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Gabrielle Union

Expert in the Art of Fart

8/5/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gabrielle Union is spreading a message: She desperately wants more people to fart in public. In fact, the actress claims she fired out a "silent but violent" while our cameras were rolling.

Girl let it rip outside Boa last night when we asked about Tiger Woods' FartGate scandal -- and just for good measure, Gabby even ran a demonstration for the golfer about the right way to pass gas.

For the record, CBS denies Tiger supplied it.


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So nasty.

1850 days ago


Tiger didn't supply it. Did you hear that thing? That was definitely a whoopee cushion. I knew before they even released a statement. who farts like that? That sounded like either someone had real loose butt cheeks and booty hole (Which I doubt the physically fit and hetero Tiger does), or they just release a gallon of brown smelly liquid in their underwear. No one farts like that with a normal bottom or clean undies.

1850 days ago


I'm not sure who this girl is, but she is officially one of my favorite celebrities!! That's hilarious. I love how she left them with a present before she got into her car. LMAO!!!!!

1850 days ago


I never have heard of this girl..who is she?..thought it was kinda lame myself!

1850 days ago


I usually don't waste my energy on annoying people like Gabriel but she is so obnoxious. Congrats idiot you got your 5 min. You are a talentless moron. Obviously you were the only remote celebrity in the are and the paps were bored as hell.The paps would have been better off talking to the people in the background. When was your last straight to dvd movie released. Go get a job you wannabe celebrity. You are just a fill in token black chick in hollywood when real talent like Halle is unavailable.

1850 days ago


Lame even for TMZ.........3 rd post about a "maybe Tiger did it" fart?......good Lord

1850 days ago

Hater Hater    

Okay, that's pretty nasty...BUT what's nastier is....poster Kim, goodness you are a huge HATER!!! Wow GET A LIFE you just wish you were her!!! Danm, nothing like folks hating on folks they don't even know, or do you? You sound like she took your man, but then again, you might like girls!! LOL!!!

1850 days ago


What an idiot!

1850 days ago

Woo Hoo!!!!    

How ladylike...not. That's f*(#ing gross. Is that all TMZ has to report on now?

1850 days ago


I just love like girl! A celebrity who doesn't take herself waaay too seriously. How refreshing!
And even if Tiger didn't cut the cheese... Come on man! Buck up! Everybody pees, poops, farts and burps... It's human nature.
Why the big deal?

1850 days ago


I love it she is like hey let me just give you guys something to shoot cause it is not that serious

1850 days ago


Wow it's funny, all these people hatin on Gabriel Union I guess cuz ya'll too lame to know who she is. But hey you know your doin something right when you have haters. If you don't have any haters then you need to adjust something cuz your doin something wrong.

1850 days ago

J C    

Celebrity farts; the great equalizer.
You guys should have a ratings system 1-10.
1 for the dry hissing ones -10 for the loud wet ones.

1850 days ago


street trash ain't chic, not funny, not hip. it's pathetic.

1850 days ago


Thank you Just me and Roberto for reiterating my point about this moron. Why are the rest of you all up her ass like you know her. Yeah she has money to put more wack ass weaves in her head. She is a home wrecker anyway F*&^%$# around with men who are married. But I am the hater right. Like I said she is WACK and still WACK. I love how some people assumed I was white...haha. P.S. I am a very black and successful woman. Unlike that WACKTRESS!!!

1850 days ago
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