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Steve McNair's Mistress -- The DUI

7/9/2009 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sahel Kazemi was busted for DUI two days before she murdered Steve McNair and then committed suicide -- and cops just released dashcam footage of the incident.

Sahel was initially pulled over for speeding on July 2, then forced to take field sobriety tests -- which she failed. Cops allowed Steve and another man in the Escalade to leave in a taxi -- but Steve showed up at the jail later on to bail out Sahel.

The DUI is one of a handful of circumstances -- including Sahel's belief Steve had another lover -- that cops believe led to the shootings.

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Just curious; never quite heard how nobody heard the gunshots if she supposedly killed him in the middle of the night. Her car was already at his place when he came in say witnesses. And then he falls asleep? More like passes out, I'm guessing. The fact that he had an apartment where he went to meet his sweeties and was out many nightw till the middle of the night tels me his wife knew and was just looking the other way. He's got other kids from other women, too, I think. So, to hell with the "good husband and father" bs. He was extremely selfish and unfortunately for him, found a sweeet young girl that was way too gullible. May they rest in peace...

1930 days ago


This man better not be held as a role model, hell no. A cheater, a liar, doing several women with a wife at home. I have read countless comments about the wife liking it if he wasn't home, as if she knew. Hell no. This man was a liar, a good one. He victimized women a lot. So many men out there with a do anyone mentality, and this was the way Steve was as well. Disgusting. Men, get some morals, and behave yourselves. If not, you'll be be next. Nothing attractive or amazing about this woman other than she could possible drive that truck with her huge Iranian nose, amazing. Ding dong the witch is dead!! and so is her King, yay!

1930 days ago


He was not the greatest role model everyone tries to make him out to be. Yes, he cheated; however, the fact that he cheated on his wife of 12 years does not justify being murdered. Secondly, Sahel Kazemi knew what type of relationship she was entering. She knew she was with a married man. So she should not have been surprised if he began cheating on her. hell, she shouldn't have even been hurt by it. He's doing he's thing, she should have been doing her own thing as well. Lastly, the comment made by Mememememememe about her race was just ignorant. It doesn't matter what her race was, she could have been African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, or any other race. It doesn't matter, What matters is the fact that she took a person's life because she was too immature to deal with the situation she had gotten herself into.

1930 days ago


mememe, you're a retard. Stop fronting like you're intelligent, you're a fool. This is why you're sexually repressed, bigot.

1930 days ago


I’m amazed such a beautiful woman could take her own life like that she could have found a great guy at www.richmingle.com!!

1930 days ago

Doctor of Poon    

Damn. I wish it had been that punkass little twerp Keith Norfleet the ex that did it. I wanted to see that punk rapper wannabe go down.

1930 days ago


Wasn't she under 21??? Don't we have a drinking age anymore and why would that not be relevant when someone gets pulled over and they are sauced? Those two deserved eachother, and the wife and kids that are left behind are the only victims.

1930 days ago


Is there any talk that Steve Nair could have been driving the vehicle and when stopped by the cops - they switched places? She took the hit for him? Just wondering.

1930 days ago


The other dude in the car (Vent Gordon) was a chef at McNairs newly-opened restaurant. Check his rap sheet out here: http://ccc.nashville.gov/portal/page/portal/ccc/caseSearch/caseSearchPublic/caseSearchPublicForms/

Not the kinda dude a "wonderful man" would hang around, imo.

1930 days ago


Ned, he's a winner that one 'eh! He probably learned to be a chef thanks to taxpayers.

1930 days ago


To Michelle-I am not black however I believe your comment was pretty mean (even though you tried not to be). Not sure where you live or where you are from, but I see a lot of races dating outside their race. Not sure what point you were trying to make with that. On the other hand, the facts are that he and his wife were seperated, living in different homes. We are quick to bash him for cheating however, we don't know all the facts to make that judgement. Maybe he was actually trying to reconcile with his wife, went to the "girlfriend" and told her that it was over or that he was going back to his wife...she couldn't hand it and well...we know the rest. It's so easy to judge when we are on the outside looking in.

1930 days ago


Everyone have good points but the reality is there are 4 children w/o a father due to bad judgement & careless behavior. There is a grieving wife who has to break this unnecessary tradegy down to these kids. I am so glad to see that the jumpoff/sidekick wasn't blame even she was wrong for trying to break up a family of 12 yrs. You all blame the man b/c he persued the girl & gave her false hope, he knew he had no intentions on leaving his wife. I feel he thougt b/c this girl was young, he had full control but he under-estimated her. This girl felt she had nothing to loose at that point. And I know this wasn't his 1st time cheating but it will be his last. I feel for the children & their surroundings b/c children can say some mean things. His wife & children gotta have mixed emotions, anger-pain-love. They will have to deal with public embarrassment, mantaining composure & the loss of a husband-father. My prayers go out to them. Pls if you are married (man or woman) think about your love ones, your career & your future. You can blow it all in one second, a day or in McNair case 6 mos.

1929 days ago

Respect 4 - 1 Self!    

Ok people you have got to stop sugar coating it.

First she was not a mistress she was a whore....crazy is as crazy does!

Second he was a whore dog.

It is in men's nature to run of their porch and look for dog food on some other porch. But here's the key.....he will stop on a stray porch to eat a meal if the food is out! But trust me on this one he will go back home to his porch.

Now let me ask all the women out there....how many of you have been hit on by a dog? And if you have a pulse you should say YES!

Now how many of you let it happen????

Now the ones who do have poor self image or low self esteem don't have healthy boundres will be a whore.

I'm 39 forever and one hot mom....I am married to a great guy who has (like me) great self esteem, great self image, and very healthy boundres and no most important he is my best friend. Now all that aside I'm getting hit on all the time and so is my husband and both offending partys have no respect they do it front of us like it's a challange to the other spouse. What my husband and I both say when this happens is ....How empty inside does one have to be to do this and it's sad.

Bottom line is.....when people cheat and people let them cheat both party's are empty inside and looking to fill something that can not be filled.....and it's sad when the partner let's this action go on....because they are just as empty inside themself.

The sadest part is the kids she a unhealthy relationship and how it works and the cycle continues.

Sorry for the poor spelling but let's stop sugar coating things and blaming others.....just try and have a healthy relationship with your self first then you can have one with another because you won't want a empty person to share your life with!

1929 days ago


leave them alone already it was a tragedy what happened and just let him rest in peace. He was seperated from his wife so he wasnt really cheating on her but who knows everyone makes mistakes just leave him alone already.

1929 days ago

Beautiful Truth    

Being murdered for cheating is not a just punishment. I don't care if he cheated or not. That doesn't mean he deserved to die. Especially at that ugly slut's hands. He had children. Four sons. Now that is four more young, Black males without a father. He should have been at home with his family and this wouldn't have happened. But he didn't "get what he deserved".

And I don't believe that his wife didn't know. I feel for her, but she knew...

And how is that ho going to be mad because he had another lover? If he was cheating on the wife and mother of his children with you, what makes you think he wouldn't cheat on you and you're just the bust down aka jump off aka sideline ho?

1928 days ago
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