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Rampage Gets Randy -- Humps Reporter

7/10/2009 2:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson was able to make an interview get real awkward real quick -- by suddenly humping Cage Potato's hot reporter for the last 35 seconds of the interview. And trust us -- 35 seconds is a long time when you're randomly getting rabbit humped.

Rampage Dry Humps Cagepotato Reporter - Watch more Funny Videos

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I agree with number 52 I liked it, it made me horney too! and I am a female too.

1930 days ago


Low class POS ... both of them

1930 days ago

tippy katz    

8. He has no respect for her and she has no respect for herself.
2 dogs.
A black woman would never allow a white man to do that to her in the same situation.

um... unless she were getting paid in cash???

1930 days ago

tippy katz    

wow, Zanne
I guess people with brains do visit this site once in a rare while.

1930 days ago


Anyone who thinks the girl actually enjoyed that is an idiot. It's pretty clear she just didn't have much of a choice other than to slap the crap out of him or let him keep doing his perverse little humpy dance in hope the joke would end and she could carry on with the interview. As for number 8 comment from 'It's good to be me': Shut up, idiot. :P

1929 days ago

Christopher Nelson    

Thats a black man for you. Sexual deviants to the end. He should have been charged with a crime. She Should have spit in his face and shot her knee into his groin. Only thing a black rapist type understands is force. I wonder if he humps his mother same way? Degenerate!

1929 days ago

You Can Do Better    

It was totally obvious to me that she wanted him to stop when she made the "cut" signal! He's disgusting and should've never shoved himself at her to begin with! Pig!

1929 days ago

tippy katz    

It's so disgusting it's hard to watch. I agree she wanted it to stop, but was trying to not ruin her career.
She's obviously built a career on being hot and sexy, but he crossed a line. She was tying to keep it light
and not freak out on him on air. even creepier than the humping is the way he's staring at her.
Its like watching a rape.

1929 days ago

Evan THomas    

I am tired of people saying, "Get over race. It's 2009." The year doesn't change reality. Race has something to do with this because it clearly demonstrates the differences between races in areas like intelligence and behavior. It also demonstrates how black athletes often let their innate proclivities get the best of them and fail to act in a civilized manner. If he thinks it's OK to do something like that on national television, who knows what he he thinks is OK to do in private. That was nothing but animalistic. Pure and simple.

1929 days ago


She had plenty of time ti get out of that situation. She loved it and I bet her panties are still moist you idiots. This is not rape or some crime. I bet she chased him down after the video was cut. Hatin ass racist go masturbate to the video and get a life.

1929 days ago


what he hell is this girl's problem? why didn't she move or demand space when he just grabbed her and started humping her. what a stupid, stupid girl.

1928 days ago


'Rampage' Jackson is a typical black man, perverted, implusive and moronic with a child-like mentality. Marriage and family have nothing to do with these childish retards, nor the children they create. Dey onlee wants ta be a playa' n git laid.

What losers.

1928 days ago


Id gladly take her place anytime!

1927 days ago
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