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'Burn Notice' Star -- I Was Only Borderline Drunk!

7/20/2009 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Burn Notice" star Jeffrey Donovan is going to have a rough time in court -- it's not exactly an airtight defense in a DUI case to argue, "I really think I'm only borderline and not too drunk."

We obtained the police report from the Miami Beach PD. The arresting officer wrote he first noticed Donovan after hearing "a loud tire screech behind me." The cop said he saw Donovan's car swerve left to avoid hitting the police car.

When Donovan finally stopped, he didn't serve himself well when he said, "Sorry, I didn't see the red light or your stopped car."

The officer says he smelled a strong odor of alcohol, asked Donovan if he had anything to drink and got this answer: "I had three drinks at the Fontainebleau."

Donovan flunked a field sobriety test and was taken into custody. That's when he said, "The only mistake I made tonight was drinking Benadryl with 3 glasses of wine."

We're thinking that's not necessarily his only mistake.

UPDATE 5:49 PM ET Donovan was just charged with one count of DUI. If convicted he could get 6 months in the slammer, but given that he's a first offender it's unlikely that he'll do any time.


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Tracy from Knoxville    

Kinda like being a "little" pregnant?@! Ass

1920 days ago


There is no such thing as borderline drunk - but I wonder if some of the comments came from someone who was drunk. It is impossible to say someone was being stupid for making those comments - when they are drunk in the first place! I've yet to meet an intelligent drunk at any party I've been at. To answer the question of why he would say such a thing - did you read the headline DUI - he was drunk people, again, drunk people say stupid things. If he had sounded rational, normal and completely intelligent, then the cop probably wouldn't have hauled him in...

1920 days ago

Laura A. H.    

I hope this doesnt push back the new season. i waited toooo long for some new burn notice episodes. i hope he learned something from all this. Even Michael Westen can't talk his way out of a DUI.

1920 days ago


Benedryl my ass! Look at those itty bitty pupils he's sporting in his mug shot. Dude's on some sort of opiate.

1920 days ago


Love the show, everyone makes a mistake, where is Fi when you need her

1920 days ago


Shhh...if you don't say anything, no one will know how stupid you are.

1920 days ago


The show is awesome. and for all the comments about his comment, come on, how many times have you driven after three glasses of wine.. you all tards with the holier than though comments are the tards.... Yeah he made a mistake, that is all dont over blow it like they always do....Best show with new episodes this time of year...

1920 days ago


I love that guy on Burn Notice. Glad he didn't get himself killed, the crazy f**k.

1920 days ago

First whores!    

19. Who is this 'tard? I've watched his show for maybe 3 minutes before his gargantuan lack of any discernible charisma or talent has me falling asleep or tuning in a TV test pattern.

Is he sleeping with a USA executive or does he have compromising photos of someone in management?

Posted at 4:18PM on Jul 20th 2009 by Pat McCrack


or maybe he has a job because burn notice is the 3rd highest rated show on cable?????????? hmmm, makes you wonder doesnt it einstein

1920 days ago


I love your show and would hate to see anything happen to you, but really there is no such thing as borderline drunk, u either are drunk or your are not. get help now before you have a serious problem and we lose another show (personality) we care about. A fan from the very first show.

1920 days ago


He's hot!!!!!!!!!

1920 days ago


I think he's sexy and rugged.Love those baby blues,but take a cab next time you drink.

1920 days ago


I LOVE this guy and I love his show. Sucks for him.

1920 days ago


Really Jeff? You are still partying it up like its back in Amesbury...All that I can say is that You were a D.bag back in high school and you still are... Do they give you platform shoes for the show? As i recall you were a lot shorter than you are now.

1920 days ago


Its disappointing that he would do somthing so stupid. But everyone pays for thier mistakes even if they are celebirties. I still love Burn Notice and will keep watching!!

1920 days ago
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