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Big Ben's Accuser: Hundreds Have Harrassed Me

8/7/2009 1:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman accusing Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault says she's been receiving "hundreds of annoying phone calls" -- including some threats on her life.

Andrea McNulty filed a police report in Nevada at the end of June, claiming her phone has been ringing off the hook with people who can't wait to call her a "whore."

She also claims people have been threatening her to drop the lawsuit against Ben or "something's going to happen."

McNulty forked over a few numbers to police, who advised her it would be a good idea to acquire some unlisted digits.

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1881 days ago


The dumb B**** had to know this was going to happen! Not gonna be worth the money honey... should have never made false accusations!

1881 days ago


Well maybe if she hadn't waited a year to file a report and didn't have a lengthy psychiatric history beforehand people might have believed her more. But she can always take delight in the fact she's one of those people who can't get enough of celebrities. This is all of you:

A little known secret but one you'll hear celebrities talk about all the time is their desire to be kidnapped and made someone's love slave. Often they'll disappointingly hold parties with each other where the main topic of conversation is how disappointed they are that no one has yet made them their love slave. Ladies, this means you, too-the Jonas Brothers secretly want you. But you can't disappoint them the way a 53 year old Georgia man disappointed Miley Cyrus when he blew it yet again, breaking her little heart. And I know Tila Tequila yearns for this, too.

So as a public service to those of you who haven't learned the fine art of celebrity stalking and kidnapping here's a little refresher course:

The biggest mistake would be stalkers make is telling their intended loves their intentions by repeatedly sending E-Mails, text messages and creepy letters. This takes all the mystery out of it for the celebrity-and therefore all the fun too.

What you need to do is this:

Get yourself some basic supplies after doing research from your local hardware store and chemical supply stores in your area.

Research your celebrity love on the internet. Ask their friends personal questions like where do they live, where do they like to shop and what do they usually wear out in public. Very basic stuff.

Learn how to use Google and Mapquest.

Kidnap your celebrity love or loves (if they happen to be a group such as the Jonas Brothers), tie them up and throw them in the basement. Only at this point do you tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you.

They'll usually really get into the roleplaying game at this point and here is when their wildest fantasies come true. They'll start kicking and screaming, yelling for the cops, threatening you and telling you how much they hate you. But that's just because they're so excited at the prospect that finally someone gets them and now they can spend the rest of their lives as your little love slave!

Now you've finally made a celebrities deepest desire come true.

1881 days ago



1881 days ago

cgirl Caron    

So many similarities to the Kobe case. She is ridiculous.

1881 days ago


They call her a whore? Guess they call it as they see it.

1881 days ago


their sure are a lot of crazies out there did people think she just made this up for money or something? Wow what kind of people are out there and so what if she made it up which I dont think she did no people should be making threats on her life or calling her names. Just leave her alone if she is the victim of a sexual assault shes going through enough as it is

1881 days ago


Those threatening her and calling her names are just proving her point. If this is the way you are received when filing a maybe valid complaint, then why do we have laws against rape and harrassment in the first place?

Being assaulted doesn't mean you are a wh*re (terrible word btw - can't we get rid of it altogether?). Having psychiatric problems doesn't mean you can't be raped. And just because you posters like some guy doesn't mean he can't be a bastard towards women. And he will be, because he knows his dumb fans will let him get away with it, blaming the woman.

1881 days ago


lol you white ppl crack me up! Kobe was accused of the EXACT same sh!t and you all hated on him. Kobe's accuser had the semen of 3 other men, the pubic hair of a fourth man in her underwear and she claimed the richest main off them all raped her yet you all said Kobe did it cause he was black! rofl lmfao. I hope Ben gets sued for everything he has for being the f*ck loser that he is!

1880 days ago


mcnutty is a poo poo face.

1880 days ago


Lesson to Ben; stay away from psycho b*tches. Ben should consider himself lucky compared to what happened to Steve McNair. Just buy a hooker, much easier.

1880 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

11--Mega--shoot your racist mouth off somewhere else. Don't tell me
what I said about Kobe. I said he was innocent. Unlike you, I didn't
care what color he or she was. It was just another woman like this
trying to cash in on a pro. Kobe could have been purple for all I

1880 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

don't give up boys! we can do this!

1880 days ago

chicken head    

now shes working on the pity part

1880 days ago

The Truth    

Yea Right I did not have sex with this girl..Didn't Bill Clinton the worst SOB we ever put in the White House say those same damn words. And most of the STUPID American believed the SOB.Give the girl her day in court ...

1880 days ago
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