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The Evolution of Jude Law's Spawn

8/7/2009 1:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jude Law's preggers ex Samantha Burke has been real busy incubatin' his fourth kid -- as you can see by the well documented string of baby bump photos she's so fond of snapping.


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hmm. I wonder if anyone has noticed the cigarette in her hand in the first picture. I'd like to see some confirmation if she was pregnant during those pics. Well if she's like any other dumb slut she'll probably claim to be under 18 at the time the photos were taken so they can be removed.

1869 days ago

wanna bang her, even while pregnant    

dam. dam dam dam. i would sex her every night and bust a hot load in her up to a day before birth i just beated off to those pics, soo gooood aggghhhh.

1869 days ago

Love me some TMZ    

I would hope if i was rich and famous I could get a better looking chick than this amazon

1869 days ago


His kids with his ex-wife always seem happy in the pics I've seen. The man may be happy about the new baby. Who knows.

I feel bad for the kid. The whole world knows she was the product of a fling between a Hooters chick and a man who should stay well away from pool tables. I hope the press dies down soon so the kid can have a reasonably normal life. Nobody can help who their parents are.

1869 days ago


Jude was stupid to put himself in such a situation in the first place. A man who picks up a woman for a one or two night stand should use protection, even if she claims that it isn't necessary. Considering her past I certainly hope that he will insist on DNA testing.

I feel sorry for the man. Her claim could have been made privately without all this publicity and ridiculous comments to the press by her "loving family". The British tabloids have said that she also took intimate photos of him - if this is true, then she is really the lowest of the low. She must be Jude's biggest nightmare.

1869 days ago


Jude Law's Spawn is a poo poo face.

1869 days ago


Jude is just your typical man. Throw his beautiful nice wife to the side like used toilet paper and hump around with a tramp. What you do in the dark shows up in the daylight. I hope she was worth the embarrassment and 18 years of child support, college tuition and so on. It will be hard for the kid when she/he grows up and find out MOM is a gold-digging slut and DAD is an international horndog with low morals.

1869 days ago


What a calculating skank. Spends time on the fringes of celebrity until she finds a sucker who will sleep with her, without protection so that she can hopefully get pregnant (I don't think she much cared who got her pregnant as long as they had enough money to support them for the next 18 years) Then she has a press conference to ask that she be left alone, but makes certain she begins it by announcing her name (how can reporters write about her and Jude's love child if they do not know of it's existance or what the skanks name is - but respect her privacy please) Then she starts leaking those alleged belly shots of the love child to the press so that they may now publish them (with her correct name) thus keeping her skankiness in the press (had she not had the press conference people may not have believed/cared who she was or why she had what looks like a beer belly) So, what will super skank do next to keep from having to work and extend her 15 minutes to 16 or more?

1869 days ago


I almosat feel sorry for him. surely he could have found a better one night stand. I'm sorry, but this 'woman' was looking for a pay check, She's a little old for hooters, and the modeling thing apparently was not working out, so, next best thing, she met Jude, and end of story. I'm sorry, but she appears trampy to me. OMG, now he's on the hook for the next 21+ years. Hopefully, he has learned to keep his zipper up. This obviously was a poor choice, Was there drinking involved???
Surely, he didn't do this with his eyes open. Has he had his eyesight checked lately>

1869 days ago


Is she holding a cigarette in the first picture.. F'n Classy...

1869 days ago


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1869 days ago


Wow, TMZ, why are you giving this aspiring famewhore so much publicity? Is she paying you? Jude asked for privacy, and he's going on about his life like a normal person should doing his work, but you're giving this bitch too much mileage. You guys desperately need something else to talk about. Who cares if she worked at Hooters? Perhaps that's the job you all will step up to when you tire of pimping famewhores. Her baby bump doesn't interest me. Her pregnancy doesn't interest me. She's the one who chose to have it, let her have it without us watching. No other news, like Lindsey Lohan has some new freckles or Jessica Simpson sneezed? Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

1869 days ago


Is it just me or is she an identical match to Zina Warrior Princess?

1869 days ago


Need money? Jude Law is still bare backing in 2009. I am sure he's got a some more spawns in him just a waiting to get out.

1869 days ago

s jules    

She is smarter than I am.....she's figured our a way so she doesn't have to work for the next 21 years. My dumb ass has to get up and go to work everyday. She gets an automatic income from Jude. Well, Jude, as the saying goes, "That'll 'learn' you." He needs to carry condomw in his back pocket. Good thing he's got a great acting career. He's got all those kiddies to support [and their varius moms].

1869 days ago
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