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Samantha Burke -- Reached for the Stars

8/5/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jude Law might have thought he plucked a plain Jane from Pensacola, but turns out his baby mama Samantha Burke is hardly a rookie at seekin' out celebs.

Samantha Burke brush's with fame

TMZ has obtained photos of the unwed mom-to-be/model/aspiring actress posing and partying with model Tyson Beckford, actor Jeremy Piven and Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Stewart Bradley.

We're told by several sources that until recently, Burke was quite the braggart about her brushes with fame... including the steamy tryst with Law.


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It makes you wonder. I've heard of women using a pin to "prick" the condom, so to speak, so that it breaks. Or, saving the condom for the sperm? I don't know. For all I know, he did use a condom, just because she's pregnant doesn't mean he didn't, but either way, this girl was meant to land herself a rich daddy to take care of her, because she could have done any number of things to avoid the pregnancy as well and could have take a morning after pill to be on the safe side. Jude could only do one thing, wear a condom, and he might have, but things happen with condoms too, she also has a responsibility for prevention to guard herself, too. Could be we have a girl who knows the ropes and can manipulate things to her advantage.

1868 days ago


My skankdar is going crazy.

1868 days ago


Maybe Jude Law will actually get a "snip" now that he's likely destroyed his career and embarrassed his children and former wife for a lustful few moments with a young woman he barely knew,,,there's only one reason - $$$$$$$$ - that she waited seven months to tell him of the pregnancy. Yes, she will be publicly hounded and the fantasy or fairytell is not going to look as she had played out in her warped young mind as it takes a real woman to be an authentic mother in the 21st or any other Century. Sienna Miller is looking pretty good about now, eh?

1868 days ago


"plain girl from Pensacola?!!" Ouch! The girls down here in Pensacola are far from plain ask Tone Loc ! LOL!

1868 days ago


she probably won't get all the much money...and it will only last 18 years,..she'll blow straight through it and then wonderful what the F she's gonna do b/c she is a useless skank with no real skills. No matter how much money you have, you can't feel good about yourself because YOU did not make that money yourself...and no matter how much you have, money will never fix that fugly face and huge hips of yours samantha burke. Go cry yourself to sleep at night because you will never have any kind of nice body again. Good thing you may have some money for clothes to cover it up hahaha.

1868 days ago


Another sleazy golddigger like Mel Gibson's baby mama Oksana! At least Jude Law has the good sense not to take the relationship any further.

1868 days ago


i like jeremy biven's bling necklace he looks like an idiot

1868 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Give us credit. We were the first ones to break the story that

Samantha Burke likes to swallow...

just ask the aforementioned celebs...

and the San Diego Chargers.

We're just sayin...

1868 days ago


When they hand that baby to Jude Law and it's brown.....that will be priceless!

1868 days ago

Oh Yes She Did    

another white girl trying to make a quick buck.....Jude = Fail!

1868 days ago


(Sarcastically) Why, they're both black is how they resemble each other! (Not.) Good try, but unfortunately most people stop after racial categorization. They fill in the features based on the racial prototype stored from their 19th century upbringing. Always baffles me how the most diverse looking group of people in the world "all look alike." No excuse for TMZ, though - it's your job to get this stuff right. They did quickly correct it, so I don't know if they edit after posting (may want to re-think the stages of publication) or they actually read these boards.

They look absolutely NOTHING alike. Tyson is "brown-skinned"; Tyrese is "dark-skinned." I know you have no idea what that means, but every black person knows. Their body types are completely different. Their heads and faces are shaped completely differently. Their smiles are completely different , as are their eyes. So how exactly do rhey "resemble each other quite a bit?"

Posted at 1:51PM on Aug 5th 2009 by Edumacated

1868 days ago


So what if they have darker skin tones, I still think they look alike in the face so get over yourself Edumacated. We are ENTITLED to differing opinions. I can still have an opinion even I am not Black.

1868 days ago


A person has to be African-American to decide whether Black people resemble each other. How idiotic is that? Racist much?

1868 days ago


F'uck you Edumacated. You are the one being smug and racist on this site. Go F'UCK yourself and crawl under the rock that came from you stupid piece of garbage troll.

1868 days ago


Only edumacated can have an opinion on here, because he is Black.... any other color who gives an opinion is wrong. Yeah, right.

1868 days ago
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