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Chris Brown

Apologizes for Rihanna Assault

7/20/2009 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've obtained a video of Chris Brown telling his fans how sorry he is over the Rihanna assault.

Chris Apology
Brown says he wanted to apologize earlier but couldn't on the advice of his lawyer.


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Chris and Rhianna deserve each other. His lawyer wouldn't let him apologize? Come on now!!

1898 days ago

annie :)    

i'm glad he released this... I FORGIVE YOU!!

1898 days ago

Linda Mott    

Too little, too late!

1898 days ago

Bunch of Mental Midgets    

How many times do you think these women beaters go around saying they're sorry, then go and do the same damn thing again? Happens all the time, don't be naive people. He has yet to prove a thing. Sorry's just a word, anyone can say it. Let's see if he can be in a relationship with a woman for any length of time without mentally or physically abusing her. Most of them don't change, and it would be a miracle if he did, with all of the pampering and coddling he gets. Let him be a man and take his damn lumps.

1898 days ago


Chris Brown fans.... Poor misguided Chris Brown fans...... Look through this blog, see how many support Chris Brown, and see how many do not support him. I hate to say it, but this is what his CD sales will look like. There will be a few of you out there who buy it, and will be Chris Brown fans no matter what, but the MAJORITY, will not buy his stuff. It takes A LOT of CD sales to be a big star, he may have had that success in the past, but he won't anymore. If you don't believe me, then count how many people on this blog support him and how many do not. Most people on here are DONE with Chris Brown. Sorry! A supporter here and there is not going to put him back on the charts where he was, it's just not going to happen, those days are OVER.

1898 days ago


Now that he has publicly apologized, I think the NFL should let him play again.

1898 days ago

Kaitlin Roemeling    

yes it was probably scripted but that takes a lot of courage to admit wrongdoing...everyone deserves 2nd chances

1898 days ago

john araya    

this douchebag should just go away.

1898 days ago


Isn't his new album set to be released soon? Funny how he wants to come out w/ an apology now. I mean this is when I'd go againts my lawyer's advice and say fu@# it, I's apologizing. If he was really sincere he woulda done this a long, ong time ago !!!! ... "Things that make you go hmmmm" ... ???

1898 days ago

love her!    

Yeah 1st Michael JAckson's Estate called they want his shirt back. 2nd Chris Brown was reading a SCRIPT. He is a poor actor at that. You can see his evil eyes move right to left as her reads each line. I was thinking maybe he means it until he mentioned fame and fortune... and then like Joseph Jackson it hit me, Chris Brown is losing fame and fans which will stop his fortune. He doesn't care. On unscripted videos he shows NO remorse. What a FAKE!

1898 days ago

chicken head    

its NBA!!!!!!!!!!

Now that he has publicly apologized, I think the NFL should let him play again.

Posted at 5:05PM on Jul 20th 2009 by Markus

1898 days ago

Why is everything on this website about race?    

30. You're right... why is he talkin' that ghetto stuff if he is serious.

Doesn't this guy have an edumacation...obviously NOT.

So now, he is a Dumb BASTARDO!

Posted at 4:06PM on Jul 20th 2009 by Angela de la Rosa de Vega

As find what ever you can to make this a blk thing. I forgive Chris for his mistake. I love his music. I think that he should get a second chance. People fall down in life. God for gave us so why shouldn't we for give him. If you don't like him cool. If you won't purchase his music cool. Why bother coming to this page to say the things that you do.

An ebonics is a way of speaking in America. Blame the white man for not allow African American the chance to be on the level that they were. That comes from us teaching ourself. Regardless how he said it you knew what he meant. So there.

1898 days ago


Wait, wait .. even better .. watching the video now .. why is Chris looking down and NOT at the camera? Who wrote the apology? His lawyer ? ... DAMN ... sad, sad .. not even genuine !!!

1898 days ago

Two Women Beaters!!!    

This does not seem genuine sorry!! He's reading a script!!!

1898 days ago


F*ck that punk. Scared your career is over,U should have thought about that.

1898 days ago
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