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McNairs Were Looking to Buy Another Home

7/6/2009 8:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve McNairThe fact that Steve McNair's home was on the market while he was having an affair has caused speculation that he was getting a divorce ... but we just found out he and his wife were actually looking to buy another home.

We spoke to McNair's realtor, who said Steve and Mechelle were selling their massive Nashville home to buy another one "near a lake."

We're told the Nashville home was set to be sold for $2.9 million, and that Mechelle told the realtor yesterday that she wanted the sale to go ahead as planned.

McNair was found shot to death on Saturday along with Sahel Kazemi -- the woman police say he had been "dating."

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Leave Mr. Norfleet alone. He did NOT do this. He loved Ms. Kazemi, its not fair to smear him like this.

1844 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

Her nose was a little bent out of shape. Maybe it was a Jew nose, but I think her name is Persian.
WTF, I think I just got edited by the thought police.
I had an affair once, it began as a bootie call then she wanted more (after about 3 months) No way was I gonna leave my wife and kids for that wack job, but her poon was good so I just strung her along.

1844 days ago


Awwww....poor Asslee. She thinks being riden' hard & put away wet is something to brag about. Poor girl. Buy some class hun. You're gonna need it! Makin' $9 an hour isn't all there is in life...I'm just sayin' Aim higher!

And...old drunk is mine! K? Step off..........

(And PS Ass...no teeth is NOT an assssseet. Might help with oral but that is about it...get regular dental care! Really :) )

1844 days ago

Respect 4 - 1 Self!    

Sorry people but this guy had to much to lose and he knew alot of people in Nashville so why the hell would he go out and buy a car and put his and her name on the reg?????

If he was buying the car and he was still married he would just put it in her name only.....sounds like a shake down to me!!!!!

NO guy married or getting a divorce would ever put his name and another sluts name on a car .....this guy would lose everything over a stupid car???? I think not......he would just give it to her!!!!! AGAIN CAN WE SAY ID THEFT....HE WAS SET UP!!!!!!


1844 days ago


I LOVE STEVE MCNAIR.................

1844 days ago


OMG. Asslee cannot spell worth a dam. LOL Yeah...I know that was spelled wrong peeps. Must sign off. I do have a life ;-)

LOVE you old drunk! xoxox

1844 days ago


It amazing how many losers need to call a poor dead woman derogatory names. Get a life losers this poor girl has already paid with her LIFE.

1844 days ago

Respect 4 - 1 Self!    

Ok people look at the night she got arrested.....Timeline!!!!

She get's arrested......

MC then finds out he has a car reg to him and her!!!!

MC leaves her ass in Jail because he found out ID Theft and tells her that he knows about it!!!!

The night she get's arrested and bailed out she buy's a gun to ?????

MC doesn't see her on Fri..... he ignores her

Sat he goes over to get his car back ....remember it was towed shortly after the murder....MC had already called to have it towed.

HUMMMMM......................guy's who have that kind of money DO NOT put their name and someone else (aka) skank on the car title!!!!!!!

1844 days ago


Are we talking about MJ or McNairs side piece of ass?! Signing off now......................lol

1844 days ago

Self Awareness    

She can speak to the real estate agent but too "distraught" to speak to the media and/or police? One day after your husband was murdered execution style, you're making real estate deals.

The real estate agent is releasing this sorry at the authorization of her client. They have to ensure the potential buyer doesn't back down from the $2.9 Million deal.

Even if he was going to purchase another home and allow the wife to move in, it's cheaper to keep her. According to all of the pictures that has been released showing him with other women; either he no longer had respect for his wife or there was a mutual agreement that he do his thing and she do hers. It didn't look like he was trying to keep his playgrounds a secret.

1844 days ago


It's strange that McNair always seemed to be the who got to skate free in all of these DUI cases. She finally got wise after he did the same thing to her. Girlfriend fell for the oldest line in the book that he was getting a divorce from his wife. Actually they were planning on buying a brand new lakeside home. Too bad he won't be able to enjoy it now. You pulled your shiz once too often, Err McNair.

1844 days ago


Cindy McCain did the same thing that Ms. Kazemi did and she came close to becoming first lady.

1844 days ago


whocares is right. no one cares about whocares. clear as mud? night.

1844 days ago


ashlee~ ignorant inbreds are not "in" anymore...

1844 days ago


And the award for worst spelling goes to....,ASHLEE! Yay Asslee!

1844 days ago
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