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Joe Jackson -- 'I Do Believe It Was Foul Play'

7/10/2009 2:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson continues talking to anyone who will listen -- and last night on "ABC News" he said he does believe there was "foul play" in the death of his son, Michael.

Joe Jackson: Click to watch
As far as drug use is concerned, Joe says he didn't know anything about it but said whatever Michael took he did so he could "relax and sleep."


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This man really needs to ask himself, WHY, and How he could have prevented this tradegy. He helped make the man MJ became. Shame on Him

1898 days ago


this person is nothing word worth to talk about....

1898 days ago


Joe disgusts me! Beating his kids for no reason at all and telling Michael he had a Big Nose and how ugly he was. Why didn't he look in the mirror!

1898 days ago


When did He get Vitiligo?

He beat MJ when He was Young, now He continues to beat Him down!

RIP MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1898 days ago


this big boi need to stop acting like he's a good suuumbodeeeee....HE FRICKEN BEAT MICHAEL!

1898 days ago


he disgusts me! I cringed when he was asked who will take care of the kids and he said: their grandmother Katherine and I; we will feed them and take good care of them so they will be good jacksons.'
OMG Debbie go get your kids, Katherine is controlled by this douchebag who by the way if you havent noticed was interviewed by primetime and guess who works there??Martin Bashir!
he caused severe damage to MJ's character and he beat him up, and now he will take care of MJ's kids??

1898 days ago


Joe Jackson is a disgrace. He is trying to benefit from MJ's death.
Did they have to pay him for an interview? Proabably.
Joe is going to try to suck as much $$$$$ out of this as he can. If doctors are held criminally liable, he is going to try to go after them in civil court.
He is an old joke that needs to be shut down.

1898 days ago


video does not work anymore

1898 days ago


I guess its easier for Joe Jackson to think Michael died at the hands of someone else instead of having to own up to
the idea his son was a addict. I believe all addictions have a genisis of some kind of pain and for that reason I feel
bad that Michael Jackson had that kind of pain that he felt the need to take these drugs. If it was emotional or a
physical pain, I feel bad for him. For someone who could have had everything, Michael Jackson had nothing. I
hope he is finally having the peace he always looked for. Too bad the vultures and leeches will be fighting over this
for years to come. Joe Jackson along with those media whores, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson should be ashamed
of themselves. The only ones I feel sorry for are Michael Jacksons kids as they seem to be surrounded by a bunch of
self-serving and clueless Jackson family members looking to feed off the trough.

1898 days ago

queen bee    

Joe Jackson needs to stay out of the limelight. He has never got over the fact that his kids dumped him as their manager. Besides that the jacksons have forgiven him. Michael wasn't the only one who was rebelious. Remember Janet's control album and La toya came out speaking against the family. I know Joe Jackson loves his children and grandchildren but when he comes out to say all those things about raising the kids, MJ fans don't want to hear from you at all. Be there to support Katherine and the family Joe it's not about you. We know you feel guilty about the realtionship you had with your son. Hey it wasn't that great we get that. Suffer in Silence. We want to hear from Jermaine or Janet or any of the other Jacksons'. Just not you!!! RIP MJ

1898 days ago


Go back under the rock you crawled out from. Nobody wants to listen or hear your sorry ass voice.

1898 days ago


Joe Jackson needs to stop and believe MJ died because of his young life ..... Its for sure Jackson had some issues within himself. Its a sad thing MJ is gone and now his kids are going to have to live with the same, maybe a little less because of the public... But lets stop and think about what Joe said in this video .... Paris wants to be something.... Joe Jackson is going to make her think for loves them... But he just loves the money .... He loss one and gets three... Its the sad the kids have no idea...

1898 days ago


Mr. Jackson PLEASE shut up. Michaels fans DO NOT WANT TO HEAR FROM THE LIKES OF YOU! I just can't see Michael's kids living with this man. Katherine, divorce him and raise Michaels kids.. keep Joe away!

1898 days ago


Did you hear what he said about Paris and Blanket? They will be in show business in a year. The cycle repeats itself. I bet Joe was beaten when he was a child. RIP (if you can) MICHAEL

1898 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Joe can claim all he wants that he will be raising Michael's kids. The truth of the matter is this... Joe lives in Vegas... Katherine doesnt want his sorry carcas around! He wont get his hands on those kids for nothing. He was already drooling at the prospects of putting these poor children in Show biz.... which I dont believe Michael wanted for them at all. This idiot only wants media attention he never got. Stealing Michael's press is soooooo unattractive! I hope this hidious man eventually gets his! He is so dang evil and nasty! Katheirne will do a fine job of raising Michael's children the way he wanted. If Michael thought for one moment that this psycho would go near his children... Dianna Ross would have them already! As for you idiots wanting Debbie Rowe to have these kids.. for her its all about the BENJAMINS.. she would get 750,000 a month for EACH kid and NOW she wants Blanket too? Hmmm Can you say " CINDERELLA CHILDREN"? she will do that to them... for her all they are is a meal ticket. She is one nasty mouth evil woman who sold these kids not just once but... TWICE first for 8 million..then for 8.5 million.. Get educated before you say "Go Get Your kids " To a woman who has NEVER been in these childrens lives! All she wants is the MONEY!!! There is no love there for these children from her. She is nothing more then a money grubbing Jackson Laech! Thats right I said it! A LEACH!!!!! Katherine.. Keep that foolish, masogenistic, slime ball, sorry excuse of a father/ grandfather away from the kids... all he is hearing is the sound of cash registers as he sees they have some talent.. lock the gates and tell him to take his sorry ugly butt back to VEGAS!!! HE IS NOT WANTED HERE!!!!!

1898 days ago
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