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Kate Plus 8 Minus Jon and His GF

7/13/2009 6:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While her estranged husband is smoking with his new girlfriend on the yacht of the designer to the douchebags of the world, Kate Gosselin picnicked with her eight kids in PA this weekend.


To not upset her adorable brood, Kate covered up her bi-level porcupine reverse mullet weave.


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Re I AM A NEIGHBOR OF KATE. You know what that sounds REAL PERSONAL! And you can take it off of cap locks loser! What has Jon ever done to help? Besides get fired all the time? I'm seriously leaning towards him being functionally retarded. And what part of it's HER FRONT YARD do you morons not get? She can do whatever she wants in her front yard. So F OFF! I don't know you and your problem with her seems very personal you f'ing loser! Let me guess you are a stepford wife and your husband if banging some young hot secretary huh? And you can't do anything about it! LOL! Get over yourself.

1936 days ago


Photo op, just like the bikini pics.

1936 days ago

Chris is fug    

Kate's been doing the same with the bodyguard for a long time. She just hasn't been photographed doing it. TLC producers are the ones who kept the marriage charade going on for this long. Their relationshipwent was caput 2 season's ago, way before they moved and before the staged episode in Hawaii. SHe's a psycho, even producers will tell you that

1936 days ago


JL is right... Kate has many faults like ALL OF US do, however we don't put our lives on blast for the world to see, critcize, and judge. Jon is a douchebag who is running around with a 22 year old girl, smoking, driving in his 2-seater car, and apartment shopping in NY. Kate was working to provide for her family and left her kids in THEIR FATHERS care! He's the one who left the kids in the nannies care to go around town with younger women. Kate is sitting on the front lawn having lunch with her kids... and people are still trying to knock her down. Jon was on the front lawn with a girl in s kimpy bikini, guys, beers, and no kids around. Yet people still try to defend him and tear Kate down. I don't get it? It's easy to say that if she was nicer to him then this wouldn't have happened but it honestly just goes to show how weak of a so-called man he really is. Different things work for different people and it was working for Jon before the money, fame, and fortune went to his BIG head.

1936 days ago


To "I am a neighbor".

BOTH parents willingly participated in this show . Jon only started having problems with it when he got caught out with his lil girlfriends. This show has paid their bills and Kate isn't the only enjoying the life they can now live.

Sit at your computer and talk all the crap you want about Kate using an alias. Give me a break you don't know them you watched the show heard rumors. If Jon didn't like the way Kate treated him he should have said something then not waited ten years or had 8 children. I could care less that he is in St. Tropez at this time. I do think it is very distasteful that he is already out in public with another woman or shall I say lil girl. They just sat these kids down a month ago and told them mommie and daddy were separating. I'm sure the two older ones know how to get on the internet and search their parents names.

1936 days ago


It always amazes me that people can go all harsh on folks they don't even know or have never met, based on what the media shows or says. It's a picture folks, do you really know the who- what- where- how and why behind it? Or are you just allowing the media to spoon feed you what they want you to see/believe? This is why this country is such a mess, no one thinks for themselves anymore.

1936 days ago


I only count 7 kids,

1936 days ago


THANK YOU TERRE! Seems people forget that! Jon WILLINGLY signed the agreement to be on the show all these seasons! And willingly accepted the free trips and money ALONG WITH KATE.

And around here we like to call what Jon is doing "GOING THROUGH AN EARLY MID LIFE CRISIS".

1936 days ago

Chris is fug    

JON DIDN'T WANT A THIRD CHILD. HE was upset when Kate went ahead and got IVF anyway. SHe ended up with SEXTUPLETS. Any man would be PISSED.

1936 days ago



1936 days ago

Chris is fug    

The posts on here that are sympathetic to Kate are obviously authored by jilted housewives. Either that or Kate's PR team are on a heavy damage control mission. The same team that coached her into the front yard picnic pics.

1936 days ago


All 8 kids are there. I feel so sorry for them.

1936 days ago


No they don't want to believe facts but what TABLOIDS have to say. Sheeple are so funny - stop believing EVERYTHIGN you hear and read if true. Alee maybe you need to go and read my first comment. Did anyone complain when she cared for them herself? While they were babies? And Jon also had help. How would he be able to go out to bars at night if Kate was on a book tour unless he had help? What about him leaving Cara at the hotel in Utah with a babysitter he didn't know to go bar hop with Diana Whore? Emasculated? No you don't "curl up in a ball". You talk to the mother of your children YOUR WIFE like a grown up does. You work things out. You don't run away from responsibilities and play victim.

And @ Joe Jackson - I know you are a bigoted racist loser looking for attention but give it a rest. No one cared to comment to your first comment so go to another website and look for attention. You freak. You are probably a 45 year old loser living with his mother looking up child porn in the basement. See ya on "To Catch A Predator"!!!

1936 days ago


#80 #80 Is that you Kate ??????????????????

1936 days ago


Those of you who mentioned STAGED, you called that one right on the head.


1936 days ago
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