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Erin Andrews Nude Video

Peddled for Profit

7/20/2009 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0720_erin_adnrews_ex_tmz_03-1Someone is trying to sell the secret videotape of ESPN's Erin Andrews and it's clear -- there's a pervert on the loose.

We will not publish the video nor did we purchase it. It's a clear invasion of privacy. But this is what we can tell you.

It appears the video was shot from some sort of spy cam. It looks as if someone drilled a small hole in her hotel room from an adjoining room.

The camera is clearly being operated by someone. It follows Erin as she moves about her room.

It looks like a high-end hotel, but Erin's people claim they have no idea where or when it was shot.

It's also clear Erin has absolutely no idea she's being videotaped.

Erin Andrews Launch Photos

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I saw the video and it is such poor quality that I would have been guessing to say she was naked. She could have had on a very small string bikini. It's hard to tell, but it's not unusual for people to be naked in their hotel room. So giving benifit of the doubt, she's naked. Who it is and would I recognize her private parts. I don't know, and no. It looks like he allegedly put the camera up to the peephole people have inside thier rooms to look out. Yet it would make her look very far off if it wasn't totally blacked out from outside. Still I have a question? Are female sports reporters allowed into men's locker rooms, where there would be naked men? Second, if that is true which I hear it is, are male sports reporters allowed into female locker rooms where there would certainly be naked women. I ask because there better not be a double standard on that. Equality means Equality, plain and simple. If there is a double standard (female reporters can and male reporters can't) then I have little sympathy for the woman's privacy being invaded. As I understand Erin goes into the male lockers rooms all the time, and that is wrong if it doesn't work both ways. Still wrong if either male or female reporters do so without permission.

1845 days ago


Clear invasion of privacy?? When did TMZ get so ethical? Haha they've no problem invading everyone else's privacy!! what gives?

1922 days ago

Mark Byrn    

Yo TMZ, the video is already being heavily traded for free via Torrent. The Pirate Bay torrent link alone has over 500 peers going and seeding in the thousands. Your "Pulled from the Internet" line is the dumbest line I've heard O.o

1922 days ago


Which well known person doesn't have a video or nude photos these days.
Join the club.

Putting such material on the web or shopping it is certainly an invasion of privacy. But unscrupulous characters do it all the time.

1922 days ago


Saw the video...I'd piihb

1922 days ago


"We will not publish the video nor did we purchase it."

Of course not. It's video of a beautiful naked female. Harv wouldn't stand for it. Now if it were a guy..........

1922 days ago

Chris from Maine    

Um.. it's a little late for them to try to sell this thing seeing as how it is already easy to find the thing on the net.

The video I've seen is about 5 mins total, and unless this guy (or gal) has a lot more video or different video, he wont get a dime. It is also really bad quality, and seeing as how it was completely illegal for him to do, they shouldnt expect to get any money for it.

I also want to say that I agree this was horrible invasion of privacy, and a crime. The guy who did this should go to jail and get his ass sued.

1922 days ago


If someone went through that much trouble to film her, he/she probably will get the tape out to the public - with or without her consent.

1922 days ago



1922 days ago



1922 days ago


She's not that pretty anyway so she has nothing to worry about. Smile though your heart is aching................

1922 days ago


"It's also clear Erin has absolutely no idea she's being videotaped."

LOL this means she did some embarrassing things.

1922 days ago


Oh come on. She wants the tape to be seen. SHOW IT TO US!

1922 days ago


The storymakes no sense.

IF some staff member or the help drilled a hole from an adjoining room they woud have had to be sure that particular room had no guests at the time they filmed.

1922 days ago

Nguyen Huu Quyet    

Oh come on

1922 days ago
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