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Ms. Rowe Cleans a Horse, Of Course, Of Course

7/19/2009 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe spent some quality time going all dental with her horse.

The pic was taken at Debbie's ranch. We're told Rowe and Katherine Jackson are close to striking an agreement over the custody of Michael Jackson's kids. Our sources say the deal is not about money.

As we first reported, Debbie is already collecting cash based on an agreement she struck with Jackson around the time of the child molestation trial.

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blues fan    

All children have a deep emotional connection to their mothers, but it doesn't always go the other way -- if all mothers loved their children the way children love their mothers, then you wouldn't have hundreds of thousands of kids in foster care after being abused and neglected by the one person who was supposed to cherish and care for them. Just because she birthed them doesn't mean that deep emotional connection is there -- she has admitted herself that she saw her pregnancies as something she was doing for Michael, not for any desire on her part to be a mom. And I know plenty of people who love animals but kids, not so much.

1885 days ago


I think Debbie could have made a fortune by selling her story. But she hasn't, because she is loyal to Michael and to their kids. I think she will be there for the kids if they need her and want her to be part of their lives.
Besides, the story says the custody agreement is not about the money.
However, the Jackson clan is already cashing in by giving interviews etc.

Yes, Debbie got divorce settlement and spousal support. So what? Many women do get divorce settlement etc.

You people are just jealous.

1885 days ago


This whole thing just pisses me off!! Leave Debbie alone! She has already said she DOES NOT WANT ANY MORE MONEY!! Leave the poor woman alone!! Also, she seems as though she is the smartest one of all of the Jackson's!!

1885 days ago


72. Hey Sherlock, that is why they are looking at the horses teeth, to clean and fix them!! Duh!

1885 days ago


I agree that Debbie could have made a fortune selling BS to the tabloids. Glad she didn't. I wish she would have stayed with Michael and not sold her kids, tho... that is sikkk. Face facts, people, she sold her own flesh and blood for money so she could have some jackass ranch.

1885 days ago


Highway Star - I grew up with racist like you. You are a racist. P.s. Debbie hasn't sold her story because than the truth would come out about her. Gee - didn't Michael meet her and Dr. Feel Good about the time his addiction took a turn for the worst. There is more too this story.

She used Michael to get what she wanted. He she truly had the children out of the goodness of heart for Michael she wouldn't have take money from Michael in the first place and she wouldn't h ave blackmailed him for more money the 2nd time.

And leave the Jackson's alone. It's obvious Michael loved his family or he wouldn't have left them 40%. I know the money went to Michael's mother but he knew she was going to take care of the rest of the family.

With friends like Debbie who needs enemies.

1885 days ago


There are a ton of reasons she did not sell her story only starting with the skeletons in her own closet and a little thing called a confidentiality agreement.

1885 days ago


Maybe talking would violate the terms of the agreement and forfeit the income she receives from it - just a thought. And maybe she entered the agreement in the first place because she doesn't want to be a mother. Everyone could be a little bit right and a little bit wrong, because I doubt any of this cast of characters is pure in motivation at all times. Being unable to entertain alternative (or at least balanced) perspectives - on people not personally known - seems a tad whacky to me. Whoever discussed the mother-child bond being not necessarily bidirectional was on point. Furthermore, children have this capacity to love and trust their parents deeply unspeakable abuse and betrayal - it's quite amazing. And who (under the age of 95) says "negro" in 2009?

1885 days ago

just sayin    

you claim you're not racist but continue to use the term "negro" is there no other word in the dictionary to refer to black people? just grow up

1885 days ago

welc ome    

These kids are 1/2 white and 1/2 jewish. I shudder to think the Jackson's would get to raise these kids.
Excerpts from LaToya Jackson's own 1991 biography:

" ... neither I nor my siblings ever led a normal existence, not even as small children, years before celebrity transformed our lives. We were a not-so-typical but classic dysfunctional family. Yes, there was love and happiness, but it was poisoned by emotional and physical abuse, duplicity, and denial. ... The proscriptions of my Jehovah's Witness faith, my mother's seeming love and devotion, and my father's inability to express any emotion but anger kept us all entangled in a web of guilt disguised as love, brutality that was called 'discipline,' and blind obedience that felt like loyalty. ... We couldn't identify it, but we all sensed something was wrong in our house. Most of my siblings 'rebelled' by essentially running away from home to teenage marriages. ... I was Mother's best friend, and the quietest, shyest, most obedient child of all. I surprised everyone. I also broke the cardinal rule of a dysfunctional family. I stopped living the lie and playing the destructive game. -- pages 1-2.

