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Gisele -- Baby Girl on Board?

7/10/2009 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele Bundchen-- Baby Girl on Board?Gisele Bundchen still hasn't confirmed she's pregnant with Tom Brady's baby, but her shopping trips have been ... interesting.

Our shopping spies say they spotted the supermodel looking for duds at Petit Trésor Baby Boutique on Robertson Blvd. in L.A. two weeks ago ... she ended up buying a few items of the pink persuasion.

It certainly doesn't prove she's pregnant ... but, baby steps.


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Fools Rush In    

Surprising anyone is paying attention to a pregnancy with her, given what is going on and on and on with MJ. Happy news if it's true.

1931 days ago



1931 days ago


She did confirm like a month ago that she was pregnant. She came out to People magazine after a runway gig in Brazil where her bump was very exposed. Stop following D list celebrities and get with the program TMZ

1931 days ago


"D" list? That woman makes more money that Angelina Jolie - so she is not a D list celebrity.

1931 days ago

mitch myers    

giant schnozz!

1931 days ago


She confirmed it w/ people magazine long ago and said they are thrilled. Get w/ the program TMZ.

1931 days ago


Don't believe it. The people who work at that boutique plant items about celebs allegedly shopping at that place ALL THE TIME in order to drum up publicity for the shop.

1931 days ago


Unless she is carrying triplets that were implanted by aliens, this is the last I want to hear about it. Who cares? She's a married woman having a baby, seriously, who gives a crap?

1931 days ago


Total B.S.--She did NOT come out to People. They cited "sources" as having confirmed the pregnancy. Not that I could care less, but at least get your stories straight. And between she & her loser husband they have like 5 nieces, so the fact that she was supposedly buying pink wouldn't in and of itself confirm crap. Gisele likes to play these kinds of games. Just like she let everyone believe for weeks early on in their relationship that she was pregnant(at the same time as Moynahan). She didn't deny it for weeks, just cos it was eating her alive that she wasn't having TB's first kid. She's such a phony. I hope in the end they have all girls and that they are all blessed with their Mummy's big nose. I think it would be great karma if the only son he ever has is Jack...who carries his mother's last name...NOT Brady. Especially if he follows his dad's footsteps into football. You gotta love it.

1931 days ago


They both deserve one another..I just feel bad for the baby if so! I am a New Englander and lost all respect for Brady quite some time ago.

1931 days ago


JCC is RIGHT - petit tresor was the store where Jessica Alba and Jamie Lynn Spears went shopping for boys clothes - yeah, that was when both were pregnant with girls. There was a planted item that Lisa Marie Presley's personal shopper shopped for boy and girl clothes at PT when she was pregnant with TWO girls. I can not believe TMZ gave this story a lick of credence.

1931 days ago

kimberley Houston    

Maybe she will gain some weight finally with her skinny bony no shape
don't know why america glorifies these SKINNY BONY AND UGLY women just
because they model....Besides she isn;t 100%brazilian because most brazilian women
are dark, fine and curvy...I hope the baby looks like tom, he aint all that but better looking that
Giselle, she is so ugly and with dat big nose....she has come a long way, when she started out modeling
she was TOE UP FROM DA FLO UP....leo did better with Bar, now dats a STUNNER!

1931 days ago


Frankly, I don't think Bar is any better than Gisele, but that's not saying much. About someone who said she's made more money than Angelina Jolie and that makes her A-list, Sorry. But the word "Alist" usually refers to celebs that are icons. Gisele's done top modelling contracts and made lots of money but hasn't been too mainstream to be counted as one. Not to mention that neither of these 2 get invited anywhere to A-list Hollywood parties. The best they can do is be the headlining attraction in Boston based parties (with the usual set of Z-list celebs) or be invited to some hairdresser's do in NYC. For people who've been in the showbiz for this long, they have a very small friend circle but come on, who in their right minds would wnat to spend time with an overgrown manchild and a self centred insecure model? Good luck to John (or Jack or whatever Tom's Blist ex calls him).

1931 days ago


haha, the jealousy on here is so funny. um, yes, a-list means iconic - gisele is iconic in that she is the HIGHEST paid supermodel in the world. who are these people posting on here??? personal enemies of gisele?? you bitches are too funny... i don't think tom and gisele will suffer from a bunch of ingrates posting on tmz, they have MILLIONS of real fans around the world and they get paid the big bucks for a reason...

1931 days ago


Tom doesn't have millions of fans "around the world". Pur-leeze... he barely made it to the top 30 highest paid US sports stars (#28 was it) and NFL isn't really an international sport.

1931 days ago
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