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Jackson Self-Injecting Demerol, Doctor Says

7/10/2009 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Self-Injecting Demerol,A doctor who treated Michael Jackson claimed the singer self-injected Demerol into his system.

We've combed through tens of thousands of pages of the official file for the 2005 molestation trial. In the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's notes, a member of Jackson's security detail -- retired L.A. County Sheriff's deputy Michael Laperruque -- said some doctors were trying to get Jackson off of Demerol, and that one of the doctor's in Santa Barbara "was upset with JACKSON because he had been self-injecting."

Laperruque told detectives he had picked up Jackson's prescriptions for the singer, usually under the name Chris Carter. Carter was one of Jackson's bodyguards.

Laperruque also told detectives one time when he was at Neverland his job was to keep Jackson's family out because they were planning an intervention.


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Isn't it true in most states if the cops come into your home, they can only arrest you or charge you with what the warrent was issued for.

1873 days ago

Legitimate Patient2    

Legitimate Patient = I agree with you here U am also concerned about the fall out on people who actully takes these drugs as perscribed..

1873 days ago


Basically he was a heroin sad!

1873 days ago


I don't believe most of what is being written on this site. But if Michael really did have a serious drug problem, then there is a whole lot of people to blame for helping create this problem. First off, he had legitimate health problems that would necessitate the need for pain medications, hence why he started taking them. Someone with physical ailments needing pain medication and becoming addicted is just about like someone who is addicted to food needing food. You pretty much have to have it. Michael was in such a dark place in his life because of people lying about him and lying to him. He was basically abused by people all his life. Despite all the allegations, he tried his damnedest to remain strong and probably remained as strong as anyone could without just rolling up in a ball and dying. Can't people just see how sad this is? He wasn't a junkie and he wasn't a pedophile. He was someone suffering, suffering at the hands of others and their evil ways.

1871 days ago


I wish people would stop pointing the fingers at everybody else and blame the real person here..MICHAEL JACKSON!! its nobodys fault he died because of drugs..he chose to take those drugs and he surrounded himself with "yes" doctors...if these doctors that did give into him had said no he would have just kept on going til he found someone who would say yes....yah those doctors were stupid for giving into him but how many other doctors in the world that treat celebrities dont do the same damn thing for other celebrities..michael had a problem and he didnt want help! its just really sad tha this children who he wanted so badly now have to suffer because of him..i think its rediculous how all these doctors and close friends are lying and saying o he was so healthly blah blah..Bull! if you watch that clip from AEG tell me one move he does that you couldnt do yourself..he wasnt doing any of his michael jackson famous moves..why didnt AEG release a clip of him moonwalking or spinning!!?!?!? exactly

1870 days ago


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1866 days ago
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