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Jon & Kate Plus AWKWARD!

7/16/2009 3:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After hanging out in Europe with his new 22-year-old girlfriend, Jon Gosselin was spotted being uncomfortable around his estranged wife Kate at their PA home.


Silence is golden.


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She looks miserable and he looks like an ASS! I use to really like Jon thought he was a wonderful father now I just think he is an ASS. I can't believe he would already go public and especially with some drugged up skank.

I hope the ASS and his skank read this site and see what everyone thinks of them. He should just get visitation with the kids on weekends at his own place and without the skank there unless she can pass a drug test. The situation they wanted I'll stay at the house on my days and the other on the other days "cause this is the kids house" just ain't gonna work especially with the ASS acting the way he is now.

And by the way TMZ how come you haven't caught up with the skank yet and asked all the questions you know we are all dying to hear??????????????

1895 days ago


Both parents need to grow up-Where does Jon really live? Looks like he has never left except when he is on a trip somewhere- What is sad is - you know the older girls can see and read the front of the tabloids when in store shopping- The children with cameras in their faces all the time - It is a shame what people will do for fame,money and wanting to be a in the spot light. With all the land seems like they really love using the front driveway infront of garage. Could it be they know that the camera people are at end of driveway. Do they ever picnic in backyard? Sad!!! I think half of what we see them doing is to make people watch their show- I don't see nothing so great about neither one of them- I think they think about themselves first before the children- It they really cared about children they would try to set a better example of how they both are viewed by the public.These two parents need to turn camera off and focus on their children and not themselves and how they can become more richer, I feel sad for their children.

1895 days ago


I think it's interesting that no one in the media comments on Jon's over-weight appearance. If Kate was not in shape, she would be terrorized about it. Such an annoying double standard - Jon is fat...there, I said it.

1895 days ago


Wouldn't you look uncomfortable if you were skeevy as hell and the whole world knew it?? The suprising part is that he's near his kids at all withoout getting paid for it. You know his young hoochie is expensive.....she needs to shop at Prada of course!! All golddiggers do. He may be uncomfortable because his girlfriend isn't much older than his children. HAHA

1895 days ago

Michael Jackson    

Hi this is Jon,

Sorry when I am at home I have to tke off my earings, can't smoke, can't wear my stupid shirts, can't have my wh@re around, can't smile etc....I have to go back and be that slug that I am. I just hope Kate quits yelling at me, I think I might cry.


1895 days ago

First whores!    

she should be in porn. i would love to see her in action!

1895 days ago


13. I think it's interesting that no one in the media comments on Jon's over-weight appearance. If Kate was not in shape, she would be terrorized about it. Such an annoying double standard - Jon is fat...there, I said it.

Posted at 2:12PM on Jul 16th 2009 by questioning

You can say that again... everyone would be calling her a "COW" if she were even 5 to 10 pounds over weight.

1895 days ago

Michael Jackson    

This is Jon again,

Just think just the other day I was hanging on the French Riveira with my wh@re and a famous fashion designer drinking champaign and today I am here with this biatch giving me the evil eye. This blows


1895 days ago


Kate needs to get over this LOSER. She made the biggest mistake of her life having kids with this LOSER who has cheated on her for YEARS, not just recently. I would love to see her give him a swift kick in the cashews.

1895 days ago

John Galt for President 2012    

At least Jon isnt wearing one of those hiddeous shirts. Whats in the bottle?

Once they cancel the show for good, she could start her own DOMINATRIX business. Im sure that huge house has room for a high quality dungeon.

1895 days ago


The money made off the show(how much is left)should be divided among the kids..put in trust...take the Show off the air....Let Jon and Kate get a real job..and then lets see how many want to date them...

1895 days ago


uh, JON has to grow up?
you try going from a newlywed at age 23 to a father of 8 by the time youre 27.
im on jon's side through the whole thing. kate's a bitch.

1895 days ago


How are people getting pictures of them at their house!?! That should be their private residence. Paparazzi should be off limits on private property.

1895 days ago


First off I don't think Jon is the bad guy here, its Kate who tore this family apart. While she is out getting tummy tucks and tanning and has this fab binki bod, John has put on a huge amount of weight since the show first started (stress eating). She acted like he was a fool for getting hair transplants but anything she does is ok (double standard) she is such a cold bitch to him im sure he was not getting any either, so who can blame a 32 year old man from needing the admiration of a women, if Kate was focused on the marriage and not her own selfish self indulgence this would not have happened. I think the time has come to stop following them TMZ just let it rest I just don't care anymore. I can't stand her I feel sorry for him and the kids are just lost in the middle, you will see a lot of problems with them when they get older, they will rebel against Kate and her concentration camp rules and schedules. I've never met such a tight ass as her, Jon leave before she completely destorys you!.

1895 days ago


This cracks me up!! Jon gets to bang a 20 year-old hottie on a yacht... while the old bitter bitch sits at home with eight kids!! It is a perfect world!!!

1895 days ago
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