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Pelosi Shoots Down Jackson Resolution

7/9/2009 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee promised fans she'd get a resolution passed in Congress honoring Michael Jackson -- but Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just 86'd the proposal.

Nancy Pelosi: Click to watch
In a news conference moments ago on Capitol Hill, Pelosi said that while Jackson was "a great performer," a resolution "will open up two contrary views that are not necessary at this time to be expressed."

Somewhere Rep. Pete King is doing a righteous fist pump.


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Best news I have heard all day.
There are only so many hours in a day, and Sheila Jackson Lee needs to learn to devote 100% of her working hours to finding ways to create more jobs.....and NO hours trying to impress her constituency by offering this resolution.
Are any of you in her district ? If so, e-mail her and tell her to focus on jobs.

1841 days ago


He was a performer, not GOD! Good call from Pelosi, for once!

1841 days ago


Come on, MJ was Good , He was Honered and Will be by his fans.
But a resolution is way over the Top...

Neither Elvis or James Brown got one......
Get Real........

1841 days ago

Alex B - Indianapolis    

They should wait till they open Neverland up and once the state of california starts getting a cut from the money it will make and it's debt gets reduced some, then things may be different..

1841 days ago

Chuck D    

Being from houston I can assure you that Sheila Jackson Lee is a self serving nut. Thank goodness Pelosi made a right decision in turning down this obnoxious request.. Now stand by for the black caucus to come forward with some racist nonsence...It's the way ot woks these days.

1841 days ago


I can't stand her and it alarms me to say this but I agree with her on this one.

1841 days ago


That's one scary pic of Ms. Pelosi. Frown and all scared the c**p out of me. Sheesh!

1841 days ago



1841 days ago


42. First time EVER..I agree with Nancy.

Think about it folks. Did Elvis get a resolution? He was a "king", too! There are just too many doubts, too many flaws, too many questions. I loved Michael Jackson from the Jackson Five through the late 80's, early 90's. But that Michael died 15 years or so ago and I mourned him then. I don't know who THIS Michael Jackson was.

Posted at 12:08PM on Jul 9th 2009 by DSC

Yes, Elvis was a King too, but where are all of the charities that he dontated to???? MJ is in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the most charitable entertainer EVER!!!! Where are the songs that Elvis wrote and sang to help fight famine??? Even in death, MJ left money to charity, did Elvis do that??? So please dont compare Elvis to MJ. Elvis was great but MJ was a HUMANITARIAN AND A PHILANTHROPIST, i have NEVER heard or read that about Elvis!!!

1841 days ago


Good for her. The Government should be concentrating on more important issues. The fact that it was even considered is absurd.

1841 days ago

Ihma Khunt    

Oh just f--k off already. What do you people want next, for the Pope to appoint him a SAINT? He was a DRUG addict, and a child RAPIST. Get your head out of your azz people. He sang and danced, he was an entertainer, but most of all he was a no good PEDOPHILE , DRUG ADDICT. What are you all going to say when the toxicology results are released. If he truly cared about those kids, he would not have been playing russian roulette with these heavy duty drugs!!!

1841 days ago


I may never say this again, but for once I agree with Pelosi..

1841 days ago


Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! Hellelujah!

If Congress were to honor this freak, then I would know there is no hope for this Government.


1841 days ago


It SHOULD be entered in!! Michael did so many wonderful things in his lifetime he should have been honored along time ago for all he did!!! Michael was NOT just a performer he was an American icon,a legend,and a world humanitarian and he should be remembered as such!! He did NOT touch no kid so everyone needs to lay off the crap! Those kids admitted they lied they just wanted money so go back and look up your facts before you say something!! I don't care if i have to go to dc myself i will do whatever to help make this pass because it should its the right thing!

1841 days ago


When will the U.S. appreciate MJ as the star he really is? It’s so sad!

1841 days ago
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