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Jimmy Fallon

Desperate for a Plug

7/27/2009 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In an attempt to promote his late night talk show, Jimmy Fallon wore some sort of solar paneled spandex superhero getup at Comic Con in San Diego this weekend.


The 34-year-old is doing whatever he can to get it up -- his ratings that is.


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Fallon has never been or will be FUNNY.

1725 days ago


i watched the other night to see the mighty boosh and i thought the jokes werent very funny.. but jimmy himself seemed really nice! i was impressed!

1725 days ago


#19 "Kitty"

Are you a gay man? Cuz only gay men like Jimmy Fallon. On SNL he would schmooze around and take his shirt off and all the gay men would get hard. Maybe he's "nice", maybe he's "cute", I don't know, but "nice" and "cute" don't equal funny. HE IS NOT FUNNY. Please, somebody short circuit his solar panels and put him out of our misery.

1725 days ago


Jimmy Fallon is terrible. Conan is falling flat in L.A. Letterman is definetly on top. Nbc really screwed the pooch letting Jay Leno go.

1725 days ago

Rock Singer    

I've watched his show since the start and it really really SUCKS ...BIG TIME all the guest are X SNL players or people connected to the show and are boring...... NEXT !!!

1725 days ago


The smart people r watching the other Jimmy,as in Jimmy Kimmel,fallon will be off the air within a few months,conan went to hell with the hollywood move,at least we got leno coming back within the next century !

1725 days ago


Maybe there´s a shunt in that space suit where we could attach an IV with propofol? He won't feel a thing and late night will be safe from boredom again. I call it the "Michael Jackson treatment".

1725 days ago


he's one step away from a single white glove

1725 days ago


His show is not the worst. Ever seen Last Call? All of NBC late night is odd right now. It going through new hosts transitions so of course it's rocky. Conan is still awesome and adjusting. Jimmy's interviews are getting way better and the only one that should get taken off is Carson Daly. Talk about bad skills.

Jimmy doing this at comic-con is for a bit on his show. he stated that on fridays show. Tmz... really? Maybe u should post a pic on that one girl with the big teeth showing off how "hot" david duchovney is. that is sadder than fallon's show.

1725 days ago


TMZ, Jimmy Fallon is winning his time slot every night. Obviously people find him funny or they wouldn't be watching. Conan was stiff and awkward for the first six months or so, and now look at him - giving Letterman a run for his money (although losing in the ratings by a little bit). Jimmy is finding his groove. Give him time. Now Craig Ferguson is hilarious! I DVR his show because his monologues are almost always worth another look.

1725 days ago


nbc screwed up on late night totally. conan fans r ticked because conan on the tonight show is different. tonight show fans are ticked because conan isnt a good fit for it, and hes not jay leno. and jimmy fallon is a nice guy, but just doesnt cut it. you know what i watch at 1135? old jay leno recorded shows. to tide me over until he comes back at 10

1725 days ago


I don't really get this article. Jimmy Fallon is already winning the ratings war in his category. He's actually doing really well. Having been to all the late night shows (in person) - Fallon's is by far the best to attend. Not only do you get a FULL free concert by The Roots (they play during commercials) - Fallon also allows fans to sit behind the band performing (they have a special bench they moves fan over to sit behind the artist as they play).

Say what you will about his style, but Fallon is a showman when it comes to actually being there in person. He treats his fans right. I wish people would grow up on here and stop ragging just for the sake of it.

1725 days ago

Me in California    

It's gong to be the Jimmilia Fallon show after the sun fries his junk off. Why would you have solar panels infront of your man berries?

1724 days ago


Another former SNLer whose post SNL work is just plain awful. How sadly desperate...

1724 days ago


hey #20 Kitty. I'm so with ya about the Mighty Boosh thing. I watch just to see them and he only gave them about 5 minutes. The Boosh should be the whole show. But i sorry Jimmy looked like he was SOOO lying when he was telling them he was a fan. He look like a an ass doing the crimp. I watch Craig Ferguson all the time and he trying to imitated him and the old Conan long ago. Craig is the new king of late night !!!

1724 days ago
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