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Steve McNair 911 Tape -- 'Somebody's Been Shot'

7/8/2009 6:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve McNair 911 Tape -- 'Somebody's Been Shot' click to listenThe 911 tape made after Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi were found dead was just released by the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Steve's friend -- Robert Gaddy -- made the call and was hysterical as the dispatcher desperately tried to get information from him. Steve's roommate Wayne Neely initially discovered the bodies and then notified Gaddy to call 911.

Cops announced today they believe Sahel murdered Steve and then killed herself.

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She grew up where I live so her family all over the news like she was a good person but a good person wouldnt be with a married man, and wouldn't take the life of another. She took the cowards way out I feel for steve and his family no matter if he was a cheat its horrible what happen just knowing how many times she shot him shows her intentions.

1742 days ago


both wayne and rob should be investigated,,,,,,that 911 call is unbelievable

1742 days ago


If he had been at home with his wife and kids and not messing with a young girl he would still be ALIVE.

1742 days ago


Mrs. McNair needs to prepare for any other bones that may come out of the closet based on her husband's suppose "secret life" I am a law student and I would advise Mrs. McNair to have her husband cremated to avoid any potential paternity suits that could arise because of his exploits, this would avoid any claims to have the body exhumed for DNA testing, and avoid liability for any unknown child support; I say this because there have been reports that Mr. McNair actually has a history of extramarital relationships, it's anyone's guess if he conceived any children during his numerous affairs or if anyone may come forth in the future claiming such, if I were Mrs. McNair, I would ensure that a situation such as I described above would never happen, by having the deceased cremated, my opinion.

1741 days ago


This was such an unnecessary tragedy. This man had a beautiful wife and 4 children who have the rest of their lives to bear the burden that their husband and father had awesome careers at Alcorn State and the NFL, but died in disgrace at the hands of one of several mistresses. I'm not judging, but I don't have much sympathy for this guy or the mistress. He may have been a fantastic athlete and done a lot for charitable causes, but what he did to his family was utterly despicable. Only a coward (not a warrior) would chase after a girl half his age, shower her with gifts and b.s., and deceive her into believing that he wanted to marry her, when he probably had no intention of leaving his family at all. On the other hand, she willingly began a relationship with a man that she knew was married, whom she met while he dined with his wife. Regardless of what he may have told her, what delusions in her mind made her honestly believe that her married boyfriend would just up and divorce his wife of 13 years and marry a waitress half his age that he met at bar. Was she really surprised to find out that he also had yet another girlfriend besides her? Even though many scorned women may feel like hurting their rotten boyfriends, what she did was incredibly selfish on so many levels. There were a number of options she could have employed: Telling his wife, going to the media, or just ending the relationship and moving on with her life. She didn't have to rob 4 children of their father (regardless of what we think of him) and then take her own life to escape responsibility for it.

1739 days ago


You gotta pay when you play. You can't pick up one side of the coin and not the other. Steve screwed up HUGE and it's GAME OVER. Either you love being a family man or you just can't understand how good that feels, to knows that you and yours are solid and committed for life. Steve had months to "catch himself" and get straight with his family, but he burned his conscience to the extent that it quit working. Sin is enjoyable for a season, and then that season passes, leaving one with only bitter regret and natural consequences. Only Messiah can save us from the choices we make and empower us to become the persons that we hope to be. There is no limit to that Grace, but you gotta ask for it and trust in it and grow in it. Looks like Steve is going Down, and that's his choice, and that makes me sad. The whole thing is just horrid. And that chick was UGLY too. Not worth it AT ALL!

1726 days ago


Why do people continue to speak of how pretty McNair's wife is. Do you honestly think beauty had anything to do with Steve running around on his wife. Was her being pretty suppose to keep him from running around. Huh I do not think so. How many pretty single and divorce women do you encounter daily. Maybe he wanted a pretty wife in the beginning, however as time went on the beauty did not mean anything to Steve.The women who has been accused of the killings was not what you call a pretty women. I met a couple once. People made the statement "how did she get him (him was good looking) the wife was not that attractive, I had an opportunity to meet the lady. I left saying to myself, how did he get her. I have not met many like her ,intelligent, kind, just a lovely peronality, What I am attempting to get you to see is that beauty is not everything. Steve had a lovely home also. Children he loved dearly. I also believe deep down Steve was an unhappy young man. I bet that man who was renting the apt. with him is also married. Why did they need an apt.

1724 days ago


After experiencing Micheal Jackson's death and Steve Mcnair's death we can all say that what's done in the dark will come to light.Both of these men's lives was taken away that shocked all of us.At the end of the day we can also say that if we make the right decisions by just thinking before we act things could of turned out totally different.The light will no longer shine for these two men but we can learn from both of these incidents.As far as friends and family do what ever we can to stop a tragedy from happening.BE BREEZY.

1719 days ago

Robert Beard    

SOMEBODY LYIN!!! I dont give a **** wat NOBODY say

1348 days ago


dude sound like he did it!!!!!

1249 days ago
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