the man is dead to tell him that he is good.
You ment much to us then and continue to meant much to us today. Michael

1874 days ago
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