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Ms. Rowe Cleans a Horse, Of Course, Of Course

7/19/2009 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe spent some quality time going all dental with her horse.

The pic was taken at Debbie's ranch. We're told Rowe and Katherine Jackson are close to striking an agreement over the custody of Michael Jackson's kids. Our sources say the deal is not about money.

As we first reported, Debbie is already collecting cash based on an agreement she struck with Jackson around the time of the child molestation trial.

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Can't stand this lady!

1901 days ago



1901 days ago


Please leave this woman alone. She and Michael Jackson had a deal. She held up her end, everybody was happy. I hope she calls the police every time a pap shows up. This is ridiculous. Of course, I'm as much to blame because I even come to this website.

1901 days ago

Total Package    

Man that is 1 ugly animal... make it go away.... the horse aint pretty either.

1901 days ago

nikkis mom    

I have watched TMZ and others try to crucify this woman who has been so oped about everything. She said that she had her babies for Michael. She married him and made a deal for alimony and of course - her kids. She has been above board with everything. She was close to Michael for a time and he trusted her and during the trial - she did not let him down.
She never gave up her parental rights - she just let Michael have guarianship. Always telling everyone the exact truth and always saying nice things when Michael acted like "OFF THE WALL".
Now everyone wants to persecute her - like she was another parasite. She is not asking for any money. She is just asserting that she wants to make sure the kids are OK. She doesn't want Joe Jackson to destoy them. HALF OF THE WORLD wants that. She will take on her responsibility of being the mother is she has to.. SHE HAS NOT LIED TO ANYONE. But everyone hates her because the "news" has slanted her.
Everyone that has ever been close to Michael says she is a really sweet person who loved Michael.
Why don't we hate the doctors, Joe Jackson, his publicity loving family that charges an arma and a leg for an interview, the people who latched on to him but Debbie Rowe - gave him children, no scandals and loyalty and YES she got money but I will bet you that the lawyers got more.

1901 days ago


Im 100% on debbie Rowe's side. I dont think its about the money. if she wanted money, she would sell ehr story to the media or write a book. Forget Ian ahlperin and all these so called MJ biographers, she has great stories to tell but she never spilled the beans! She just wants to be left alone. look at Katherine, she's contesting the will already! she wants TOTAL control of MJ's assetts! Give Debbie a break ppl, I think she is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better than the Jackson clan.

1901 days ago


This woman is still a mess despite whatever she is hashing out with the Jacksons.
TMZ you better take this down before she sues denying she was the woman in the picutre and that wasnt her horse.

1901 days ago


I think we should give her a chance. The Jacksons have sold stories to tabloids and MJ isnt even buried yet!!!!!!!!!latoya, Joe and Tito sold stories to tabloids last week for a lot of money! Do you realize how much money Debbie can make if she sold HER story?!?!She had his kids ppl! she knows him more than anyone else and her story would bring her a lot of money and she wouldnt need katherine Jackson's money! I think she wants to protect the kids. im giving her the benefit of the doubt but i hope she doesnt settle for just visitation with katherine who has already turned them Jeovahs!!!!!

1901 days ago


Just because Debbie got her money and story in the tabloids years before and now laying low doesnt make her a saint now.

1901 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

I respect this lady and what she is trying to do.
The children s well being is at the top of her list.

People should not put this woman down because you don't agree with her.

1901 days ago


Leave her alone...back in 2003 the divorce settlement remained UNPAID and still remains UNPAID. It's not like it's a baby payoff as the vicious media or haters on this blog have suggested. Further, Michael Jackson would have died years ago had it not been for the older children as they were likely the only bright spot in his life. Why he had a surrogate for a third child is beyond on comprehension...Miko Brando needs to come clean and adopt that child as his own and Debbie Rowe needs to fight for the older children.

1901 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Debbie Rowe is the only person in this entire Jackson fiasco who does have a brain and uses it well.

1901 days ago



1901 days ago


latoya, Tito and Joe sold stories to the tabloids just days after MJ died!!!! Debbie could be the richest woman on earth if she sold her own story! But she hasnt. She doesnt speak to the media! she wants the well-being of the kids. look at the jacksons, half of them are selling Michael jackson stories pretending to be a nice united happy family who cares for prince, paris and blanket! When the Jacksons look at MJ's kids all they see are dollar signs! its SICK!
Im 100% on debbie's side!

1901 days ago


What's she looking for? fillings? Probably worried she will need the bucks now that her cash cow is gone.

1901 days ago
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