"Thinking back over all those years, I realized that Mother was the guiding force behind the cruelty and abuse. This lady who pretended to be so gentle on the surface had in fact caused all the turmoil in our lives. We'd always thought that it was Joseph, but it was her, telling him what to do and how to do it. Like I'd said to her before, she was always throwing the rock and hiding her hand, convincing everyone -- outsiders and my own
siblings -- that she was sweet, kindhearted, and compassionate. Little did they know that the minute they were out of earshot she talked about them very, very viciously. After seeing it so many times, I finally had to face the fact that this was her true personality. -- page 257.

"Michael and I were very active in the Jehovah's Witness faith. ... Five days a week the two of us and Mother studied the Bible at home and attended the Kingdom Hall. ... Every morning Michael and I witnessed, knocking on doors around Los Angeles, spreading the word of Jehovah. ... As my brother's fame grew, he had to don convincing disguises, like a rubber fat suit he bought years later, -- pages 53-4.

"Mother ... frowned on our socializing with white kids, an attitude I found hypocritical coming from a Christian. -- page 34.

"... both my parents harbor racist attitudes, particularly against Jews, ... 'Wherever you go, whatever you do in this business, you find a Jew,' Mother used to complain bitterly all the time, 'I can't stand it.' ... She'd go on and on. 'They're always on top. Jews are so nosy. They like controlling you. I hate 'em all.' To their faces, however, my mother was as sweet as could be. ... Hearing talk like this turned my stomach, especially when it came from my mother's mouth. How could a religious woman be so hateful? ... The depth of Mother's loathing was expressed in one of her oft-repeated opinions: 'There's one mistake Hitler made in his life -- he didn't kill all those Jews. He left too many dxxx Jews on this earth, and they multiplied,' --pages 132-4.

1885 days ago


Give the woman a break. She is cleaning Miley Cyrus' TEETH!

1885 days ago


4. Please leave this woman alone. She and Michael Jackson had a deal. She held up her end, everybody was happy. I hope she calls the police every time a pap shows up. This is ridiculous. Of course, I'm as much to blame because I even come to this website.

Posted at 10:47AM on Jul 19th 2009 by Linda
You keep calling the police for stupid stuff and they will eventually not come. It's a waste of valuable time when they could be saving someone's life.

1885 days ago


The Jacksons lived off of Michael but what did they do to help him, He was having so many facial surgeries until he looked like a Puerta Rican Barbie Doll. He took Chimpanzees to parties. He hung out with Liz Taylor old enough to be his grandmother. His nose all but disappeared. He wanted so badly to be white. He married not one but TWO WHITE WOMEN. He concocted WHITE CHILDREN WITH WHO KNOWS WHOSE SPERM, he dragged them around with masks on their faces, he dangled the motherless 3rd child over a balcony, he had doctors with him all the time, AND WHAT DID THE JACKSONS DO???? They just wanted his money. And they had no contact with him in later years, so they cant even KNOW THESE THREE WHITE KIDS, do they want them as that is where the money will be with the kids???? And MJ wasnt even cold and LaToya and then Joe both sold their stories for huge amounts of $$$$$. Are these grieving family members??? The kids would be better off with Debbie Rowe instead of these money hungry strangers who drag them to a loveless joyless cult where even saluting the flag is not allowed. No voting, no Christmas tree, No Thanksgiving Dinner, No Easter Dinner, no birthday parties, no birthday presents, no Christmas presents, no Trick or Treating!!!!!! Debbie Rowe might actually allow them to have some fun!!!! And maybe it is time for Blankets realmother to step up. And who is the father?? Dont the kids look like Marlon Brando and his son Mikko Brando???????? Maybe Miko should get involved with his kids.

1885 days ago


Posted at 6:27PM on Jul 19th 2009 by whatif
LaToya isn't exactly the most reliable person to be listening to. You have to take her information as a grain of salt.

1885 days ago

fan from Belgium    

You are very very very pitiful. Leave Debbie alone. I think that this woman is a great person, smart, faithful and she deserves some respect. You do not have to like her but for the sake of God, have some respect for Michael Jackson's and the mother of his kids. Look at the skeleton in your closet. I think that Debbie Rowe is a loving person. She gave the gift of life to Michael Jackson. She loves Michael like all the fans. She does not bother anyone and respect the deal that she and Michael had. She loves her kids and their father. Otherwise she would be rich by now by selling her story or telling any side of it. You wish that you could be in her shoes. She respects the family Jackson and she is a woman of word. Who are you? who am I to judge her. All I know for sure that Michael has a kind loving adorable person besides him to give him two beautiful children., to make MJ wish come true. Noone loves Michael the way that Debbie did. She gave life to Michael, and we the world gave him death. MJ is dead because of us He wanted to entertain us and people took advantage of him. > If you can not show respect to the mother of his kids, just keep your comments away

1885 days ago
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