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Mr. Jackson Goes to Washington

7/8/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not all congressmen feel like Rep. Peter King -- and yesterday in D.C., a group of Democratic reps showed their support for a House resolution honoring Michael Jackson.

Congressmen Peter King: Click to watch
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee
, who spoke at yesterday's memorial, is pushing for a measure which would recognize Jackson as a "global humanitarian and a noted leader."

Jim McDermott
(D-WA), John Lewis (D-GA) and Shelley Berkley (D-NV) are in -- with Lewis making a point to call King's comments "out of line" and "unnecessary."


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Come on people MJ was a pedophile and anyone who even thinks of honoring him as a good person should be listed on the pedophile list with him. No doudt he made great music and was a great entertainer but all that went out when he bedded down with little kids. TMZ, i used to love your site and your show but now i am so over it, Harvey is a douche bag and the big black girl and the dark headed girl are even bigger douche bags, so long from this viewer, and i am so disgusted with the way a pedo is being honored. I cannot even admit i am american for fear someone would think i am like all you pedo lovers.

1877 days ago


Are you flipping kidding me?!?!? A child molester addicted to drugs?! I dont care how much money he donated or how good his music was he DOES NOT deserve this honor!

1877 days ago


1. King was right - 150%. No question about it.

2. Seriously? A House resolution to honor a singer who suffered from mental illness and was accused of being a pedophile? Are you kidding me? This is what our government is focusing on, while our economy is a wreck and people are losing their homes? All I can say is no wonder so many people think Americans are a bunch of morons.

1877 days ago


Yeah, we really need the Congress to recognize a drug-addicted, mentally unstable, child molester! Sorry, but Pete King is right! It's funny that all of the members of Congress that want to recognize hime are Dems, and mostly black. Hey guys, Michael didn't even want to be black!

1877 days ago



1877 days ago


What wasn't necessary was a representative from the state of Texas, Ms. Lee going to California to be seen on TV and to tell everyone about a resolution. Who really cares but the Jackson family...not to mention, it wasn't on her dime, we the citizens paid for that trip! Glad to know nothing changes in DC, especially the representatives and their actions - wastefully spending as usual.

1877 days ago

MJ is ♥    

Thank you Representative Jackson-Lee for introducing Resolution 600.

1877 days ago


#4, MJ was more than an entertainer. But if that's your opinion, that's fine and I won't argue your opinion with you. However, this man donated over $300 million dollars to children's charities around the world. He also donated to the United Negro Fund (Imagine that all of you who continue to believe he wanted to be 'white'). Through song and Perseverance he opened the doors for the African American artists you now see on MTV (When they actually play videos), he brought the hunger of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children to the forefront with "We Are The World" (USA for Africa), he donated his $5 million dollar take from the Victory Tour to charities. Yes, MJ was much more than an entertainer.

Unfortunately, he was also a troubled soul, a tortured soul who endured years of negativity and abuse (mental and physical) from someone who was supposed to love and protect him, his father. Did he always make the right choices? Nope. Do you? I didn't think so. We all make mistakes, we are all human, it's 'human nature' to be wrong, to make mistakes, to make bad choices. People are going to scream for years that they believe he molested those TWO (I wish those of you talking about hundreds of boys would get over yourselves) children. I don't believe it. Like a lot of other people in MJ's life, they too, (if you really dare do the research and get all of the facts), the families of those two that accused him, needed money and needed it desperately. I wish I had just one fourth of one fourth of the money MJ has, I too could and most definitely would, pay to just make 'some things go away'. You bet your asses I would. He never had peace.

I believe that those three children are what meant the most to him. They gave him one thing no one else ever did, UNCONDITIONAL love. No strings attached. They loved him. So, #4, while he was just 'an entertainer' to YOU, he was so much more to so many others.....

I will say this though, that that woman took that opportunity to make her political speech, made me sick. Re election time?

1877 days ago


This is ridiculous. He was a singer; plain and simple. Michael died on June 25, 2009, his memorial was on July 7, 2009.

Since his death (7-25-09) we've lost Farrah Fawcett (7-25-09), Karl Malden (7-1-09), Billy Mays (6-28-09), Steve McNair (7-5-09), Harve Presnell (6-30-09), Fred Travalena (6-28-09), Gale Storm (6-27-09), and Sky "Sunlight" Saxon (6-25-09), where is all of the fanfare for these people? Michael didn't cure cancer, he didn't discover some plant that will cure AIDS, he didn't even invent a cream to cure wrinkles; he sang and he danced, and he led a very questionable private life.

Enough about Michael Jackson. I am sure there are other things going on in the country on which our ELECTED politicians’ need to focus. Please get on with running this country and making it better, not immortalizing a man that quite frankly is not worth it.

1877 days ago



1877 days ago



1877 days ago


Harvey, why aren't you liberal nutjob, MIchael Jackson cheerleaders reporting on how MJ tried to BUY Octo Mom's kids just a matter of weeks ago? Even FOX News reported that!!!

Why aren't your goons looking into how MJ was able to have 3 children live with him, that aren't even his, that he wasn't legally allowed to adopt? You people are f'n sick. Stop making excuses for this clown and start doing your "hard-hitting" reporting and investigating.

1877 days ago


It never ceases to amaze me the short memories that people have - a bridge between black and white - what about all the previous black entertainers, civil rights activists - people who committed their lives to the issues at a time when there wasn't the mass media available to promote their cause/actions. Jackson was a good entertainer, but that is ALL. And his last 15 years of output was pretty, pretty sad. While it is comforting to separate his career from his professional life, that stand is just silly - with all his wealth (which is frittered away on junk) he never addressed many of his problems - drug addiction, self-esteem (to put it mildly and at the very least was at the root of his highly inappropriate behavior with young boys), etc. I do not see him a role model for anyone, black, white, pink, yellow etc. - - he is a person that took advantage of vulnerable young boys from troubled families (which is pretty much a textbook definition of how a pedophile operates) - Yes, acknowledge his ability as an entertainer, but do not hold him up as some sort of role model for young men and women.

1877 days ago


How about a moment of silence for the members of the military who have been killed in the line of duty?? They are the true heroes in this country. They should be ashamed of themselves.

1877 days ago


I would think the gov has more important items on their desks than to brain storm a tribute to a Hollywood celebrity. Our gov lives in their on make believe world and don't have a clue what is important to the American people. While we all enjoyed at some point in our lives the extraordinary talents of MJ we the people have elected our officials to office to WORK on important issues facing our States and Country. So, x-nay the MJ thing, and GET TO WORK!!!!!! If Jackson Lee, Lewis and Berkley want to work on the tribute to MJ, then they need to step down and let others who are serious about the job step in. I feel as if our gov has been taken over my Stepford.

1877 days ago
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